22 April 2018

Hustle....But Take Care of Your Health Cause The Food is Killing Us

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so what is up what is up my beautiful

people first off I would like to say you gotta subscribe subscribe the channel and also visit my website ghetto affiliate marketing com today I wanted to discuss something very serious because I know how we are I here in this world we're always on the grind always working always hustling trying to get these bills paid trying to get rent a car no pay gas and electric and any other bill that you all hear and sometimes it becomes stressful you know and sometimes we're not really watching how we're treating our bodies because our main concern is whether I have a roof over my head so I want to do a video because my cousin recently got diagnosed with bone and breast cancer with some serious shit some serious shit she's in Stage four right now in this series and I want to the video because I know that a lot of times where are you especially for those of us who do Ober eats and grew up up in post mates we're out here grabbing foods that are not good for especially picking up from McDonald's we're like let me go ahead and just let me buy me a french fry and a Big Mac and a quarter pounder cuz I'm just I'm picking up food as I'm going

you know what I mean and the food that that America is providing to us you're all is fucked up bad food it's no good a lot of these foods are killing us giving us cancers tumors heart disease diabetes all types of crazy-ass shit that is that food is giving us and we ill and we wonder we were like well why it's the fool giving us disease I mean that's that's something that would that's a necessity just like water the body needs food the body needs water those are something the two main things we didn't have nothing else in this world the two main things that we would need would be water number one cuz you can survive longer off of water than you can food but you need food too because it gives you proteins gives you calcium for your bones and iron and so on and so on so you need these things for your body to be healthy now when you have food being produced in laboratories and by scientists and genetically engineered food that's a problem that's a problem and what we should be asking ourselves is why in the world are fools and seeds being produced in laboratories why why because there is an enjoyer an agenda to

to control the food why is there an agenda to control every single thing in your life because there is a group of people the government whoever you want to call it who wants to control everything including the food that you eat without you getting sick and getting all these cancers and diseases there would be no health care system if you were if we were going back to indigenous times we were indigenous we were living off of the earth and ayiti from McDonald's and and Denny's and I hop and KFC and and all these places we love we love our KFC chicken we love our McDonald's Big Mac and quarter pounders and whatever we love that shit but it's killing us it's killing us you're loving the wrong shit you're not loving the the shit that you should be loving your loving the wrong stuff you know half of us have no clue what any of these plans our trees can do for our health because we're not taught that we're not taught that in public schools we're not taught that in private schools we're not taught that in college what we're taught is how to be a worker and how to work and make money that's what we're mainly taught we're not taught how

to be really how to be humans how to take care of our body so without being said because we're not taught a lot of the things that we do look at them to me y'all just look at the world we live in go outside go downtown go just go outside and look on the corners there's gas stations there's liquor stores there's grocery stores and there's not many many trees and not many plants the mecca cities that are being created today are being made for convenience people like convenience in this world just like you like your seat Liz watermelon cuz you don't want to spit out seeds because it's convenient which is killing you it's killing you you like a lot of seedless foods who in God's name once seedless shit I do not eat nothing see seedless if it doesn't have seeds in it I don't want it because I know it's been created in a laboratory those type of foods that are being created are killing us giving us cancers breast cancers bone cancer lung cancers all types of fucking assaults it's just too many cancers to even name that we are getting as human beings because we've allowed this entity to control us control our food control

our seeds I'm from originally from Rio all right I've been lived in Ohio probably in over two decades but right when I graduated I was trying to make money I was looking for you know jobs and they were doing a petition and at the time I really didn't comprehend what was going on because again I'm just out here trying to grind get my money and that's it trying to get my bills paid but at the time I really didn't comprehend so they were doing a petition in Ohio petitioning to help the farmers keep their seeds they're original seeds and at the time I'm like okay like what's the big deal like this company is giving you seeds you don't even have to produce your own shit they're gonna pay you for you to produce their food their corn with Thera see but they're gonna pay you to do it so you really don't even have much to do and at the time I was thinking like that but it was really to save the farmers that's what the petition was for was to save the farmers in their farms against this big corporation Monsanto is the corporation that basically we were fighting against now mind you at the time I didn't know

