21 November 2015

How to Use Lucky Patcher On Rooted and Non Rooted Android Devices (NICE & EASY)

What's Up YouTube!!! Here's a useful video on how to use lucky patcher on non rooted and rooted devices. I know I've made a video like this before, but I believe ...

what's up YouTube this is Dennis from 10

tech TV and today I want to save your life I'm going to show you how to use lucky patcher on your Android device check it out ok guys first thing head into your mobile browser I'm using UC browser and in the search menu tap in aptoide this is an app that allows you to get paid out for free on your Android device let's go down until you see install aptoide umm keep in mind guys lucky patcher is not in the Play Store so we're going to download it from this app scroll down until you see Install Now download it and install it then I'll meet you in the next part once you install app to it head over to the store step click on subscribe' store then in the store name type in den tech TV that's my channel so tap into then tech TV and subscribe to my store alright subscribe to my store every app that I have on my device every app that I want to do a review on is going to be in that store so subscribe to my app to a store now search for lucky patcher just go into the search menu and type in lucky patcher and scroll until you find the latest lucky patcher as of right now the latest should be five point eight

point three once you find it click on it download it install it and I'm gonna meet you in the next part okay guys if you install lucky patch and you got this far congratulations let's get this started first look for an app that you want to patch me right now I'm going to look for an app that has in-app purchases you can look for an app that has ads or if you want to remove the license verification I'm also rocking the phone that has root on it so it's rooted if yours is not rooted it's going to take an extra step but if it's rooted is going to be quickly right so I'm going to do lose legend which is an animation app or you can make text animation right so you're gonna open menus of patches in here you can remove the license verification go on auto mode just keep everything the same I usually just put extreme mode and make sure remove dependencies make sure you do that then you click apply let it do its thing if you want to remove the license revocation you can also remove the Google ads you keep everything the same you could just remove dependencies that's what I really change the most and

click apply you can also go into support patch for level and in-app purchases keep everything the same click apply and that's if you rule it now if you not ruin it you're gonna have to create a modified apk the process is still the same but you're just going to have to create the app this time okay so I'm going to do a support patch for level of in-app purchases I want to rebuild the app and is going to create the ad all right so you click OK once you're done and you have to uninstall the one that you have so you basically gonna have to uninstall app and reinstall the creator one that lucky patcher good so now we're going to install the recreator one what's a rebuild an insult click on lucky patcher modify and then whatever the app you decide to make you're gonna go into the folder and you're going to install it once it installed press ok and just press ok again and then go back and look for the app now this is the modified Legend app that I just mean so now I'm going to quickly launch the app to see if I have in-app purchases for free ok so let me quickly go to the part that requires me to pay right now they have some animations that I need to pay

for I'm going to click on the deceive is gonna ask for payment Oh had no payment required and also I have all of the other transitions for free and if you're curious to know what kind of app this is it's called legend text animation I'm in the video the link is in the description so check it out but guys this was a quick video on how to use lucky patcher on non-root users and root users if you like this video hit that thumbs up button if you have any questions or comments leave it in the comment section below and subscribe to my youtube channel for more how-to reviews and tips thank you for watching this video once again this is Dennis from dent tech TV laters Oh [Music]