16 June 2019

I Swapped DIETS with my GIRLFRIEND FOR 24 HOURS!! *bad idea*


you know guys welcome back to a new

video now as you can see by the title today me and my girlfriend a going to be swapping diet for 24 hours so that basically means as simple as it is we are swapping whatever we eat for the whole day including breakfast lunch dinner anything we snack on absolutely anything we have to swap before we go anywhere make sure you go down and hit the like barbecue we basically hit 10,000 likes on my previous video which was the prank on my mom but we did like sister got beaten up prank so I've never seen that as long go watch it it was a sick for the only guy showed the mostly the same support I've ever seen in it the only gang record was like the most you guys have ever smashed it was like 700 like well though that's what matters but like there was 700 lights on the video in like four minutes I just proves how many of you guys were that I put it that way so yeah let's see if we can get 10,000 likes on this video right now I don't we can do it especially if you're listening right just go down there hit the like button and also while you're at city recording once you've done that or just leave a comment in general and I will heart them

all you guys know that by now unless you know them you know in which case if you only make sure you subscribe with notifications and we're on the road of 300,000 subscribers that I always productive also guys if you're wondering where this is from this is my new map so if I'd give you guys a little sneak peek because it comes out okay this is a date for your calendars right you cannot miss this Saturday the 22nd of June which from the Sunday I'm uploading this it's only six days away so if you're watching this before June 22nd make sure you set a reminder okay there's reminders you can set directly through my Instagram stories at the moment I'm doing about every other day or just setting alarm on your fire okay 6:00 p.m. this will come out on the Saturday so you need to make sure you are quick because there is so many of you guys they have showed interest in this merch and there is not much stuff at all so if you've won a piece make sure you're ready and Saturday the 22nd of June at 6 o'clock English time this is just one piece this is just my favorite this is the black sweatshirt it has a tiny bit of print at the back there anyway you'll see the

full design on the website and yeah this is now embroidered embroidered webiste so this is like stitch Tim so yeah from that me and Erin which is over in the Holly room which is my sister she's getting ready oh yeah we've got to stop breakfast sweet she's gonna be interested to be honest the whole videos gonna be interesting because I eat loads of food a day don't I owe your i'll it geez so much you guys will know that if you followed on anything like social media life is so much food I've even got a box of crazy from my bedroom because I just want it all the time it's gonna be a tough walk it's gonna be funny because Aaron's portions are like half the size of mine probably less so I'm gonna be on a diet for the day and there in 20,000 calories today we're just praying sheets a lot of food to that well once a lot food because enemies I have to have it be a anyway let's just get on with the video right guys I've just remembered as well what to say obviously this includes drinks as well because food and drink it's part of a diet like it's part of your daily routine sort of thing so any drink that she wants or any drink I want we have to

swap as well not just food drinks as well so yeah that's gonna be interesting because she drinks lucozade quite a lot I'm not really a fan of that especially if I'm not burning it off doing exercise of it but I don't even know what's gonna happen I know some of whatever in drinks and eats obviously but she might change your mind for the heat so we're just gonna see where it takes us really it's not even lunchtime yet it's still breakfast so too much she's looking absolutely fine I love love love it and also guys if you want me to do this and if we get the light gold swapping diets with my 9 year old cousin as well then yeah just make sure we smashed a go let me know ok because I want to do this video so if you guys want to see it let me know also I just want your ferrule to come out our shop right now and I have to go in to test I don't know about you you coming to Tesco anyway we are here for breakfast even as a bit of a late break it's a bit of a late to breakfast however yeah but we wake up like yeah we wake up late and I don't normally eat breakfast but for the sake of the video I've been having breakfast a little bit lately I'm gonna give you what I would

typically have for breakfast which it isn't a fry-up which if I was getting cooked breakfast that's what it would be however we're going to Tesco I'm gonna get some stuff what you're sayin I'll be in trouble if you guys don't like it and this is probably one of my personal favorites it's coming also these sweatshirt is a completely new of never put a sweatshirt right anyway let's go Tesco decide what we're gonna get the guarantees get so important but I even know what she has for breakfast I never know you know it's been raining so much recently and we've picked the perfect day to definitely it's actually sunny but I'm gonna leave you cuz we go get my stuff right right guys this is what I normally have quite often yeah I'm feeling a bit of them Coco Pops haven't had to use in a while I need to get papers before Terry gets there we go get them interesting run our green lid milk what little you guys got the green semi-skimmed average got a fag I put my stuff in there in the back right we're now in the kitchen I'm gonna put you guys off on this show my turn number one for breakfast bye yeah Coco Pops with milk and I haven't

