10 October 2019


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okay so I'm going to meet mini kanaev for breakfast well we're meeting for a coffee and breakfast luckily we both like love a cafe but sometimes she doesn't eat breakfast and I'm not gonna lie I am starving today so if she tells me she's not eating breakfast I'm quitting this video hello so this is mini best friends since closed reception Wow I should have put some microphones there so let's go I'm gonna go and get breakfast and coffee are usually great not really I'm a bit quiche okay let's see what we say look let me get there first of all we've just got our coffees I have vodka scene black tie two swimmers and had what Sam that's a large captioner extra hot extra hot large extra hot that's weird and what's that brain sugar parents about it was have to brown sugar why don't the cop because I felt out one semi-sweet enough these are very sweet well I'm glad she about sugar and not notion graphically I need sugar and I shouldn't have shut the relay because I need to lose my life to me is what you were having that's what okay we're not

that different for breakfast both hats brown toast for boy I've got missed out on my nails yeah mine horrible focus okay can't see it's black currant Jam I've never actually tried black currant jam after Jam on each one he ever do eat the whole part of the jump yeah you need to stir it a bit because the crab [Music] [Music] so black currant Jam so I think that sure smells everything it's very English fruit jellies that shows my English sighs man that's hot you bittersweet like a latex I'm hungry yucky but it's alright I wouldn't get it myself doesn't yeah when I was a little girl I used alot strawbeary but as I got older a challenge I think it's because I've got bitter as I got older dunno not true I might decide that if they have orange juice off the one with no bit or don't wanna be free to me okay so we've just got in the car now we're gonna go and do our food shop for the week Alex is zooming so yeah it's right in so I couldn't get the camera right for this so yeah we'll go shopping and we'll if

we buy anything smacks or anything I'll show ya okay we're going shopping now why sonam about yeah are you actually getting this man every city should we just get some lunch and we [Laughter] [Applause] just picked up mini okay you're gonna go and we just got to cusco she's got a Costco card so we're just gonna have a look around and get some lunch should get something to eat I'm actually I'm actually oh yeah you know quite dehydrated that we have in Sirte we actually both drink water and like every day we don't drink fizzy pop yeah four and carfare obviously I only [Music] [Music] oh my god get me on the massage Ches yeah he was talking about you back and come on isn't it that one really bats half maybe back ah looking at Wallin that was the eunuch never get a break from the kids just lie there for a bit [Music] [Music]

[Laughter] the nays at TV you know everybody ready they need some food yeah get food I've never actually the last time Atticus go for the menu lisam exactly look that healthy so don't know what I'm saying so I've ordered the cottage pie and a black eye that's just what I said let's see what minute papers cut cut there one more entry to achieve but I think eat sooner in tears the fastest run would use me right I do not college boy I'll enjoy your party I'll actually put jealous that you really nothing I was happy by you see if anyone knows me my jacket retiring so I'm not even joking I'll use chili place that's so okay all right one other things on the a bland jacket potato and they didn't actually fly into the boil Bing need to get the me the doorman phone or me and it is not my hire and cheese I'm actually jealous you've heard the quantity there [Music] [Music]

just finish the match mr. chases like the Schillaci I've never ever at tea time for dinner okay so far let's see what Dennis Hollywood so let's just gonna drink our puppet and then at home in tonight for a few hours we'll meet again for dinner or dinner we just at the club hello filter baseless so we're just going to come here hungry okay we've just sat down and have a look at the menu don't you wouldn't think me crazy and mash cuz she had cottage pie oh yeah [Music] yeah yeah little services okay that's not that bad luckily money yeah finder e okay I don't I don't really mind a chili or you know rice a lot my potatoes so I knew that it's good to be retired don't retire a peppercorn Sulis I'm Tanner Amarillo chela no I'm no use to me alright let's let this one I'm so jealous sorry oh you get a steak that's peppercorn so I would know yeah oh no all of it grinders and I usually pour

that over everything you read it yeah newbies comes in everything a bit my scamp in can't miss a week you don't need for science what I do alright do you eat everything can't explain everything [Laughter] [Music] so our faces we finish my last by still go in through the big mill that's just what a nice I love a bit filling meal it was a little early and then I won't snack or night introduce me yeah Roger okay everyone said that is the end of the video I hope you enjoyed it something a little bit different on my channel yeah we buy full on below it's a yeah so she's got giving me a snack because she usually has that she hasn't got any snacks cuz I'm like usually so full I don't need this no I don't think I actually need a snack tonight so it's only alcohol protein yah girl something like that so yeah if I'll show you that it won't actually have it so yes everyone thank you for watching please like subscribe see you next time