what the hell was really going on but farmers have basically have had their farms taken away from them by the big evil corporations especially Monsanto was the number one creator producer of corn half the shit that we eat got corn in it if you check the ingredients it's got corn starch some type of corn in it's got corn the corn is the the number one producer that the number one thing that they produce is at Monsanto is corn which isn't mainly all the ingredients that we eat these corns are being created in laboratories and by scientists not by the trees not by the trees the green trees that provide us oxygen I get that they have chlorophyll and all these good nutrition's that we need for our human bodies they don't want that they want you to eat their seed so your ass can get cancer and go to the doctor and say hey I feel so I don't feel right I feel the lump I got fizzing and I'm saying oh well you have cancer so we're gonna send your ass to have chemotherapy and get radiation through your body which make you you as well the chemotherapy the radiation so these corporations that we trust so much these corporations that we trust are

killing us and another thing y'all they don't even know about this company Monsanto let me let me help you out on some history of this evil demonic ass raishin that is that is putting ingredients in our food that we are eating this company again is been around since 1901 it was involved in the Vietnam War that was worth around 1960 1970 they had a product Agent Orange which they used you know award now a lot of the Vietnamese people still to this very day because they let this Agent Orange chemical go over Vietnam where citizens is regular people regular people that lived in Vietnam live there but because there was a war going on they just decided to go ahead and just release this Agent Orange chemical all over the forests of Vietnam area so a lot of the Vietnam people who had nothing to do with the Vietnam War just living as we all do had defects still to this very day in 2018 a lot of the kids and babies that are born are coming out with defects not only did it hit the people in Vietnam it also went over to Cambodia a lot of people in Cambodia also still students of every day have defects kids coming out with defects

because of Agent Orange something that an American company created Oh Agent Orange this is the same company or the same company that produces 90% of our corn that is genetically engineered this is the same company that is getting sued every year by formers who are coming up with cancer because they used around a product that is made by Monsanto they used the product and then a lot of them are having getting cancers because the the roundup is a week hill is supposed to kill weeds so a lot of the farmers use it because again they're making the farmers use it these farmers all have choices they're making these farmers use this shit and they're getting cancer do to them using the roundup product made by Monsanto so y'all this food this world we live in please wake up y'all and I know again like I always say we got a hustle that's why I came in with this channel cuz I know how hard it is out here to survive but we gotta take care of my health and fuck the world if these corporations don't give a fuck about our health fuck down you know don't eat this shit stop going to these grocery stores I don't give a fuck about your health

your kids health your mom myself your brother's your cousin's aunties uncles whatever they don't care they just care about money money money that's it that's it they just care about money but you you should care about your health we don't want to live till I'm 100 if I could live till I was 200 then that's what I would like to do but I want to live old I want to see what it is to be like as an old person I want to get old I want to see life you know 60 80 90 years from now but if we continue y'all to allow these corporations to control our lives and also our food we're gonna be going out of here we're gonna be dropping like flies as they say we're going to be dropping like flies I've had a lot of family members who are being diagnosed with cancer my grandmother died of cancer my grandfather died of cancer okay on my mother's side my grandfather died of heart disease my grandmother my granny died of diabetes she had both her legs cut off and I that right there is like dominoes and in the black community and also the Hispanic community but you know it's it just it's crazy to me how we just live out here and don't think we're dead why is all

this shit happening like why are they making I see people buying in seedless watermelon and have no clue while they're buying it just because this is it's put in your face and you don't ask questions just the problem with people in this world we don't ask enough questions we're not asking questions we're just accepting and we're accepting the oh shit but you don't accept the natural earth you know and I mean you don't stand up for the trees and all these animals being enslaved in trees it's you know take it from their natural habitat and put it in front of apartment communities and townhomes just to make it look good when the trees are here for our health the trees are not here to to make the world look pretty even though the roses in the flowers and the greenery does make the rural beautiful but they're here for health and here for our our oxygen that's why they're here but we are so controlled by these corporations that a lot of us don't care somebody get diagnosed with cancer and it's not you you like all damn so so got diagnosed with cancer but it may be you

