26 January 2017

How to Preserve Amla for months | How to Store Amla | Kitchen Tips by Healthy Kadai

In winters amla/ gooseberry is available in plenty in India. Learn ways to preserve amla for as long as 1 year and enjoy its health benefits. Click here to ...

we all are aware that gooseberry or Amla

is powerhouse of vitamin C it is said that fresh arm loss contains nearly 20 times more vitamin C as compared to orange juice in winters we get our logs in abundance so we should buy these best quality juicing arm laws in winters preserve it and enjoy the health benefits throughout the year hello friends welcome to healthy cat eyes today I will be sharing simple ways of preserving arm laws or gooseberry so let's get started preserving wash the Amla will then remove any kind of impurities or spots which are there on the Amla we need absolutely clean Amla then we will cut our into small pieces like I have already done here cut it into small pieces a good 10 pieces are ready now we take a zip lock bag into which we will transfer all the Amla pieces you have to ensure that there is no air in this bag so seen it tightly then we will place this Amla bag in freezer for six to eight seven hours till it freezes nicely as frozen wooden pieces are ready now so whenever you want to consume these pieces take it out from the bag drink it at room temperature and consume it balanced you can store it in freezer

and expected of showing our laws we will cut online into small pieces we have to actually just leave the seat of the Amla and we have to remove our scrap of the Amla completely like this you can even take the small bits then we will take a mixer ender jar into which we will put all the Amla pieces then we will grind it nicely to get Amla paste like this so once you paste is ready then we will seize this paste to get Amla juice so transfer the content into a sieve then press it like this to get Amla juice here you can see in the bowel you can see the Amla juice so like this we will strain it completely till we get the choose and even this leftover Amla bit we will not discard it we will use it and you take ice cube trays like these and you will fill these trays with Amla juice [Music] in the packing tree we will fill it with our leftover Amla extract which we have got after extracting the juice [Music] so you be ready we will cover these trains and keep it in freezer till we get frozen cube I have now taken these trays out from the freezer you can very

easily remove these em knock you firstly we will remove the juice cube you can add these arm lock you into your favorite juicer then we will remove these Allah extract cube you can add these extract unlike stretch into your salads and you can use it and enjoy the health benefits of Amla this method of chewing our now we need am low salt turmeric powder vinegar and sterilized glass jar supposing you fill the glass jar with water and add 1 teaspoon of salt 1/4 teaspoon of turmeric powder 1 tea spoon of vinegar then cover it with lid and then shake it nicely to mix all the contents together after that we need to take our loss and slip it like this so similarly will slit all the other on log and then we will add these outlaws in this mixture water mixture now we have to fill this glass jar with water then close it with lid tightly and shake it well you have to keep this glass jar in sunlight for at least 6 to 7 hours then you can store this last jar in refrigerator and use fresh arm logs wherever you feel like these work you is of towing or preserving gooseberry or amla's throughout the year unite our

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