09 June 2019


Click to check out the FOREO LUNA mini 2: https://foreo.se/8ezv In todays video I swapped diets with my little sister for 24 hours and it was very interesting.

hi everyone welcome back to another main

channel video I love my old letch I'm back up north in my house to go and see my mom and my family and friends and start back from home so I'm in my old bedroom and like it's always so must algae today's video idea it's not an original one it's been done before and it is going to be I'm swapping dyers with my little sister this is a video that I've just seen going around and I thought you know what you guys love seeing George in my videos and also Jacob he's gonna be in this video as well so I thought that the next time I came home I'd film this video and that's what I'm doing now I'm about to go and pick them up I'm gonna spend the whole day with them we're gonna do some fun stuff so it's gonna be kind of like a vlog style thing but yeah it'll be interesting I can't wait to eat food that I don't really want to eat for a day and waste my calories like that but am I still gonna be able to drink diet coke because that's kind of important oh not a game a big reveal please can I have a large Diet Coke that's it thank you see I kind of feel bad cuz every morning I wake up my body's like water please and I'm like also if you're

thinking I look like a fish I had filler the other day and it's still a little bit swollen so well that's what I'm telling myself anyway it's definitely not swollen anymore I just find it kind of it over the top it's not that bad I've just got very plump lips for a white girl thank you very much thank you I think she just saw that is this a joke did that just actually happen oh I just wiped it down with those tissues and my cause literally the clean list has been in months so look you say now all of a sudden this is Jacob this is George a you probably already know if you've seen them in my other videos Jacobs got the good end of this because he gets there just chill out and hang you the whole day but he can eat whatever he wants I'm all right I'm happy everything else yeah no I'm gonna find a brunch place we'll find one and then we'll get back to you we sat down now and I have the menu and I'm like how mean am I gonna be no I think you're just gonna do is if like what I would actually get so I can show you guys what so I think I've decided what I'm going to order Miller I'm going to get her

this things well film each other's reactions as well this kind of steak and our pie with some chips on the side I don't ever have steak and ale pie big mistake you know what is it what's this I know what steaks well at least I'm trying to for the first time we'll see I've seen you haven't been oh you have do you think it looks nice no sorry I'm interrupting the video but I wanted to show you guys this foreo luna mini 2 which is this little thing here this video is sponsored by them but the product is actually really good I mean usually for like the past month month and a half and it's done actual wonders to my skin it's basically like a little facial brush and I'll use it mainly after I work out or if I go dancing I'll go to the gym I'll come back and use this because it gives your skin like a really good deep cleanse so my routine with it is I'll pair it with a cleanser turn it on so it starts pulsating that's a little feature that it has and then I'll start working it into my skin using like circular motions for about two minutes and then when you're done you wipe your face with the towel and you are literally glowing with

other products similar to this that have nylon bristles they're usually quite hard so they're actually damaging to your skin but the bristles on this are so so smooth I don't know if you can tell probably not you can feel it you know another benefit of using this is that it improves absorption of like skin care products so when it comes to doing your makeup you have the best base and your makeup looks amazing so yeah if you guys are interested if you're looking for something to help your skin maybe you want to try something new I definitely do recommend this if you do want to check it out I will leave a link in the description that you can click on and go get it back to the video enjoy so this is my eggs benedict you can take the salad off the top I always do that and this is what Georgia ordered which is the steak and ale pie of cheer swapsies thank you looks okay so I've got this I don't really know about the sauce hollandaise sauce I don't really know what it is but I think it's quite nice cheese yes and the thin it's not cheesy at all okay good I can't tell if that's disgust oh nice okay that's good

we were saying they were gonna go to Starbucks later in buy drinks lay and swap them and we both know we're gonna hate what you to the gas I don't know what it's gonna be but we just both predict it this is a final result me and Jacob demolished us and literally left the salad in place and George actually gave a good attempt with the eggs benedict actually quite proud well done you feel good yeah we literally look for the nearest Starbucks and it was 42 minutes away are you joking so Kostas gonna have to do stop books would have been so good those because I get such a weird drink from that let's see what I get I don't know I haven't been in here in years I just realized that it's custard that I can actually make the exact thing that I can at Starbucks basically so you're infratry yeah what I just ordered the cold brew coffee what do you think really you got just a normal like chocolate milkshake thing for cold milchie you're literally gonna hate this this is a chapter now the table happy to talk to other customers sit here and make friends hi nice to meet you welcome to the chatter Nutter table

