31 December 2018

How To Stay In Shape & Eat What You Want | Nutrition Hacks | Tips | Strategies

Merry Xmas Lions! In this weeks vlog i'm sharing with you my top nutrition tips, hacks and strategies to stay in shape all year round. So that you can attack all the ...


welcome back to another video with myself Alex Connor as always from fearless training and getting into the Christmas jingle the Christmas spirit but today we're only talking about nutrition and fundamentally how you can overcome the festive season or any occasion for that matter and still maintain increase and possibly enhance your physique probably a couple of thoughts running through your head like how what food am I gonna eat for Christmas I still need to get all my Christmas shopping inappropriate gift ideas is Santa even real but there's a couple of points that I want to make which have helped me and some strategies and some knowledge that he can implement to get a better feel for it to get a better mind frame of it so that you can overcome all of these occasions and go forth and actually eat and enjoy the seasons and still stay on track and make progress because let's face it if this is a lifestyle you want to do this long-term there's always going to be event birthday wedding Christmas Easter and you've got to be able to understand how you can still stay on track

manipulate or make these situations work to your advantage because otherwise you're just going to miss out and you can't just avoid evening and avoid these social situations because you're not going to enjoy yourself and other people are not going to enjoy the company either now yeah if you're in competition prep and you've got a dedicated time and a goal fair enough for sometimes you have to be a bit strict however there's always a way around it it's always some flexibility and that's going to depend on what Bay's you in your training and how knowledgeable you are how many calories ultimately you can and have and make to play with so let's get into it point number uno calories in versus calories out this is going to be the fundamental ethos of obviously the whole video and being able to eat and fit foods into your macronutrients and it's going to depict your body composition so calories in calories out is really really simple it's energy balance right it's if we are expending more calories than we're in taking we are going to lose weight and

if we can taking more calories than we are expending within it gangway okay and then somewhere there abouts you've got our maintenance so with this in mind then that means that we can manipulate our intake especially around these festive seasons or season some high calorie foods meals to our advantage so what we're probably gonna do is we're gonna save a lot of these calories for these bigger meals because we know they're going to be coming whether that's Christmas Day Boxing Day New Year's Day whatever it is that you do your home your family your tradition you want to be saving some of these or the main amount of calories around these meals you've also got training and activity you know generally this is a time year where yeah we can be a little bit lazy but we may have some time to actually go and train we might be going on family outings walks you might get a flight for Christmas I don't know you might go out for a bike ride or something like that so we can also offset our energy balance and become more active too now sure if you are someone who works a lot and this is a time for you to relax

definitely relax but it's also an opportunity to get out spend time with friends family and again just get moving we've got a fact that I didn't because that means again we might have some more calories to actually play with but fundamentally it's manipulating and offsetting the energy in and the energy out and making it work to our advantage point number two refeeds and cheat meals refeeds and cheat meals you've probably heard of these refeeds we've got is a purposeful increase mainly food the macronutrient carbohydrates usually implemented in a fat loss or a dieting phase for a competition to aid and increase the poses if you like fit roommate trying to film the video that's great yeah yeah good well done yeah there is no magic in refeeds but they are there to increase in enhance again the performance so we can actually train better we can have more mental clarity of focus and again we know that through studies having refeed days usually double then we fates can help us actually move and meditate back because they replenish our hydrate stores allow us to train more effectively reduce stresses in the body and ultimately

allow us to continue on our fat loss journey which is fantastic cheat meals on the other hand a little bit bro sciency something that you probably implement in off season it's a little bit more lavish you don't necessarily need them it can be termed as flexible dieting but again this could be something that if you were to gain clothes you might call it a cheat meal or a free meal and you might use a refuel manipulate this into your refeed days if you were in a diving face so for example if you have a competition coming up and sees an angle this time of the year or coming up at the start of the year you might choose these days to put your refeeds into so that you have more calories mainly food carbohydrates on these days even though you might have to still watch fat levels it'll still give you a little bit more flexibility and a lot more enjoyment around the stage family and to be able to eat these foods that you wanna eat and if it's a cheat meal then hey go ham right because that's what a cheat meal is if you've got a lot of calories to play with and you're in the offseason it's probably gonna do you

