23 July 2019

HYPOTHYROIDISM CAUSES SYMPTOMS | Foods To Eat and Foods to Avoid | Thyroid Diet

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hypothyroidism causes symptoms foods to avoid what is hypothyroidism hypothyroidism is caused due to production of insufficient amount of thyroid hormone it can be develop different problems within the pituitary gland or hypothalamus these hormones help to control your growth repair and metabolism TSH levels of hypothyroidism a TSH about 4.0 mlu by L is considered as high this above range indicates an underactive thyroid gland which produces too little thyroid hormone this is known as hypothyroidism if you are in confusion that you have a thyroid or not then here are some symptoms if your thyroid does not secretiy enough hormones into your blood then you may cause hypothyroidism this could cause more complications like high cholesterol and heart trouble initial symptoms that might include in hypothyroidism here are some symptoms that you may found weight gain cold intolerance fatigue dry or brittle hair irritability and depression memory problems slower heart rate we have to know what are the causes of hypothyroidism the cause of hypothyroidism may be due to numerous reasons owing to which this disorder

develops them by surgical removal of thyroid tissue can result in hypothyroidism when hypothyroid conditions is present right from birth when the inflammation of the gland occurs there is too much of radiation exposure and finally the presence of an autoimmune disease called the Hashimoto's disease here are some nutrients that helps to maintain your hypothyroidism there are several nutrients that are important for hypothyroidism or iodine iodine is an essential mineral that is needed to make thyroid hormones thus people with an iodine deficiency might be risk of hypothyroidism if you have iodine deficiency a diode is the table salt to your meal or eat more iodine rich foods like fish diary and eggs selenium selenium helps the body to act with high roid hormones this is essentially mineral also has to oxidant which helps the thyroid gland from damage by molecules called free radicals adding selenium rich foods like Brazil nuts tuna eggs legumes can boost your selenium levels zinc like selenium zinc also helps to activate your thyroid hormones zinc hug the body regulate TSH

the hormone that tells the thyroid gland to release thyroid hormone by adding zinc rich foods like shellfish beef and chicken not at whoa-ho we also have to know about bad nutrients even the nutrients that may be harmful to someone with hypothyroidism well Trojans great rodents are compounds that may interfere with normal thyroid gland function they got the name as grater that which enlarges thyroid gland that may occur with hypothyroidism foods that contain goitrogens includes soil force certain vegetables like cabbage broccoli cauliflower spinach etc fruits and stretch plants like peaches strawberries sweet potatoes etc nuts and seeds like millet pine nuts and peanuts gluten gluten is a protein found in grains like wheat barley etc people who have select disease and autoimmune disease can't eat gluten their body mistakenly attacks and causes damage to surrounding gut areas we have some foods to avoid there are not many foods that you need to avoid for people with hypothyroidism and this again there are differentiated with two kinds one force you should avoid completely to foods you can eat moderately force you should

avoid completely here are some foods you should avoid completely or millets all varieties of millets should be avoided completely high processed foods high processed foods like hotdogs cakes cookies etc supplements after the prescription of a doctor you have to avoid foods which are rich in selenium and iodine supplements here are some foods that you can eat moderately these foods have boy trojans if you consume in large amounts foods that contain gluten you can take bread pasta beer cereals etc but not more soy foods tempeh Edna me beans soy milk etc cruciferous vegetables broccoli spinach cabbage and etc fruits peaches piers and straw beverages some beverages may irritate your thyroid gland or coffee green tea and alcohol conclusion after the consultation of a doctor if he was suffering from hypothyroidism that please follow these steps and take care of yourself by eating and avoiding above foods thank you for watching this video like and subscribe for more videos [Music] you