20 August 2018

How to start a food business Nutritional Analysis Food Lab Resource

How to start a food business Nutritional Analysis Food Lab Resource. With every food product on retail shelves, the most important aspect to completing the ...

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online it is Damien I hope you guys as always having a great day food nutritional analysis this is the second biggest question that I get constantly from my subscribers and I'm really excited to actually bring you this resource this company by the name of food lab comm they are a nutritional analysis company that actually breaks down all the nutritional information about your food product and gets it FDA compliant and ready for you to simply print out your labels and get yourself rolling with your product finalizing your packaging making it look fantastic and retail ready I'm going to go through this website and show you some of the services that they offer and just how actually it's one of the better companies out there because of the turnaround time is between only three to five business days once they receive the information from you the information that they need and your payment of course for the specific service that you're requesting it is extremely fast turnaround times of three to five days so a real quick breakdown of what does food labs do so in essence if you're looking to create that that

retail food product or any product that you're looking to have a nutritional analysis done on it of course nutritional analysis showing the proteins of carbs the fats the calories the small rectangular box that you notice on pretty much every single food product that's out there that breaks down the calories and all of the other nutrients and such and tells you what is in each serving and then what is in each package as a total that is what the food lab does and they break it down and they put it into the new 2016 format which is FDA compliant they have actually FDA updated the the way that these labels look so what you're actually going to get from through lab comm is going to be FDA compliant and perfect ready to go and you can either of course download that and they print that onto a label that you can put onto your packaging or if you're looking to have custom packaging done where it's actually imprinted onto either the box the bag whatever the container it is that is holding the food product itself that same image can be put on to it directly on to surface if you're not printing a

separate label so let me delve into this really quick now they have a package let me I'm gonna go through the services of pricing they have a package that is actually called their retail product kit and retail product kit is two hundred and fifty dollars per product now let me explain to you really quick I'm gonna give you some numbers here and I'm gonna break it down so you understand that this is actually extremely reasonable pricing especially the like I mentioned before the turnaround time is very short so let me show you what they've got here now before I delve into these numbers that you see on the screen I want to let you know that when you get a nutritional analysis from foo lab comm when you get this done the most important thing you've got to remember is that this is an investment okay and the reason why I say this and for you to look at it from that perspective is that when you're spending if you get the retail product kit and you're spending that $250 to have a product analyze and get the right information about its nutrition its ingredients and of course its allergen statement and all of this here this one here right in the middle you're actually

going to have that forever it's something that once you've got it done if you're creating a food product that's going to be in retail stores maybe across the nation potentially in online stores and maybe it's on Amazon once you get this done one time you're done there's no need for you to do it again and if you look at what you make as far as a margin or a profit margin per product of per item investing 250 even investing several hundred dollars into having it done or even having three or four these done for your line of products maybe it's different flavors maybe it's a different type maybe it's a granola but it has a different variety of ingredients once it's finished and done you're done it don't have to do this over and over it's only a one-time shot and it really needs to look you need to look at it as an investment so I don't want you guys to get scared away about these prices because also by the way really quick these prices are very reasonable ridiculously reasonable actually I've been in the market looking around for different companies that do this and some of them are between seven to eight hundred starting and go up to

1,200 it's quite outrageous and the lengthy time to get your product analyzed and then brought back to you is definitely not three to five business days I can attest to that so the turnaround time is super super fast like I mentioned so I'm gonna go over each one of these so the first one is a Nutrition Facts only this one is $150 now it says here that she will show you only 75 for similar products in minor changes so if you have a similar product okay let's say it's you've got five different products and let's go to the the granola as an example you have a granola mix in it you have a little bit of variations okay but it's very kind of similar across the board but a couple of different things maybe you have some dried fruits added but it's really the base is the same it's only a couple of different ingredients that are really different that is what this extra additional thing here is for similar products just so you see this across the board here okay you're gonna notice that right across the board and and all the way up to the food label compliance review and I'll get into that in just one moment so if

