27 August 2019

How to Snack in a Healthy Way

Those with adrenal fatigue might feel symptoms of low blood sugar from time to time and feel the need to snack often. This video talks about healthy snacks to ...

I'm dr. Carrie Leone this dr. Michael

Lam were talking about snacking today a recent study has shown that ninety percent of men and ninety-one percent of women eat at least one snack daily stress is a major influencer for our eating behaviors and habits the stress in America survey was conducted on a sample of around 2,000 adults and one thousand teenagers and half of these adults reported having actually a snack or overeating or eating unhealthy foods weekly or even more than weekly with our high stress life as well as the plethora of unhealthy snacking options available you go to a gas station you see multiple snacks there is no wonder that America's health is declining and so there are many many benefits of snacking as an activity but you have to know what type of foods to eat and what you're dealing with have you I know you have dealt with adrenal fatigue and sometimes we encourage snacking an adrenal fatigue why is that well snacking is a phenomenon that is both beneficial as well as can be harmful for the person when the person is in the tree no fatigue the body is generally speaking we have a hard time metabolically in balance so the tendency

towards what we call the reactive hypoglycemic type symptoms is very high what does that mean that means that the person tend to go low in blood sugar however the blood does not show as low in fact that blood show is normal this type of reactive response frequently happened during the day and it is very irritable in terms of the symptoms it causes anxiety sometimes crashes and most people in the Doudna fatigue especially in the advanced stages find it is quite helpful to stabilize their mood stabilize their fatigue to have some snacks and the question really is what kind of snack and what timing and for which for the person alright so optimally for timing-wise breakfast should be between 6 to 8 a.m. a snack at 10:00 a.m. beef and then lunch at 12 and then maybe another snack at 3:00 and then dinner at 5 to 6 and then a small snack even before bed so that your stomach can be full you'll sleep a little better and metabolism is more stable yeah the general concept is you want to keep a very level blood sugar throughout the day even though the blood levels are within the normal range so what are

examples of some good snacks that you also my favorites are the seeds and nuts because they are high in protein high in fat which are slow to metabolize and low glycemic and some people also do vegetables with maybe a nut butter but nothing seeds seem to be the best and even avocado toast yeah I think this was nuts concern cashews and peanuts are perhaps you should stay away but almonds tend to be very good as well as Brazil nuts for those people who may want a little bit of thyroid support it really depends on the overall and with my clients I have mapped out what specific snacks are good for them because this case by case as I said Brazil nuts a selenium which is good for thyroid support but if you have other types of issues and nuts may not be suitable for example if you have an irritable bowel or you have Seybold and certain type of nuts are more difficult to digest for example so yeah everybody's different no and then what are some bad snacks right there's good snacks but there's also bad snice well almost anything you see the supermarket that's Issa are less than desirable but they they occupy 98%

of the aisle is because that is popular and it's a pleasant to eat anything in a bag or is processed or gluten based or even caffeine we drink coffee in order to stay more awake but caffeine overdoing caffeine cannot be thick yeah but at the same time if you are already a person that's used to caffeine you don't want to stop cold turkey and then often time because the body can go into withdrawals and triggers what we call it reno crashes so everything really has to be tailored to your constitution to your state where your treatment for tickets because you're your snack regimen will change also along the way as you recover so if you feel like you guilty for snacking don't feel guilty because there are good snacks for you to eat and we kind of went through the benefits of snacking if you have adrenal fatigue and if you don't want to feel those lows and shakiness and after you eat it's okay to snack in between your three big meals good snacks so that's our benefits of snacking your way to health we're here to empower you on your health journey you