28 April 2018

Hypercarnivore Diet Weekly Shopping Haul + Meals 4:28 4:22

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hey folks it's Saturday that means it's shopping day I have another grocery haul to share seems like people enjoy watching the grocery hauls it was much lighter this week because we did so well shopping last week but I thought I would also show some of the meals we've had through the week with our last shopping huh and what I didn't really remember to say was that we we have things in our freezer you know so we we shop at a few different stores we look at the fliers that come out every week in the in the mail the newspaper fliers and pick and choose according to what looks appealing and so sometimes we stock up on one kind of thing and then don't buy that for a while so we've recently had a couple of turkey breasts big ones that we bought and did slow roast and then we also when we can we do buy frozen wild salmon or Cod or flounder or whatever that comes pre packed in those like 4 or 5 ounce plays so we do have that sometimes too and I like having at least a couple of those packages around for the most part we also keep canned mackerel and sardines around as sort of a backup snack and I haven't had to buy any of those in a while so you haven't shown

those either but right now even though we have produce we have a client that has been bringing us Asian greens a little baby bok choy all the things we actually really used to quite enjoy and so I don't like to think of them going bad but we've been really trying to do a more strict kind of meet only for a little while especially the red meat just out of curiosity to stick with it long enough to then add things and see which foods are possible trigger foods and which foods are helping and when you're trying to cure things like for Dawn psoriasis it's a skin condition it has been with him for so many decades and it is healing sometimes it can seem slow sometimes it can feel like it gets a little bit triggered and we're not quite sure what may have been the cause and so it's really easiest to think of this carnivore diet is like a really good illumination diet for little at least from our perspective for right now and most people you know we're also trained to believe eat your fruits and vegetables they're good for you eat the colors of the rainbow you know eat a

balanced diet blah blah blah fruits and vegetables high in antioxidants in the fiber and all these things that we're so entrenched with thinking are good for you which is really not necessarily the case but I don't want to go into that because this isn't a science evidence-based video the fact is I've learned for myself direct experience that when I eliminate all these foods and then I add some back things that I might have considered healthy foods once upon a time I'm noticing reactions to so a lot of these fruits and vegetables are maybe not as benign as you think certainly there's a fair amount of them that many people may not have no problem with and you should just eat as per your tolerance and eat them like condiments eat you know don't you don't have to be dogmatic but if you have acute conditions or very long-term chronic conditions pain conditions autoimmune allergies digestive issues skin issues I highly recommend trying I'm real like serious meat only you know red meat I think I feel is the most nutritious and healing to be lamb turkey chicken whatever you want chicken the thing is

you know there's a little different omega 3 6 fatty acid profile and I just noticed the difference when I eat chicken after a while it just kind of makes me not feel so good I like it sometimes it's also its nature is a little bit more inherently warming and that could just exacerbate condition for someone who's already got a little excess heat so it's just another way that you can look at the energetics of food but anyway so let's show you what we bought this time on we got something special that we don't ever really buy just because we keep all of our purchases of animal flesh foods basically under three to four dollars a pound and that's how we shop right now but we splurged we got something for $5 a pound and it was a one-day only sale so I'll show you that because we're gonna be firing up the grill and having some of those a little while and I wanted to also just give you a heads up that I have some really cool shirts available for sale a whole variety the wolf spirit she well freising the hyper carnivore type shirt strong spirit woman type shirt strong spirit tribe and they're all available

and I'll link to them in the description box and they're on my blogs and I'm still working on getting it for me outed and set up so they're easier to see but you can go to the links it'll pull up the whole page there's a great selection just for fun geremy and look at it because I think they're really cool and let me know what you think and if you buy a shirt awesome all the more things just I just get a little Commission so anyway that's it let's check out what we bought at the store okay I know I just got done telling you what I think about chicken and I like I you know I do enjoy like a roasted chicken once in a while but actually sometimes we buy the whole chicken when it's a really good price to make our bone broth as well so Browz has better quality chicken you know they don't use any of the and about you know antibiotics hormones and all that this was 99 cents a pound and we could possibly just roast the whole thing but I'll probably just put it in a big old pot with some of our turkey breasts right in its frame now which is a whole turkey breast Kirkus so when we have moms we do save them in the freezer and less time to make a bone

broth put it in a big pot with a little acid like cider vinegar and some seaweed and maybe some plant foods if we have them around like a beet or scallions are a little onion celery anyway so that since we're out of bone broth will probably become bone broth and then you get a lot of the potassium from the into the suits as well and you know you could eat this meat when you're done just kind of like make it like a chicken salad but otherwise you know I don't know you've got two more of our packages of eggs and one thing of butter this isn't the Kerrygold this is fire that we bought to make key from and Don has a video recipe of how you can do that really easily or know it's on his website I can link to you can do this in the oven it comes out really super easy to do without having to kind of hang out over it separating the protein like you would if you did it on the stovetop the weekend warrior special it sprouts p99 so we got two and as I was saying well you do have some fish pack that we got at one of the stores so there's a little bit left and then we did buy we haven't done this yet

really we've been buying ninety or not 85 to perhaps 93 percent lean ground beef this was a special on 80% okay so we've been finding that if we just don't have fatty enough cuts of meat and when we're done eating we're whining more fat and then we're not having the heavy cream right now and so we've been just like having tea with butter in it or possibly you know some form of fats you know if we had the cream cheese around we would have that but we're kind of trying to forego all the dairy along with the plant foods for oh not long enough time to see what we noticed so we bought some 80% lean beef let's see how that goes and the drumroll please so excited oh no when I laughs to have a t-bone steak that's what we got on a special it was the one day only $5 oh yeah probably should have got more anyway that's our treat for the weekend we're gonna fire up the grill that is literally all we bought so because of how good we've been shopping when things are on so we didn't need anything else for example here is a chuck roast chuck roast is one that we like because of this big banner and we hit picked this

up a while back so it was frozen and it's just now sitting in the fridge spying so in a couple days that'll be ready to cook and we do still have a bunch of chicken thighs that we hit previous is hot but when we have chicken thighs out either have it with bacon or make sure I cook it with some amount otherwise it's the same and you know there's plenty more still in our freezer so we're doing good we spent roughly 50 ish I don't think it was any more than 55 and that's it [Music]