a little bit better to get those extra calories in with some heavy training rest and recovery point number three filling it in your macros [Music] how do you fit in your macros well we can borrow up calories and macro some other days but before we delve into that point you'd be surprised at how many things you can actually fit in your macros if we use tools like MyFitnessPal and if you do have an amount or a certain amount of calories to play with if you are someone who's on very high calories you might find that you can fit most of these foods in depending on your appetite within these macronutrients you can also rearrange the macros as well so for example so you have 200 grams of protein a day you have 400 grams of carbs and 80 grams of fat you might choose to reduce your protein intake on this day and increase your carbohydrate and fat levels ultimately all the pulling out the same amount of calories now for a short period of time or one to three days it's not going to have a massive massive impact from your body composition but it does give you a bit

more flexibility and freedom rather than having such a high protein intake on one day it's not gonna be enough to have a detrimental effect but it's also gonna give you a bit more flexibility because let's face it the best foods are filled with carbohydrates and fat and I'm guessing on this festive season there's gonna be a lot of desserts and a lot of high calorie high fat meals you're probably going to want to indulge in a little bit more however if you are someone who is dieting then you've got to make some sensible decisions this is where you might go for the higher protein option and the lower fat option so again when you're going around you're picking these meals out you might decide to load up on a little bit more protein rather than fat because as we know protein is gonna say hold it a little bit more and also if you are dieting you can't afford to have those super high fat levels with carbohydrates you can also raise as well again to fall in line with a refeed period so again it's all a puzzle calories in calories out how many calories have you got to play with fit and rearrange your macros as you like within your allocated

calories and again saving them for later in the day or whenever should have your festive meal it's gonna allow you to have a bigger Bank or a bigger allowance if you like to spend these calories more wisely point number commonsense mm not so commonly called health and safety now in terms of common sense what I mean by that is you know what type of fat you know what is high calorie and you know what is the love calendar for the most part most people have a general census if I say we have a cheeseburger and an Apple which is high-calorie which is low calorie most people like Bennet ate the cheeseburgers high calorie and the Apple is low calorie so when you are migrating yourself around the table of the festive season picking out food that might be a little low in calorie and if you're in a dieting phase or if you really want to watch what you eat versus picking out a higher calorie foods if you're in a gaining phase or you'll just don't really care and you just want to eat the foods again keep this in mind you might go okay well I know that the veg and the salads and the lean meats are gonna be a better option if I wash them early in

the cycle life and I might only have one slice of pride versus having the whole pie little things like that make a big difference of body composition over time especially when you're doing the daily habits and you're making these decisions on a daily basis it all comes down to how many calories you've got to play with and what are your product now if you're not seasoned then of course you're gonna have more flexibility remember common sense point five borrowing calories from other days [Music] borrowing calories and macros so you can actually borrow calories and macronutrients from other days and again like I mentioned previously you can even borrow them from the same day by rearranging your actual totals for example reducing protein increasing power hydrates and influence in fact etcetera we can also borrow calories and macronutrients from other days as well now my advice is if you know that there is a big meal coming up and you're someone who is more predisposition to add body fat or again your net dining face or you just want to be a little bit

more conservative you might remove one 200 calories from the previous days of the previous week leading up into the festive season or whenever it is you're going to have a big meal to have a bigger bank or a bigger allowance of calories but when it comes to that debt for example if you say over say six days 100 calories that's gonna give you another six hundred calories for that deck you save up say 100 200 300 maybe 400 you're going to have a lot of calories to play with however I would advise not borrowing more than 10% of your calories per day as if you borrow too many you're just gonna get hungry and you're gonna end up overeating on that day and also you might not have enough calories or energy to sustain a productive training session if you're taking your training seriously keep that in mind this is a little bit more advanced but again you can manipulate this by using my Fitness Pal and the tools that we've got to be able to calculate how many calories you currently have how many calories you can borrow and how many calories you can actually utilize and have left over for these bigger meals 0.6 consistency

it's what you do most of the time that counts so this is the bottom line at the end of the day do not stress it 1 male 1 wait you've threaded along the old wall make you fat now if you're someone who's consistently binging and eating all the time and you're adding weight then of course this is a bad habit and you're probably going to put on weight go figure the weather if you're making conscious decisions and now and again you're having these higher calorie meals or say you're just going and having a cheat meal or a free meal then this is a little bit better it's also a better habit to get into as well but again you might be someone fortunate like myself as a fast metabolism and trains a lot so you can have a very high and calorie intake and put on or a minimal amount of fat again it all comes down to you your calories and your requirements you've got to make it work for you as well the main thing I want you to take out of this video is that you can use points and use strategies and knowledge to manipulate your nutrition to make it work better for you at the end of the day it is Christmas so enjoy yourself

align with your goals and make sure that you're going to make the most of this time don't overthink it eat be merry and as always stay feel us [Music]