09 June 2019

How to start a healthy lifestyle 2019!! // 5 tips!

YAY!! I hope you guys enjoy and find this helpful! I am finally getting on the ball of posting more and being healthy! Look forward to 3 blog posts being posted ...

hey guys welcome back to my channel and

if you're under here it means so much to me if you're to subscribe down below I post videos every single Sunday so today I thought it'd be a good idea to post on how to start a healthy lifestyle and this is something that I mind share with the world for so long I've been wanting to talk to you guys on how to start a healthy lifestyle because I am a health freakin nerd I love everything health-related everything Fitness related anything like that if you were interested in this video continue watching and I hope you guys enjoy okay guys so to rule on that I have for you guys is to eat healthy and there are three tips that go along with this tip number one is to make sure that you check the labels because something that you think is healthy turns out to not be so healthy because it has so much sugar it has so much processed stuff in it like the moment that I checked the labels on like the not not the fresh deli means that they have an ATV like the process one that they have like in the deli section of the store there's so much processed stuff and that and those me that I just now if I want telling me I go to the actual deli and get fresh me

um tip number two is to know what you're putting into your body if you know what you're putting into your body you know was making you feel good and what making you feel wrong if you're putting something completely out of the blue processed food into your body you're gonna feel like crap because you just put something into your body that's not good for your body and another tip for this is to make sure that you're making your food there's recipes everywhere healthy recipes that you can make that are easy tip number three is I know this tip is about eating healthy but how's that cheap have that reward every once in a while of every week once a week have a cheat day where you just go out and get something that you want reward yourself for that week that you worked out you ate healthy you were active you were productive with your life you're productive with your work or school everyone does our reward for something that they do eating healthy is considered to me to be 70 percent of eating healthy or I'm sorry of being healthy because if you workout in the morning and then you go to like McDonald's and get to meet grills that

completely ruins your diet eat healthy you go get oatmeal oatmeal is so good I had just recently got into an oatmeal cake and you if you read my blog you'll know because every Wednesday I have been posting oatmeal recipe just make sure that when you workout in the morning don't go all out and go get to McDonald's and when you're saving money too if you go eat if you go to the grocery store if you go to the grocery store and get stuff like salad stuff or oatmeal or peanut butter you can put peanut butter and bananas on your I'm gonna be posting that recipe on my blog next Wednesday I believe so yeah just make sure that you're eating healthy right after you workout because if you don't then your workout just goes down the drain you spent like an hour for nothing okay so the other 30% of the younger person is to work out and working out is so important for you and it can make you feel good it just has so many benefits and I will post a blog on benefits of working out very soon so look out for that one tip that you can do to work out is to get a gym membership and this is this can keep you motivated and accountable because you

actually are paying to workout you just don't want your money to go to waste idea but if you don't have a gym near you or you don't have the money to have a gym membership there's tons of workouts that you can do at home I recently got into Beachbody and I will leave the link to that down below but Beachbody is so so so so good I've been doing this 80 day obsession thing oh it kills me but it's so good if you want me to I can do a whole video on Beachbody because Beachbody is just amazing and it has helped me actually be like want to workout again because I was injured for a while and I didn't really want to workout again because I was scared to get injured and that's why I haven't ran and forever because I just haven't had the motivation to just go run because I'm afraid of my shins hurting so I'm just trying to build my cow shrink up and that's what Beachbody is doing for me um other things that you can do is obviously running you can go biking you can go hiking you can dance for crying out loud you can do so many things that don't feel like you're working out but you're still getting that cardio in

you're still working out you're still just you're still getting in touch with being healthy and getting out there and doing something that's good for you hiking and going going for a 20 minute walk is better than sitting on the couch just watching TV another tip is to create a routine because if you don't have a routine you go to the gym you don't know what to do and then you're just scattered brain and you just go to the one machine to the next to the next and just make sure that you have a routine that way you can stick to that routine so that you know exactly what you're doing another thing is you could write it and like a journal like this I have all of my workouts in here that I do and just yeah it's just make sure that you create a routine that way you know exactly what you're doing but number three is to drink water and drinking water is so good for you I cannot express that enough since I've been drinking more water I have been feeling so much more energetic I've been feeling just so good and my baton has been faster at my skin has been clearer so it just makes you feel just overall just better about

yourself and makes you feel good inside and out and it just it's overall just really good for you and I cannot express it enough just like I mentioned it has so many benefits it clears your skin it speeds up your metallic and just ready for the day and I used to not drink a lot of water I'm gonna be honest I used to drink like maybe a bottle like every two days I know I know it's really really bad but I've gotten to the point where I drink I literally just drink water and another tip is to get a hydro class this thing was only like $15 on Amazon it it literally works just like a Hydra flask and I know if it is that as a hydrofloss but it is so like not it not expensive like ah also if you want this hydro flask on Amazon I will leave it down below I think it's 40 ounces or 42 I don't know how much it is I'll leave it down below also another tip about the drinking water is to put fruit in it it makes your water taste so good like lemon strawberry blueberries literally any fruit that you like you can put in it and it will make it so much better just go crazy with it like put any type of fruit that you like so tip number

four is to sleep sleep sleep sleep and I know that's so hard for most people because they just want to stay up to all hours of the night do stuff watch TV wants YouTube but I cannot express to you enough how important sleep is I understand sometimes people have job do they have to stay up or like I have a job I don't get home until sometimes 12:30 at night and I don't go to bed until 1:00 but just make sure that you if you're going to stay up later taken out during the day because if you take a nap during the day it'll help you stay up later if I know I'm gonna be staying up later I take a nap during the day that way I'm energized for the night and then when I wake up in the morning really really early in the morning I feel good like the other day I went to bed at I think midnight and I woke up at 7:00 but I slept for seven hours still now you don't have to wake up at 5:00 a.m. every day you can wake up at 7 and still get your workout in by 8:00 and get ready and be ready for the day by 9 o'clock you need to sleep I cannot express that enough it'll make you feel energetic it'll make you feel better just about the day it'll do you have

shown that you should be getting at least 7 to 9 hours of sleep every day the final tip for this video is to get yourself motivated there are tons of ways to get motivated like creating a board on Pinterest of things that keep you motivated like quote go outside another tip is to just get up just get up I have found that when I just get up and stretch and just get up I feel ten times better and I just wake up faster I'm up early and I just feel so much my whole day is just so much better after you workout okay guys so that is the end of this video and I'm going to go ahead and recap all the tips that I've told y'all number one is to eat healthy number two workout number three drink more water number four sleep and number five get yourself motivated those are the five tips that I have and I really hope you guys enjoy this video and if you enjoyed it make sure you give it a thumbs up and subscribe down below and also make sure you hit that little bell beside the subscribe button to make sure that you know when I posts I normally post every single Sunday around the same time it really depends

on you know when I what kind of video I have and what time what like how much editing I have to do I really hope you guys enjoy this video and I will see you guys next week