20 July 2019


HELLO MY BEAUTIFUL FRIENDS WELCOME BACK TO ANOTHER VIDEO BY YOURS TRULY!!! "i tried a meal plan from pinterest" was the video idea that won ...

hello friends welcome back to my channel

I am in the midst of having a mental breakdown because I just recorded a hole in there and trouble and it didn't record anything so we're just gonna redo this this happens way too many times I have to get myself together but anyway as you can see by the title I'm going to be trying this thing called the military diet I've never heard before until today and it is I wish I hadn't heard of it because oh my god what is this diet I took a poll on my youtube I asked you guys three different options and to vote for which one you guys wanted to see so the three options were BuzzFeed quizzes control when I eat for 24 hours I tried a meal plan from Pinterest and this happened or my subscribers choose what I eat for 24 hours and the Pinterest meal plan one which I was really surprised about i got the BuzzFeed quizzes one it would win because I think that's a little bit more interesting but the Pinterest meal plan won and then when I looked up meal plan on Pinterest like a three day meal plan the military diet was one that came up the most and this diet is just terrible it's terrible not to mention I looked at this article that explained the military diet and also

offered substitutions because it's not a vegan meal plan and it said literally and now correct this diet is a magic diet and it was not ironic like they were full-on serious that this is a magic diet that guarantees a total weight loss of 10 pounds in 3 days guarantees it and now I am a fairly small person I am about 120 pounds standing at a mere 5 feet tall 153 centimeters not a nanometer over so if I lost 10 pounds I would be a hundred and ten pounds this is just another one of those fad diets but I'm gonna do it for the next three days and we'll see we'll see how it goes how much of a toll it takes on the mental health so if you do enjoy this video don't forget to give it a thumbs up because that really helps me out and it makes me really happy but if you don't end up enjoying it give a thumbs down that's okay too so I'm going to let the footage of my weight my physique and my measurements play right now and then at the end of these three days I will do that same exact thing all over again and we'll see if I actually lose 10 pounds spoiler before even doing this diet I already know that's not gonna

happen and if it did I will go to the emergency room because that is absolutely terrifying but I'm going to get started making my first meal of the day and it is going to be half a grapefruit one slice of toast two tablespoons of peanut butter and one cup of coffee or tea now I bought fruit the other day and if you don't eat fruit within the first like two days of buying it it will go bad so I'm not gonna buy a whole entire grapefruit and let all the other fruit go to waste so I'm replacing the grapefruit with some strawberries and some blueberries and then I'm going to have to be having I'm going to be having tea instead of coffee because I don't like coffee that's going to be meal one a tea light let's put this gourmet meal together super exciting okay so I have my one single piece of toast here looks really good actually and I also have a chai tea no milk no cream no sugar no nothing and then I'm gonna wait out one serving of creamy peanut butter a nice thick 50 and match would be so much better if I had like five more pieces of toast no don't so but with five okay and that is going

to be meal one day one I'm actually pretty excited to eat this but I know it's not gonna fill me up for a long time I'm gonna eat this and I'll come back to you guys know Kevin you'll - okay my friends it's still day one as you guys know I like to change many times throughout the day for no reason at all but I have my straight kids shirt on because I'm happiest when I'm wearing this shirt this is going to be my second meal I guess for the day got a slice of toast very sad slice of toast and then some tofu as well as another cup of tea and I'm using tofu the original diet calls for a tuna canned tuna I probably would replace that anyway because canned tuna that's disgusting I'm gonna have tofu instead if my dad and I are actually watching at the Central Park five it's called like when they see us it's a movie movie there's like four different parts on Netflix so good I highly recommend it so I'm gonna eat this Marcel my dad I'll catch you guys when I have in dinner alright guys so I've just started making my last meal of the night as my dad gets Popeyes Chicken via uber eat mostly hi I don't know if I