Millie what's your name what's your name don't mind the camera I do this a lot when I meet new friends yeah how long have you been part of the chats and not a community father way is to do it like a children's charity that's a really great what amazing gun sir I'm gonna be honest George this is not what I usually gay normally has milk in it and it's like no milk in there or you're from the other hand looks very appetizing so you try you take it oh no that is not what you should be done I feel like it just be milking it though excessive smoke weird color this day mean try it right now that's nice actually unfortunately that's yours I've asked you some milk to go with this just so is what I actually get just to see how it tastes she might like you more of this milk in it I'd say that's a no oh she looks kind of pretty now [Music] but in the bin all right so we're going to welcome some town we're gonna get some snacks but then swap them because I don't think I've seen anyone do these people they

probably have done it but uh George is on a mission to find the sweet boxes the pick-and-mix right it's how you mean to both do a pick-and-mix and swap yes let's do it we literally weren't watching each other to see what each other got really apart like the odd one so it's gonna be interesting when we swap and look inside I don't watch what you guys are ready to swap okay well you're just awful mine's kind of empty okay wait ah do you like that before okay these are good the bonbons and bonbons are so nice they're so chewy watermelon yeah I want to try one of the water balance where you all did you only get one oh no I've eaten it say that again it's probably cuz in our actual mini eggs I probably cheat version Vasili will do since versions okay wait are you okay I don't know how to do like I don't know how to rescue people that are choking so that's where you'd come in so we got McDonald's not to actually eat but just for the thumbnail and we're back at the house now and I ordered this like Mississippi burger it looks disgusting it's just for the thumbnail though so we don't actually have to eat

it but like that does not look appetizing at all and then this is a happy meal that I'm gonna have in the thumbnail I think it's not look appetizing Georgia no I also haven't had a happy meal in ages so I'm interested to see what it actually looks like what are the toys like nowadays what's that oh so we got an apple pie from McDonald's and like they are actually so girls like I can't stand apple pie and these like look disgusting so George is gonna try the apple pie for the first time means you're gonna try a bite of it and see what she thinks it'll if she looks at most unappetizing thing in the world how's it taste fair enough oh that did not look nice huh was he cold as well Oh cinnamon ooh hi guys welcome back to my video today I'm going to eating this thank you is it not just about it isn't so bad it makes me scared about the dog though because you just look so on appetizing but it's so nice like everything so I'm gonna have to love him leave you know but we said this we're like we're gonna FaceTime and George is gonna text me whenever she like decide

what she wants to snack so I have to remember and tell me what she wouldn't eat and then I'm gonna go and get that and then I'm gonna do the same for you hi so it's a few hours later and if you could tell by my surroundings I am in my bedroom in London and it's nighttime last minute I had to go back to London today so I spent the last few I was driving here but before I left I told George that whenever she thought she wanted something to text me and tell me what it was and then I'd go and eat it and buy it whatever it was but it's now 10 o'clock and I've heard nothing from her I sent her a text like 10 minutes ago and I was like um did you forget to text me or if you literally not eaten anything she was like I'm in bed now I wasn't hungry I was very full after today and then I took a moment and realized that I gave them so much food in such a short amount of time but because I was filming this video I didn't realize but yeah she was so full that she literally didn't eat for the rest of the day from 5 p.m. mmm I have a feeling my kids are gonna be obese I'm filming the outro George's house cuz I wanted us to all be an F but that is the

end of the video the 24 hour challenge is now complete hopefully it was a success I hope it went well I'm sorry I made you almost throw up from the eggs benedict and the cold brew coffee but your choices were actually nice it's like the Frappuccino I I kind of thought I would though cuz I realized you're quite like a basic eater but so am i but sometimes I'm not cousins oh yeah if I knew you were actually wondering George Aires and after meiosis and exactly even my little brother than my cousins but I thought most you guys already knew that but you know clickbait views all that so thank you for watching and I will see you in my next video [Music]