got your drink yet drink white space theta this is what I've really fancy for my drink this is what I typically have right now at this time of day in the morning orange and pineapple squash now it's strong to ask me it looks like that ah guess what this is how I have it so you call it out in your struggle right here's your origin pile up and squash now try it Jesus powdered fruit in them coco pop nice too weak tough that's how I like it [Music] you don't got bit left no any and all of it but without good-bye can you be quickly mine because I'm literally so hungry that my belly it is I'm always hungry mornings sometimes I'm never gonna eat breakfast but I have either one or two days these are the best and they have to be these one and then I have one or two of these and they have to be there to go and then you can't be a glass in the morning you know making my yeah he loves it when I'm making bagels did I get I yeah I'm just breaking no I mean you in the mood for him so jealous right now you sent me an errand quite similar in their spa for

breakfast I know so I love Robert and I'd have my hips on toast or themes and clothes or something honey on tight of butter oh my god honey sandwiches unreal comment down below if you like honey sandwiches no definitely I think that's why you're put of it because you you link it to when you're absolutely smashed into yogurt finished bagel finished still on your issue so sometimes orange juice in here in the sidewalk right breakfast finish know what did you write our turn now we can let you do whatever you want like if you feel like you're hungry you have to pick up the camera and say what you want and have to give it to me alright so yeah basically now what's the time again it's like midday I was really late breakfast that really late we should having lunch now but we'll have lunch in like an hour or whatever if I'm hungry between then I can't give it to you okay that's the deal right right guys it's not a lunchtime so I have fought for my lunch I am going to have well this is what I would have right off the airing has to eat it so I'm hoping that she comes in clutch and actually gives me a good lunch which I think she

will some good old trusty chicken burgers and here I have some wraps I wanted to find someone but you do a chicken bones we do sour creams and date perfect I'm gonna give her an orange juice because I actually like to Connor more I really fancy if you guys keep hope today about to drive stories I really fancy some of this lunch I eat I'm healthy I mean wraps on that bad but yeah chicken burgers how are you guys thinking about this much as well like this is the brighter than yellow guy it's just like the biggest sneak bit you guys are sin also we got hurting some teachers coming so it's going to be unreal to trust me I eat quite a lot of chips on my way over to talk so there we go that is going in the oven because that isn't any going to on my wrap I only go get the cameras Aaron because I'm assuming he sought me out some lunch because I'm very hungry bitch he's so hungry right now demolish like pretty much anything we're gonna give the commentary today mine takes about 20 minutes so I never can have my diet my side up today because I'm just not taking pictures in the garden for my Instagram so yeah I'm in my right this

is chef it up very nicely guys let me know would you eat this for your lunch if I made this right come over in there cut up for the breath we're gonna wrap that up fold it over absolutely unreal tie the swap lunches right what up okay right so you've got me actually Sam you sandwich oh we have to I eat it with the Christians it's not it tastes a bit crunched yeah and then I put another video I remember your eyes bright very strong right you have got chicken burgers cut off in a wrap with sour cream the best never beat up you put sour cream you know right try to ride she's moaning Riya that she says I only have sour cream if the heat says it's basically the same fingers chicken it's just printed you are so fussy like I don't even care about our chickens chicken like it's just breaded oh so she picked pylons with just keeping a box of crime in his room no tenant not you just be savage 18 is crying on the sly guess what delighted in my son faint cry play at night would you know I missed you don't like your gumballs living in the ones they used to do a strawberry with black and orange chocolate balls no