you're looking to have a product in retail stores which the bulk of my subscribers you guys are actually looking to do I have a lot of Cottage kitchen subscribers people who make products within their home you you can invest in this and do it early out in the early stages of your business which I do recommend because most cottage food businesses end up turning into much bigger companies and you end up selling products beyond the the local markets and out of your home you end up getting into a commercial kitchen you grow your business but if you get this out of the way in a sense you can have this forever and it's done so like I said before always look at this as being an investment it's not something that you're going to have to do over and over now really quick these are some of the companies that have done business with food labs so this is not this company has been around since 2006 this is not a startup company and it's not a company that's just some type of a virtual company that doesn't have a brick-and-mortar this is a scientific lab where they do these processes and they've worked with some big names these

are some big companies here Skyy Vodka Whole Foods you name it and they've done business with them so many of you who are starting you can definitely trust this company to do what it is that you're looking forward essence is what I'm trying to say and and some of the additional food services that they're gonna offer you these are some add-on services so really quick these add-on services are only available for products that we prepare Nutrition Facts for so of course as you pick out which one of these is best which I highly recommend if you want to choose a service to get you started stick to the retail product kit in the middle here and then from there you while you're in contact with food lab comm and you can definitely by the way their phone numbers right on top I'll have all of the contact info down below in the description once you get that done you can add on some additional services if there's something else that you are looking to have done ok and it breaks it down all of it right here super simple to understand and this here just so you know specifically is for that additional food service and the

reason why I say that it's as you scroll down now by the way really quick a food label consulting they also have consulting services to these additional services here that you can add on if you're looking for custom size or formatting of nutritional panel eels if you also look it from the nutrition facts panel for a single ingredient food for the debt from their data and chemical analysis you can provide that also just for an additional fee so these are again just add-on fees that you can get now the reason why I was specifying that this is for food and food analysis is that you can go down scroll down a little more now I know that there's a handful because I've had a few questions from some of my subscribers there's a handful of dietary supplements there's a handful of my subscribers who are in the business of supplements and supplementation and such ok they can actually do that as well which is one service that many of these food analysis companies actually don't even provide but they have a dietary supplement fax kit ok and again this starting at $399 don't get scared by that amount though you know remember that a couple hundred

to three hundred or even four hundred dollars put the money into this once it's completed you've got it forever okay and again it's updated as well with the 2016 FDA compliance so everything you get back from them is is in compliance with all government regulations in regards to what the FDA expects on the labels so really quick the reason why I wanted to differentiate is that these services are available for nutritional supplements and such and this is something that a handful of my subscribers have asked about and I was really glad to see that food I've actually offered that specific service because this is something that's really challenging to find a company that does this and also really quick they have the FDA compliance review so if you want a supplement to be reviewed to make sure that it is in in compliance with FDA if you're not on a percent sure they have that as well and then this one here we have I think out of our nearly 5,000 subscribers I probably have about two or three hundred of you who are restaurant tours or you're looking to open up cafes because I see the questions that come in to me if you are

looking this is a really great service as well the restaurant menu nutrition analysis is just exactly what it says if you go to a lot of restaurants today and it's something that's happened probably over the last I would say decade maybe a little bit less than that maybe eight to ten years I've noticed this in restaurants is that they have within the menu a nutritional breakdown showing like if you've got baby back ribs or if you've got a barbecue sauce or you've got a food item okay and it's listed on your menu they can give you the breakdown of fats carbs calories and all that to give give the information to be more informed allowing your patrons may allowing your customers who come into your cafe your restaurant your sandwich shop whatever it may be to be more informed about what they're actually eating as far as calories maybe there's you know a husband and wife is on some time of a diet plan and they want to just be careful what they're eating a lot of restaurants are actually showing the calories and fat content and all that nutritional breakdown right on the menu it's actually a really great thing to be that informed when you're trying

to watch your your your weight or you're trying to be healthy you're trying to make good decisions so with that being said if you're in the business of the restaurant restaurant business industry or if you're in looking to potentially open one down the road this is a service you want to keep in mind as you do it because this is a huge plus for your business really to be honest with you if you had this on your menu and of course word of mouth gets out very quick when people know that a certain restaurant in town has a great food to begin with but they have a really informative menu that shows what everything is it really is going to help actually your bottom line to be honest with you and the beautiful thing is is that it's only it's 149 per menu item which is ridiculously cheap to be honest with you as you may know I was actually the restaurant business throughout the beginning of my college years and then next year the end of high school worked our way through college I was in a restaurant and the amount of money that a restaurant earns over a hundred and forty nine dollar investment in getting a nutritional analysis done on a food

