01 May 2019

I swapped DIETS with MY KIDS for 24 HOURS!!

I swapped DIETS with MY KIDS for 24 HOURS!! So for todays video, I recruited my cheeky little niece and nephew to take on the 24 hr challenge swapping ...

good morning YouTube how are you guys

bought with that good morning everyone how is everyone doing today I hope you're having a great morning and I hope that you are enjoying your life just as much as I am not enjoying mine but as you guys can tell by today's video today I am swapping tires with my children and yeah that's clickbait I don't have kids because I am a child and children should not have children but they are my cousins and they are of a young age so technically I'm taking custody over them today and you know they're my kids for the day so I mean I've got I was gonna say yeah so today I'm gonna go pick up my cousin Zia and Zayn they are 6 and 8 years old they are fairly young and they're fairly crazy and today I'm just gonna take him out for the day and we're gonna have breakfast lunch dinner and we're literally gonna eat what each other eats in the day I just pray that these guys eat what I like like I like fried chicken I like junk food I just pray pray pray pray pray pray that it is up my street you know what I mean but anyways I hope you guys enjoy this video and give it a thumbs up if you liked them what am I saying I'm I just I don't know what my life is but I'm gonna go

pick them up now from their house and bring them to my house and we're just gonna go out for the day enjoy the day and you know become the day I don't know why I'm shouting I don't know maybe it's just like the good vibes all up in my juice you know I'm just happy today it's really early and I look a mess Oh ill sorry guys gods really not on my side like I have pimples everywhere so I'm gonna try stay far away from the camera as possible a hat joke I would never stay far away from the camera because I'm an attention-seeker but yeah I'm gonna go pick them up now and steal the kids for the day yay okay who's ready for today he's gonna who's gonna do the best to beat her listen the only fighting that's gonna happen has to be on camera so hey no I'm joking I'm joking I'm joking I'm joking I'm joking can I set this challenges because we can eat that's true you just see I just came for the free food guys know that you're six years old you're seven years old you're eight years old I don't even know how old you are that's really bad yay come on Starbucks how much coffee this one yeah

yeah that's that much in an espresso yard you guys go and lead the way go to the counter don't hit the door [Music] you guys can we get one coming up two espressos two espressos here of one juice you know what what you're having no no no no no you're not there juice is for me guys this is yours and I'm gonna have to let Zia have half a string what does this taste just a taste of another adult life how is that it's disgusting come on one more No Wow all right Zane your turn I'll give you ten pound if you drink here hopefully I'll give you ten right now all right so they they made a mess come on we'll take this off we'll watch this yeah can we get some pancakes with maple syrup and fruits thank you is that what you want breakfast yeah yeah that's what I'm gonna have no you just can't get into it what do you guys have for breakfast pancakes so what does that mean guys by me in the pancakes no I know you don't eat the lame pancakes Ames leave a stray alone you know just beat the kid Isaiah - I'll give you it thumbs up for me and

why did she give us free give me that no I'm the only one with a knife and fork here same no bend it no what the hell is so crazy you're gonna kill me no oh my god I so dangerous I am Shiv right now don't tell him he will do it look at that now you'd even I've just had one whole lot to myself and Zane won't stop looking at it how does it feel knowing that you can't eat any of this don't worry guys [Music] this is mine away animo is it making you sad are you crying cuz you want pancakes alright how about I buy myself this would just do my shoelace every danger safe into the camera I'm gonna hold on to God I'm watching you don't behave so guys we're going to so you are banned from all camera time you need she had one job saying and you dropped it you dropped it that's it cross the roads you drug the followers you've dropped them you know you can't be sorry they're dead now they're all dead aren't they they are they're dead I'm against all right [Music] they see where we are now yeah boy what

do you guys get from my age 20 chicken nuggets I get a double cheeseburger with that I get quite a lot of food because I'm fat but whatever okay so Johanna come up an order with me we'll go to the self-checkouts it's just there I'm gonna get a happy meal for me and I don't know what half of me I like oh you like a chicken nugget one is that what you get okay that's what you get yeah I don't know why I'm gonna get a nugget 20 nuggets yeah for yourself it's a 20 chicken nuggets barbecue dip that's what I get are you ready wait that's not all Zia I also get a double cheeseburger it's time for me to have a happy meal and for you guys to have a chicken nugget share box and a burger what the Frick oh my god do you think you can eat all yes yes I get to have a happy meal guys so what comes in my happy meal I get some fries a toy who was the toy no say that you're fine you're not really [Laughter] don't eat her see ya go get to see real quick I don't eat the ketchup offered him right being self-sufficient I guess oh my god you was so hungry go ahead yeah Pete you are a beast you literally ate 20 nugget so you ready for

dinner mm-hmm you are what do you love and have for dinner you feel sick yeah and you're still eating chicken nuggets do you know ever going yeah we are yoyoyo sushi last one there's a loser great it's a great night you never tried fish yeah have you ever tried quit fish yeah have you tried raw fish badly broken okay guys so we've ordered one tuna sashimi and get one salmon sashimi say it one 7g me sashimi yes yes yes meanie get your piece of salmon on here dip it in here especially the green beer yeah dip it that's good you just stabbed it good yap yap you up haha it was at this moment that he so the soul is from da okay and this is for me thank you guys for picking me out some fried chicken I'm really happy with that you guys are the best I picked it out you guys are the best let's try it out you guys are terrible I probably do just fine out maybe we do it I know you should buy it but you still might not like it

so you disapprove you don't like it if you fire and you like it right down in the chorus down below and give us a thumbs up if you got or take it come on one more try one more try cyan tubers take that okay so I finished all my chicken did you guys finish your sashimi no and I think it's time to get you guys home time to go home and go bad innit all right okay this is a bad angle I have a bar I'm tired and I am just really sad because I'm kind of hungry and I should never eat kids food again because it doesn't even fill you up I've just dropped the kids home and now I'm gonna go back but I wanted to say thank you guys for watching this video if you loved it give you a thumbs up and if you didn't give it a thumbs up because I need the thumbs up so you feel me Bert don't forget to hit that like button and subscribe it almost on 1 million and yes love you guys thanks for watching and see ya [Music]