23 July 2019

How to Perform a Nutrition-Focused Physical Exam

This video is a great example of what a nutrition-focused physical exam is and how to perform one.

nutrition focused physical assessment

hello VG today my name is Kristen I'm your doctor and healthcare team ordered me to come in for a nutrition assessment exactly what I'm doing now how do you notice any changes recently in the past couple months of your diets are we great now let me I'll wash my hands and put on some gloves we'll get ready for music I've done any questions about the second please let me know mainly this assignment it will be for macronutrient and micronutrient deficiency any signs of malnutrition or fat either patient being a lot of the time nutritional deficiencies such as protein deficiencies may go unnoticed and we look for these areas that are I'm going to start one to what we call a negative evaluation an assignment I'm gonna start from the top of your message through your jokes let's start with your head in your hair so the first thing I'm looking for in your hair is that your beard is nice and healthy it's shiny doesn't look like any strands are coming out of and touching you're pulling on your hair you notice any of your hair coming out more so then I also want to make sure your hair is not in and I want to find any changes or

alright so moving on down we're going to take a look at your eyes so I want to see it up that your eyes don't have any redness yellow swelling and I want to make sure that your that has are nice and healthy on your face um in your eyes Aleksey the look good excellent take a look at my finger I look good and I want to take a look at your temple objects to the side for me put your temples look nice and healthy no signs of muscle wasting now I'm going to take a look at the clips I want to make sure your lips don't look dry it will nice and healthy and there's no signs of issues or sore so great now I'm going to think it'll get your teeth so trip looks good looks like one tooth I want to see both become no brown spots are you silver yeah and I'm gonna take a look at your base color I want to make sure you look healthy and excellent now just keep your tongue I want to see it of what your son looks like put your tongue looks healthy uh I want to see and great inflamed colors I don't want to see up any gloss sided and swelling or inflammation up to you is your taste still the same or eastern cities changes the food tastes

differently to you great now I'm going to look at your next little pay if I put some pressure on your neck into the side to check out your glance but then I mean big deal school intern plant excellent now moving on down and it will be your shoulders I want to make sure that they're rounded smooth not squares and ask you to drop that arm excellent your fingers look great moving on now I'd like you to actually stand up for me now I like YouTube but there are good this is gonna check for any signs of muscle wasting good I'd like you to press it to my hand I'm just gonna check into your shoulder blade excellent take this beep now put on your hand I'm just going to go down make sure there's no lumps well at the joints I'm just going to make sure you're hydrated now I'd like you to full fingers and tweet them together like this ah good I just want to make sure there's no muscle wasting a problem your muscles which is good I'm gonna take a look at your nails you look good they're nice and healthy I don't want to see little fingers and I want to see that your capillary refills good checking out your hydration Joe

then you bloom that happens he'll repeat slow to heal and would you mind staying for maybe I'm gonna take a look at your spine wonderful hips look good not find the muscle wasting take your seat thank you now we move down the people look at your quant and your look no good knows you're me feeling good I'm gonna check for muscle wasting in here making sure there's no cramping safe and expensing in Cranston check for edema there's no do you have any questions for me already great at the wrap this old spring of look like your skin really backs back I would recommend continuing to drink a lot of water there's no signs of edema up and I'm going to talk to your doctor and I'm entertained let them know what I solved it on the assessment today it looks like everything looks pretty great then look there's too many things being to keep an eye on before I discharge you I would like to set up a consultation to go over some good meals thank you so much it was great meeting you today and if you have a great day