showed you yet my dad's here hello everybody how you feeling good last meal tonight it is going to be three ounces of meat of your choice a cup of green beans an apple and half of a banana and then one cup of vanilla ice cream now I don't have green beans and I already have a bunch of vegetables in the first that I cannot afford to let go bad so I'm just gonna have like a little medley of like broccoli zucchini and mushroom again cuz I'm not letting this food go bad and I'm also having just a vegan burger as my source of protein and then I'm going to have an apple have a banana which really bothers me I feel like I would rather just have like the whole entire banana instead of the ice cream cuz I just I hate the idea of like only having half of its not gonna get into it this is your ex cream that I'm going to be having it's the so delicious vanilla bean you can't even see cuz the ice so delicious vanilla bean ice cream mmm-hmm and a pair of lame I could have half of this point because it says the serving size is half a cup and there's four servings in here if I get a cup I can have half of this pint mmm normally if I have ice cream I have like the whole

pipe but I'll settle for the half a pint I guess I'm gonna put that meal together I'll show you guys my dog a little too high if I'm looking real cute good morning my lovely friends it is day two and my period is in full force right now my cramps are like out of control my bloating is so so bad this time around all I want is some chocolate by the way if you don't know the story behind this this massive bump on my forehead I slammed my head against my kitchen island because I'm stupid like there's no interesting badass story yeah so I'm on my period like I said which makes this whole entire experiment diet thing like a bad idea because it's gonna be skewed because I weighed myself this morning and I'm up three pounds from yesterday which is a completely normal that's nothing to be freaked out about because I'm on my freakin period so you're holding on to a lot of water and you're bloated your digestion is not really the best at least that's what happens to me so I was like up three pounds from when I weighed myself yesterday so I feel like the result they're gonna be skewed no matter what

I'm not gonna lose 10 pounds by tomorrow like that's not gonna happen but I feel like the results might be like really skewed and stuff like that I don't know I'm just battling now but it's day two I have the meal plan and today I get one slice of toast for breakfast one egg and half of a banana so I'm gonna have the other half of a banana for lunch I get another egg one cup of cottage cheese which I'm gonna replace with tofu and then I get five saltine crackers and then for dinner I get a cup of broccoli half a cup of carrot another half of a banana half a cup of vanilla ice cream and two hot dogs without the bun which I'm gonna replace with two vegan burgers this is the egg that i'm going to be using as the replacement I'm like nah my brain is not functioning this is the egg I'm going to be using and trying for the first time I've never tried this stuff before but it has the same exact macronutrients as eggs which is interesting it's five grams of fat and five grams of protein and I saw the Korean vegan on Instagram use this stuff and it looks pretty like sheep I'm kind of excited to use it except I only get

one serving for breakfast and then one serving whoa one serving for breakfast I only get one serving for breakfast and one serving for lunch I want to make like an omelet but I guess I'll save that for another time um hunger level-wise i'm again it's gonna be skewed because i've always hungry or when I'm on my period but yeah I'm starving very very hungry I'm probably gonna make some tea now and I'm not gonna add anything to the tea because that's probably what good schools don't see this is why I'm not personally a fan of meal plans I know some people love meal plans which is great and I think it could take a lot of like the thought process I would have a food if you're someone that has like a really busy schedule and things like that I know meal plans are great for some people I personally don't like meal plans because I feel like that's what gives you the mindset of like cheating on your diet because when you have a meal plan you have like very strict meals and set rules so I feel like whenever you eat something outside of that meal plan that's when you say like

on my diet when you don't have a meal plan you're not really like cheating on anything because there's no set rules you know what I mean that's just my take on it I'm really just rambling I'm so sorry for that I ten to do that a lot I truly apologize that you have to listen to that I'm gonna make some tea like I said and then I'll show you guys breakfast wants to meet that oh I got this little egg pan to cook the egg in it this is the egg that I'm using it looks interesting hopefully it tastes good alright so I have my meal right here and I'm kind of curious as to how this vegan egg is gonna taste so I'm gonna take a bite we'll see we shall see it looks pretty legit whoa that's really good huh I gotta make a knob low with that that's gonna be my first meal and I'll see you guys at my second one what am i doing alright so I get comments on my video sometimes when I do these types of diets in there I'm like usually my self-control is pretty good but when I'm on my period that is significantly decreased so here we are and I decided I'm too hungry and too much of a damsel in distress check even care right now so I decided to have some yogurt with some

