31 August 2016

How to Pick a Healthy Snack That Won't Wreck Your Diet

What do you choose from the snack basket? Whether at work, church, or a social gathering, we've all been face-to-face with a basket full of tempting snacks.

you find yourself at a meeting face to

face with a basket of snacks which one do you pick to stay healthy and not wreck your diet hi I'm dr. Becky from dr. Becky Fitness calm I'm a college instructor on the science of nutrition and in this video I'm going to show you how to quickly evaluate snacks so you can make the best choice and keep your weight under control so if I were in this position and I was hungry and I walked up to this basket of snacks I would go through a quick analysis that just kind of pops in my head so I thought I would go over that with you so you can kind of use what I what I do when you evaluate these types of snacks so I just made a quick graph up here with good and bad so the first thing I'm going to look for is fiber a high fiber food I'm going to then my second choices would be a protein food or a healthy fat there would be about the same for me the things I'm going to look to stay away from are refined carbohydrates sugar and unhealthy fats a high-fiber food is going to be my best choice because in order for a food to be high in fiber it's got to be as close to its natural state as possible so that is always going to be my better

choice for health and also for weight control the opposite of fiber is going to be refined carbohydrates refining process takes the fiber out so that the food can have a longer shelf-life added sugars back in just make it extra sweet they don't add any value other than empty calories proteins and healthy fats are going to slow down my digestion so those foods that contain protein are healthy fats are going to stay in my system longer so that I can make it to the next meal without having to deal with more hunger and cravings throughout the period healthy fats your body needs a variety of different fats from different foods your best bet is going to be your whole fats that come from nuts and seeds avocados those types of things they're not always available in a snack basket but you can generally be okay with a fad as long as it's not really unhealthy fats these unhealthy fats are the ones we find in processed foods you can't always take the time to look at a label when you're at a snack bar so what I would but give you but I would what I would do is basically stay away from anything that's really a processed food kind of a package type of

snack food those are probably going to contain your unhealthy fats if you do have time to look at the label you want to stay away from trans fats hydrogenated oils in vegetable oils or maybe soybean oils is a lot of times what's listed in the ingredients these fats create an imbalance in your body between omega-3s and omega-6s and that's what leads to a lot of our chronic diseases that we see today alright so with these things in our pump in our back pocket or in our mind we can evaluate these foods really in a glance so like I said the very first thing I would look for is fiber what food in here is closest to its natural state all right so the obvious choice here is the fruit the apple that's in here this is going to be a nice high fiber snack apples are generally fairly low in sugar I know a lot of people are worried about natural sugars the fiber tends to offset that sugar so it's not going you can eat that feel satisfied and not have hunger and cravings pop up alright so then my next high fiber food would be the nuts now the the nuts are a great choice for fiber protein and healthy fats however that would be for raw nuts and seeds and

you're rarely going to find that in a snack basket when we look a little bit closer we notice that these are roasted and salted what are they roasted in they're roasted in on the vegetable fat so that's gonna knock them down on my list a little bit so if I'm going to assign a grade to these I would give the Apple an A I would give the nuts a B all right let's look at the rest of the foods that that could have fiber in them so here we have some granola bars granola bars are tough because they're all over the place right this one happens to have two grams of fiber if I'm going to evaluate a food I would like to have at least three grams of fiber in it so it's a little bit on the lower side of fiber but it does have some however this also its second ingredient is sugar and its third ingredient is a vegetable oil so well it gets almost one plus it also gets two minuses so that's not going to be a great choice that would probably get about a c-minus you might be able to find some granola bars or bars like that that are higher in protein and don't have the unnatural fats but they're kind

of a crapshoot right it's it they're all over the place now here's something else here's a biscotti right now the scottie all right it's got a fancy name so you think well they've kind of there's gotta be some health value to that well if we use our measuring system we find out that there's not a whole lot they have very little fiber about one gram of fiber and they also have added sugar as their second ingredient so these aren't really not going to be of much value to you you'll eat it it'll go in your system very quickly and it will leave very quickly at best it will make you want to eat a second one and that worst it will only curb your hunger for maybe a half an hour or so then we think about pretzels right we think of pretzels as a natural treat as a healthy treat well it's really just refined carbohydrate right this is not close to its natural state this has been milled and and refined quite a bit so this has the refined carbohydrates that are or been to your system very quickly and well it doesn't really have a lot of sugar or fats it's not going to be something that's going to sustain you that well so I'd probably put that in

about the C range if I'm getting a great to these things now let's look at some of these other types of foods so here we've got toast toasted peanut butter crackers so we think well peanut butter right that's got some protein to it maybe that's a good choice well these are highly refined crackers and the peanut butter is very far from the original nut so we see that this not only has high refined carbohydrates but it also has a lot of the unnatural fats so that is a very poor choice I'd probably put that in the D range oatmeal cream pie right oatmeal is a healthy right so maybe this is healthy well this also refined food very very little oatmeal left in this very high in added sugars and it's got the vegetable oils that it's cooked in so that's that's going to be a d-minus probably if we're looking for an afternoon snack this could actually go a little bit lower I probably would give this an F so this is a honey bun and it not only has added sugars completely refined zero fiber it also has the unhealthy fat so this has got everything going against it this would be a very poor choice for a snack alright so that

kind of gets us out of the fight all the fiber foods now what about protein well we could go for cheese yogurt or this beef stick right so those would be your protein foods that that I have available here now we think well okay up like a slim jim or a base jerky or something like that that's at least going to give me some protein which is true however this has a lot of added sugar in fact sugar is a second ingredient on the list if sugar is one of your top three ingredients it's probably too high in sugar to be healthy snack what about cheese and cheese is very high in protein it's got okay fats in it it's not going to have to be fried in the vegetable oils or anything like that and it's got a lot of protein no fiber so this would I would probably give a stick of cheese about a B rating I don't do a whole lot of dairy but if you're just in a snack I'm eating every couple of days something like that would be okay yogurt we often think of as a healthy snack and yogurt can run the gamut also this Rio Gert has added sugar to it so that's in the - column it has no fiber it does have protein and it's got

okay fats in it so this would be a so-so snack probably about a B - in in my book Oh all right so dark chocolate so this is maybe one of those that is the most confusing these are mini dark chocolates and so you think well dark chocolate we hear about that all the time in health news that's got to be a good snack and it would taste great well here's the thing if it doesn't have at least 70% of that cacao that healthy cocoa that healthy chocolate in it then if you're not getting the health values 70 and above could count type of chocolates have more of a bitter taste to them so a lot of times when we have them packaged for snack foods there's a lot of sugar and sweetener added to them to take away some of that that bitter flavor and that brings down the health value and takes away all the nutrients that were originally in that cacao bean so this one there's nothing on here that tells me what the percentage is of cacao so I'm going to guess that it's probably not 70 or above or they would use that as part of their advertising so really this is probably a D on my book as far as health

value maybe even a d-minus so so there you go so here's here's the takeaway when you come across the snack bar like this and you don't want to wreck your diet but you are hungry think fiber think of foods that are closest to their natural state and don't do your best choosing so there you go I hope that was helpful if it was please subscribe to my youtube channel here or head on over to dr. Becky Fitness cone where I've got more nutritional information for you thanks