29 June 2018

✅ How To Use Pure Leaf Kenya Black Tea Pyramid Bags Review

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okay guys so what I have with me here is the pure leaf iced classic black tea this comes with 16 of the teabags and it is 1.5 ounces that's how much like all of it lays together and then it's a single origin 10 nice mint leaves okay so whatever so I'm gonna start off by saying with this product is that when I first got this I thought this wasn't as like a gift from a friend and it was from one of like it was like I said it was from one of my friends and it was for a birthday gift and I was like what I was like oh this is weird and I pulled this out and I was like I it was like a package of like a basket of stuff and this was one of the things that came in and it was like teas and coffees and stuff like that and like other stuff that like helps soothe he was like lotions and you know the whole nine yards for like the whole soothing thing but this was one of the things in it and I pulled it out and I was like what the heck I was like I've never seen teabags or tea in general coming a jar like this I was I was like but I was just I was amazed honestly because I literally have never seen tea come in a jar like this it's always in a box for

you know somewhere like I don't know it I just never have seen this in a jar like it blew my mind like maybe a bag or something but never like in a jar and it's not like a it's like a plastic jar so like if you drop it it's fine like it won't break or anything like that but yeah I was just so I was so taken back and was like oh my gosh this is so cool I was like even after I'm done with these like pure leaf teas that are in here I'm gonna put something else I'm hearing probably more teased but I just thought it was such a cool thing I was like I've never seen teeth come in a jar I was like what the heck but anyway so another thing that I liked about this is like I said like the packaging like it's super cute like a little lid there and when my friend got it for me I always asked prices about everything because I need to know these things I like to know how much money my friends spend on me because you know they like to do it a lot but I don't like them to do it a lot not to sound like ungrateful or anything but I just am a very like like weird person like I don't like people spending money on me I

think it's very like I spend money on you and you know you just let me live my life and spend money on you and do nice things for you I don't know but yeah she said it was very inexpensive for like the entire basket and if the entire basket was inexpensive I'm guessing this was inexpensive too I've also had the pure leaf like the you know like the little teas that they have like the actual bottles of teas that they have pure leaf is a great tea brand I love their tea and this is like actual tea because I know some like companies and stuff they sell tea but they're more of like a juice than they are our tea and this literally is just something that like you boil some water on the stove where you know put it in the microwave in a little mug and then just kind of heat it up and put the tea in there and I don't like to drink straight like black tea like with no flavoring or like just any tea with no like flavoring or anything like that so I do end up putting like a little sugar and like lemon juice in there but it has a good taste I love tea tea is one of my favorite things to drink like if I had to choose like between coffee or tea

honestly I choose T because T you can do so many more things with than you can do with coffee I mean coffee there is a lot of options that you can do with that but it's honestly I'd rather drink tea that's just my opinion but also it's like I was saying like she said it was very cheap and so I was like well I'm gonna when I finishes I'm gonna try to go out and buy more and it was honestly more filled than this it becomes pretty filled with size it comes with like 16 bags and I actually have two of these like I said it came in a package that she gave me and this is just like the second jar that I have the other one is a little bit more empty just because it's like a like a lemon flavoring one and I like to drink the ones was like flavoring but I do like the black tea one too I just used two lemon one more but these are really good teas and I would recommend them to anyone they're very soothing you can just sit down a nice night and you know have a nice little drink of hot tea or honestly you can put ice in this I know people drink iced tea I'm more of a fan of hot tea but I do drink iced tea from time to

time and so I do like to drink those but I just really appreciate my friend for getting me this mostly because I was like where did you buy this I was like oh my gosh that's crazy she never told me where she found it and I was very upset so but I know it is on Amazon so you can just go and get that like it's like it's just super cute like I just love it like I said it is a plastic jar so if you do drop it because I have dropped this and the other one multiple times because I'm just a very clumsy person and they're fine none of the teabags come spilling out where I don't have any glass to clean up or anything like that but yeah I like how it's also just like a simple packaging of like the little black and blue so again this is just a pure leaf iced classic black tea you