don't do it did you eat York's anyone no yolks our quote number lies they used to be like this it was like vanilla yogurt and you have like it would like to smarty yogurt but it had like colored things kind of like little trouble oh my god they're called yolks but they don't exist anymore I'm eating my sandwich oh my Chris I just wish you ate your Girt you haven't even eaten much Iraq it's been a little while it's about free o'clock right now and we're going to pick up my little cousin from school because my mom and Auntie that were meant to be getting on there in time to make it to get her so it's not dinnertime just yet however I'm really feeling a snack so I'm not getting cheeky I'm sorry well I won't begin the robbery everything will be having a little flurry someone ran because I whatever I want she gets who working to get my cousin from school but it turns out as a crash in Romania with where we were so we would have been later because of the crash so we're going towards anyway so I thought why not let's get a snack because I'm quite hungry are you hungry

well Jack no choice whatever I get is yours hi there can I please get an arrow McFlurry with extra topping please and a mini Oreo McFlurry please [Music] a few moments later so we've been chilling for a little while now and the weather is still absolutely unreal today which is a very surprise it's a big surprise fuck me and they're only gonna be getting dinner and we've just been speaking about it before we went on camera right we both won Nando's which isn't a surprise at all so I'm trying to think of a way to get around this which isn't even a way to get around there but basically we don't want to find out what each other is ordered because although we should know each other's typical order I have three different orders and so does airing like this depends on the day so I'm gonna bring them up and order it for a takeaway so we can bring it home obviously and eat it home so basically I'm gonna bring out and save what I want which obviously is gonna be for Aaron and then I'm gonna go out the room and let Aaron order on the camera as well

the order she wants so then when I go connect it's gonna be in the bag I'm not gonna know and then when I get home we're gonna swap the dinners on the place and that's it and that's gonna be our dinner I'm quite hopeful because I sort of know what Aaron has but it just depends if he tries to mark me off here and puts Nagi on my plate I'm gonna go out Aaron I'm gonna do my order I'll be back in a sec for the camera when it's going on mom and dad for and quickly just order it so Aaron doesn't hear the order just so he can make it a bit ever surprise when we get home when we stop the dinners over please get a single chicken wrap lemon and herb yeah we've nothing in it but a chicken no please yeah with Peri chips and garlic bread please just completely plain like with just the chicken rather than all the chilli Jamison why so gonna go to Nando's I'm not gonna win it that sometimes they check your list of like what you've ordered that take away but I was gonna be like yep yep that's it well they might have packaged it before already and I'm gonna go in there take the bag come home and we're gonna put it all out on the plate and see what each

other see what we got each other yeah Ritchie you haven't eaten much during the day I told us the finger apart from that one that was snack we had a little more Ferrari was that in between lunch and now it was wasn't it see yeah that's why I'm so hungry because if it was just me like I do eat a lot but anything and even though I haven't gave it to you either have I oh it's just so confusing like this whole video in there like I can only eat when you want to eat and like you can then you analyzes so give Isabel let's go get our Nando's yeah I've got Brannon Nando's when it comes in I'll tell him everything I've got now I've been quite nice what you were wrap because that's what I like I do know you like garlic bread thank you I'm nice and I got you a few little sauce you're very good now quickly can i blacks up starving you back as well nothing here that's what I have yeah you have enough could have been a hot chicken it could've been a butterfly but I felt like a brat hey shapes cuz that's quite hard but I know you have normal chips but parry chips do I have garlic bread and then

Helene right guys all right guys completely finished now nose and mouth is on fire is it because I gave you parry chips pan right now knows the Mohnish literally all I've left his sauce I've lit munched every single bit aaron has left a little bit of cheeky now she does all the time she opens the wrap up and weaves a bit chicken so yeah that is dinner consumed and you could theoretically say categorically sad yeah funny one I'm not eating it oh my god don't eat any you can't have it it's got to go to me right now is that what you can't see - right guys that tops off the video I think that rounded up burly because we've had breakfast lunch snack do we have to snack sack on your own bar and then we also have Nando's so yeah comment down below what you thought board your diet look like if we had to swap fly - if I had supplies of you that you watchin is right now what would it like yeah that's all we can say thank you guys so much for watching if you have enjoyed it make sure you leave a like and a comment as subscribe if you've been a pretty eventful day and it's been different to swap diets or someone and it has been my girlfriend

this fussy anyway err enjoying anything to say P by a don't forget new merchants come in June the 22nd he comes out at 6:00 p.m. it's very limited and yes I'll see you guys in next video [Music]