10 June 2019

How to Meal Plan Made Simple! Healthy Ideas, Grocery Shopping & Haul!

Today we're sharing some healthy recipes we have planned for the week! Everything we're making is affordable and fast. Hope you gather some ideas and ...


hey guys welcome back to my channel today I am bringing you a grocery haul and a meal plan for an entire week for a family of four this is what I'm working on right now that's kind of how I am planning out our week so it starts on Monday and then goes through Friday and then it has a place for the weekend we are a family that typically eats out more on the weekend so I'm gonna leave that spot blank right now but I wanted to show you guys what I have planned then we're gonna take the kids when beau is up from his nap to the grocery store I'm gonna get everything we need and we're doing it hopefully affordably today because we're going to Lidl and we're going to Aldi you know a lot of you guys have expressed that you unfortunately don't have ladle in your area but most of you have already so hopefully we can show you some really good prices on products that we need for our week so I'm gonna walk you guys through what we plan on making there might be some changes made to this depending on like how busy we get during the week and all of that sometimes that happens if you're interested in finding a little meal planner like this this one

is from the brand knock knock and I know they have their stuff on Amazon but they've got their own website and everything I've had this for a couple years to be honest with you guys so they might not have this exact design but I love it it's very helpful as far as planning for a family making sure with all of our stuff covered so I just basically list what meals I plan on making and having ready for the family and then I go into an app on my phone called todoist and I will put in a screenshot here so you guys can see how that works it's really simple but basically I have a grocery list in todoist and Andrew is attached to it too so he is up on his phone and he can open it up and when he's at the grocery store he can check things and it automatically syncs with my list it's very helpful if you have more than one Idol in your household it's just easy and then you don't have to worry about a paper list I don't even take this one to the store all right so just starting out showing you guys what we're gonna make Monday we have fish tomato asparagus sheet pan dinner planned and

my friend Jen told me about this Thank You Jen for the recommendation this is from the blog damn delicious and they have a lot of sheet pan ideas on there so I would definitely check that out I'll try and link it below Tuesday we're gonna have egg roll in a bowl that's the plan yeah Andrew loves it Josie loves it if you haven't tried it it's really good it's basically like what's inside of an egg roll but put into a bowl instead of a fried wrapper so it's a little bit healthier good cabbage like you get the good carrots and veggies in there for the kids so that's awesome if your kids will eat it I mean that you know it's a thing Wednesday we're gonna do shrimp and sausage sheet pan dinner another easy sheet pan dinner we're gonna put them in like gallon sized bags so everything that needs to go on that sheet pan to be cooked in the oven will be in a bag waiting for me in the fridge and then I can just put it on a pan stick it in there at the temperature required and we have dinner ready this is a lifesaver when you have babies when you have toddlers when you don't have time if

you're just like getting home at 8 o'clock and you just need quick food and you're done with cheeseburgers every single night I feel you Thursday we're planning a brown rice bowl with fried egg and avocado this is gonna be a little different than the egg roll in a bowl because it doesn't have the Asian flavors Andrew and I used to do these a lot and you can mix in quinoa you can mix you can do jasmine rice if you prefer that or white rice yeah we we love to get the avocado a few days in advance so it's yeah so it's nice and ripe and ready to go the fried egg is necessary we don't really do it you can do whatever sauces you want add hot sauce Andrew loves to do like Cholula or sriracha on it but I like to do definitely like lime and cilantro flavoring in it with that meal I'm also going to roast a sweet potato or two you can really take that one in a lot of different directions as far as flavor profile and if you look at like rice bowls on pinch there are just endless endless ideas alright moving down to so the so the dinners are like the major planning for

us just because we have little ones with a crazy schedule in the evenings and we got to get them you know ready for bath and bed and all that fun stuff so the rest of the day is a little bit more relaxed but I wanted to be prepared I need to be eating more healthy most of you guys know I'm pregnant with our third baby and we just came back from vacation all of us we're eating everything we wanted to eat everything in sight and we just need to do a little better so four healthy breakfast --is I'm gonna prepare some sweet potato bacon and egg bowls Andrew really likes fresh freshly cooked eggs so I'm gonna basically do the sweet potatoes and bacon have them cooked in containers and then in the mornings he can scramble or fry the egg on his way out the door to work and he has a very nutritious filling breakfast bowl I'm also gonna make and I have to bake these but it's gonna be really easy blueberry oatmeal muffins the recipe I have uses whole wheat flour so it'll be great to give to the kids both kids love muffins but every time we have them I just feel like I'm throwing cake at them because that's basically what a muffin is it's just

gonna make me feel better about giving them this alternative breakfast option for lunches I'm gonna have the ingredients ready for BLT lettuce wraps if you go on Pinterest there's a great recipe that involves deli chicken I can't eat that right now because I'm pregnant I could heat it up I don't like hot chicken inside of a iceberg lettuce wrap so I'm just gonna skip that part but I'm gonna do I'm gonna make sure I have enough bacon made and nice sweet hearty tomatoes and iceberg lettuce cleaned so I can make those really quick and then you just do like a layer of light ma'am I'll link that as well I'm gonna make Andra whole-wheat quiche and we'll have some slices of quiche in the fridge ready to go for the week that could be in addition to his lunch like it could you know be part of his lunch it could be a part of his breakfast it could be a snack for me in the afternoon so that's great to have I'm doing whole-wheat just because I'm trying to be a they involve a little more nutrition in our everyday life one thing that Andrews planning on making is a slow cooker chicken tortilla