granola cuz that's just what I was feeling this is all your heart vanilla bean yogurt it's so good and I just had there was like none left in the back there was like maybe half serving left of this Kashi you could put her a crunch go crush good America wench I'm not sorry about that I'm not gonna have the ice cream today here's like my train of thought process I had that so instead of having the ice cream tonight by the way this is like the same nutrition information as the ice cream of course I did I have granola but we're just ignore that I'm supposed to get half a serving of ice cream tonight and then I get two servings of ice cream tomorrow but I only have two servings left in the ice cream I bought instead of going out and buying a whole new tub of ice cream I think I could just like replace tonight's ice cream with that yeah I just figured I would tell you guys I had a little bit of a menstrual cycle moment the game plan is I'm just not gonna have the ice cream tonight I think he'll work out how much of a mess do I look like my dad I just finished watching the Central Park five thing on Netflix oh my god I

literally just cried for the whole entire cuz there's four parts the last part just tears the whole way through just tears but I have my last meal of tonight I have two vegan burgers right here because it calls for two two hotdogs some broccoli some carrots and then I'm gonna have half of this banana and then I get another half tomorrow so it's not like it goes away so I just cut it in half save the other half for tomorrow last meal of day two I just want some chocolate I am having all types of cravings right now but I'm gonna eat this now see you guys tomorrow okay and we are done with this experiment as you can see I'm actually up two pounds and I was actually considering of like not even uploading this video because like I have said multiple times throughout this video I am on my period but I did ask you guys on my Instagram if you think that I should kind of touch on how little the scale matter is because I clearly did not gain two pounds of fact over these past three days especially with the amount I was eating that's pretty much impossible but am I saying that the scale is lying no

not necessarily I probably am holding on to two extra pounds because like I said which means that anyone with the uterus knows when you're on your period typically everyone everyone's period experience differs but typically one of the main side effects of having a uterus when you're under period side effect something that was a weird sentence one of the biggest side effects about although I can't talk oh my god one of the biggest side effects about having a period is bloat and water retention so maybe I am up two pounds so I'm holding on to a bit of extra water which is saliva which is totally completely normal that's why I always say that the scale means nothing because someone like me actually I'll use myself as an example I will look in the mirror and like totally love my body and think I look fantastic but the second I stepped on the scale my entire opinion would change just because I didn't like the number on the scale meanwhile it's all that my body changed within those few seconds I just liked my body a few seconds ago but all of a sudden a number is supposed to change my opinion on it the way I like to see it sometimes is if

you look at a person like let's say you're at the beach and you see someone and you think damn they got a nice nice body if I were to tell you that person's weight what's your opinion on their body change would you think it's any less beautiful than you just thought a few seconds ago just because I told you how much they weigh probably not and if it does change then you're kind of an asshole so if that rule applies to other people why doesn't it apply to you but yeah so did this dye work clearly it did not I did not magically lose 10 pounds shocker I know but that just goes to show these things that promise you all this fat loss and everything like that it's just a fad guys don't I Intuit it's not healthy I feel like I didn't really have a lot of vegetables over these past few days which is like one of my least favorite parts about these diets that I'll show you guys is the lack of nutrients and them but I'm just rambling now that's going to be the end of this video I hope you guys enjoyed it too give a thumbs up if you did and you know comment down below anything else you guys would like to see

on this channel subscribe for more content by yours truly I love you guys so much and I'll see you guys in the next video bye [Music] [Music] wonderful okay