next year it may be you the year after it may be you ten years and if it's not true I can guarantee you I can guarantee you it's gonna be somebody in your family that you love dearly that may get it the food we are eating is bad y'all and I'm telling you this because we have children out here we have the younger generation don't don't feed your kids seedless shit all right find farmers in your community are our stores who have non genetically engineered food in their stores they don't they don't have partially genetically engineered food the corn is not from Monsanto and then the thing is not just corn you know I was like eight nine other sugar beads and it's just all types of of shit that are in our ingredients that are genetically engineered and then we wonder why we're popping up with all these cancers and all these diseases so I'm doing this video because I know that America standard the the standard American diet which stands for sad which is very sad half the people that I delivered food to are overweight okay they're overweight and they shouldn't even be ordering food you should be trying to

to provide your your you this is our temple our body is our temple and as soon as we get sick we crying and we we pre we we pray answer to God to free us from these diseases that we have but all you had to do was take care of your body from the very beginning but we allowed the corporations to control us and control our food it's Syrian Shah and I want to do this video because I know we are here grinded I know we are here on the grind and we are here hustling because we got kids we got to take care of we got families we got roofs we got to keep over our head but if your ass dead it doesn't even matter if you're sick I could guarantee you if you're sick the main thing you're going to be I'm thinking about and the main thing you're gonna be concerned about is your health that's what you're gonna be concerned about is your health you want to live you want to get up the next day and see this beautiful world that the Creator that they're all has created for us but JA we got to stand up against these these evil corporations who are killing us when I lived in Atlanta I went to a place called Everton County guys don't

exist in Elberton County and Georgia is like an hour outside of Atlanta anybody can go there and see these tubes on these tube stones which are in ancient languages it's also in English because I'm sure English person was the one that probably even put the tube stones up the humanity to stones but the very first Testament that these tube stones present to you is we're going to depopulate the world to five hundred million people there's about 8 9 billion people on the earth now that's a big-ass there's a lot of people dying off y'all and they're they know that people don't know the half the world is ignorant half the world are followers that's why they created Twitter and all these different social media sites to see what people are doing and and and what things people are listening to what's going viral what they know everything and how we live because of social media and the fact that we don't mind putting all our business out there a lot of people don't mind doing it so they're able the government these corporations they're able to follow us and they know when when people are either woke or sleep and

right now we're sleep right now we're sleep yeah y'all so that's it I can go on and on and on and on and on I can talk all day about this but I think y'all get the drift of where I'm coming from just take care of your health and just because the grocery store sells food ourselves fruits and vegetables doesn't mean it's good for you we would expect the grocery stores to sell food that is good for our bodies but they don't because this whole world is based off money I mean that's just what it is we hustle money we grind it for money bills you got to pay with money our notes you gotta pay with money so take care of your health and learn about the world you live in y'all learn about the roads you live in and people don't still eat unhealthy because that's just the world we live in and that's why we're able to make money off unhealthy people I'm dropping off unhealthy shit every day you know and me Mom I think is is people don't care people just don't care about their health until until that doctor until your body lets you know something ain't right something ain't right so take care of your health love yourself take care of the babies

take care of the kids don't feed them seedless watermelon don't don't don't go to McDonald's everyday giving them happy meals shit ain't good for babies getting cancer to kids it's getting cancer too so I'm just saying this shit don't skip nobody nobody at all that's it so y'all subscribe to the channel visit my website get affiliate marketing comig any of you looking for ways to make money because again it's hell as they ain't making no money you're stressing and that's another that's another way to cause diseases and shit in your body stress so that's it subscribe to the channel