item for your menu is less than that's I mean you take them out you talking about - dinners worth of revenue in one night you and you've already paid for it but this is very very interesting it's very very good to have this type of information available to your patrons as they come in and eat in your restaurant or your cafe so they do have that down here by the way if you need the traditional eternal Tomic I mentioned was three to five business days in most cases as it says here of course that that means that you've got to send out the information they actually give you a little bit of a an informative information packet that you have to fill out you do it through through their the website of course send in the information that you have and of course make payment for your for your specific service and after that within that timeframe you've got about a three to five on average business day if you're looking to have it done quicker and you've got to get something done immediately they also have these one even two day turnaround times which is unbelievably fast to have that information done so that is an initial

service that you could have available so that is Food Lab comm and I was really excited about bringing this service to you guys because I had for quite some time numerous subscribers asking about this and let's go through here real quick I'll walk you through the rest of the site so here is the submission submit a product online information and it's really super simple as you can see here basic contact information and as you scroll down the service selection basically pick out what it is what is it exactly that you're looking to get and as I mentioned before if you're looking to get the product into a retail store if you're looking to sell on Amazon by the way this type of information on your product is ultra important okay and this remember this doesn't actually give you this is not a site by the way for barcodes or UPC codes it is specifically set up for the nutritional analysis of your food product but yes on Amazon it to be honest with you even if you're on eBay or if you start your own online e-commerce business selling food having this information is of the utmost

importance so then again you can drop your information on here they even have I believe let me go down where you can enter your recipe I'm not mistaken okay and then here's where you pick out your you select which service you're looking for okay and as you go down a little further yeah here we go so it's just a recipe or the formulation of the food product okay and that's what they need in order to to do the analysis itself and that's something you put right in here so it's ultra simple very very simple document and that's it you from there you pretty much just hit next and the second half of it you'll check out and you're all good to go and then from there within about three or five business days you are ready to go with your information and of course the contact page and about the other thing that I really was quite excited about this website compared to other ones that I've actually gone to is that it's very it's the simplicity of the website this doesn't have a lot of additional information or additional pages within the site itself to distract you and such because I know that it can be kind of confusing when you're trying

to get this done and you've never done this before so their website makes it very simple to interact the interface is very easy into your information pick the service you pay for it once you upload that recipe you're going get your analysis back and of course any any additional service that you're looking to get and in the last page we've got over here which is the about page and like I mentioned before they've been in business for since 2006 and they've they have a lot of money they talk about clients these are big-time companies they've got over a thousand clients in the past five years and over a thousand clients later they deal with some big-time companies but it's great that they also offer this for you guys which is of course just starting out your food business as food entrepreneurs so this is well worth taking a look at and like I said before I'll put the information down into the description and you can take a look for yourself through the website and if you have any questions of course please feel free to call them if I'm not mistaken they are on the west coast I believe they're in

Long Beach yes they're in Long Beach California and of course you can reach them directly through their phone number or simply just email them so if you have any questions prior to above them beyond the information I've relayed to you guys in the video give them a ring and they'll definitely help you out super super nice guys over there and that's pretty much it I'm just again it really excited to have an opportunity to bring this to you I don't have any videos to my knowledge I have done any videos about nutritional analysis companies that can do this type of breakdown and definitely not want to do it within three to five business things so well if this resource helps you out guys as always do give me a big thumbs up and I always appreciate the feedback if you guys have questions for me about food lab comm just again add them down below and I can definitely help you out take a look at your site for yourself and spend a few minutes going through there and and figuring out what service is best for you and like I said and I know that I've reiterated this before do look at this as an investment don't look at it as oh my

goodness you know it's a two or three hundred dollars per product you're gonna make that back in a fraction of the time but the thing is is that you've got it and it's done it's permanently yours and you're definitely also the other good thing is that your FDA compliant and the label that you'll get is that new formatted one which was updated in 2016 which has to be has to look a certain way and that is the format that should get your information back so appreciate you guys as always if you're not subscribed to excuse me my channel please do subscribe I appreciate it and if you know someone with your friends or family who could benefit from my videos please as always share my videos and my channel and I sincerely thank all you guys for your questions and your subscribing to the channel and I hope to see you guys on the next video take care