soup recipe he wants to do this either in the crock-pot or the insta pot we have both we love both but he hasn't made it forever and he wants that ready to go for his a couple lunches this week at work as far as the grab bag goes and I just kind of put like snacks or whatever over here additions to meals that I want to have ready to go in the fridge for the week I'm making a cucumber cantaloupe salad I found this recipe online and it looks phenomenal I couldn't pass it by babies can't have honey so I'm just gonna swap out agave syrup I believe and then it has mint that will pull from our garden and stuff like that and then I last night I made some no bake cookies I will link the recipe below but there I believe it's a Weight Watchers recipe there in the fridge because I am a major sweet tooth person and I need to be able to grab something fast before I go off the deep in because I go off the deep in so easily so instead of going through the Starbucks drive-thru and getting a cheese danish or something I'll have a little bite of one of those no bake cookies and that pretty much settles the situation so we're gonna bring you guys

along to the grocery store that's where you'll see us next [Music] [Music] Wow [Music] [Music] do you want to push a little fuzzy you want to push a little car [Music] a little car at your side I love it alright let's go check out the fruit and and some news [Music] okay we just got done at Lidl it's very successful we spent about $90 and then the cashier had a $10 off $40 or more coupon that she scanned for us so we spent like just over $80 and God the majority of the things we need for the week so we are headed to Olney which for us is just down the street it's like two blocks away started raining so I didn't get to a vlog when we were getting out you're gonna carry huh give a quarter yes give a quarter we need a quarter for the cart so is it give me your monies you don't have a quarter for Aldi [Music]

so just got done at Aldi both the stores are very busy because we're going on a Sunday now everyone's getting ready for their week with their food and everything we spent was at $27 it was just under $30 so around one hundred one hundred and ten dollars for everything we need for the week that's not a lot at all for us and that doesn't include things like diapers formula for bo dog food for those things like that so that was basically just trips to get the food we need to make our meals we're headed home we will get everything put out on the counter walk you guys through stuff if you're interested in prices I've done some grocery hauls that I list like every price of every item I'm not gonna do that this time because this was a pretty big trip for us they're interested in that leave me a comment in the comments below the video and say that because a lot of people want to see you like so they can plan and price compare and all that stuff ok so first I'm going to show you guys what we got it legal just real quick bag of radishes we got some cherry

tomatoes on the vine some whole white mushrooms potato medley I think this what this cup this is called gourmet medley that cantaloupe frozen edamame fresh asparagus bag of coleslaw turkey bacon coffee pods highly recommend this if you have wheedle I love these coffee pods the donut donut shop we got extra sharp cheddar cheese and Monterey Jack these are very affordable I think these are a dollar 75 apiece those are the blueberries to make that muffin recipe I was telling you guys about cottage cheese to use in the whole wheat quiche breakfast quiche that I'm making for Andrew if you use a little cottage cheese and ricotta or just cottage cheese instead of ricotta it's really good super creamy this prosciutto was a super good price I think I was like $2.99 kind of crazy get four ounces it was on sale it's like 50% off shredded mozzarella shredded mild cheddar cheese just for our various recipes for the week this seated brag is really good I would say it's like needles version of Dave's killer bread that's seated and at last which of the slices are very large and I love to be told in the morning and the kids like it

so it's a good buy let me see chocolate chips or anytime I get a craving any for me to pop a chocolate that's like the least offensive thing I can have Andrew grabbed fees we like these for snacks for the kids Munster cheese sliced and Havarti cheese slice then Andrews really loving these oats maple pecan oatmeal and so he's got two of those remind grams of protein it just says it's very thick if you like like coarse scone old-fashioned oats that's what that is a bag of carrots we got a bunch of avocados because these were Andrew said that Aldi had $0.45 avocados but basically no selection and I did get that on video so that's kind of luck of the draw that is sweet onions blackberries scarlet pearls these are to do the roasted sheet pan with asparagus and shrimp I believe bag of sweet potatoes we're definitely eat those throughout the week that's some chicken broth these 79 cents a piece and they are basically Velveeta you can't tell me it's not Velveeta it's the same thing but it's for the kids so I got two different kinds I got the shells and cheese sauce original

and we got the four-cheese nutshell it's just regular meth and cheese we got some frozen waffles this is really good for the kids I don't really eat the frozen waffles and Andrew doesn't need it but bo is really loving waffles right now this is that little one it's a dollar ninety-nine it is the same thing as a stuff at Trader Joe's which is a dollar ninety-nine but not everyone has Trader Joe's this seasoning is delicious it's it's a Ziyi seasoning so let me show you what it has in it it has salt onions garlic sugar black pepper citric acid herbs blah blah blah I got one for my mom we just ran out of our so how often you go through an actual can of seasoning that tells you how good it is that's 1/2 and 1/2 for coffee this week instead of getting creamer I just kind of felt like half and half and you come around this way and she goes the back of this a couple cans of whole kernel sweet corn no salt added these are really cheap I think they're like 26 cents or something really cheap they also got a can of organic diced tomatoes the sea salt can of black beans evaporated milk that's also for the quiche frozen corn dogs

because that's what Josie loves right now so a couple of her lunches this week will be frozen corn dog with whatever I make then we got a bag of our jumbo raw shrimp this is the size Andrew likes and these were about seven dollars and some change for the bag a head of iceberg lettuce and then two packages of the boneless skinless thinly sliced chicken breast fillets Andrew really loves the way that Lidl chicken is sliced if it's very thin and it was under $3 a pound so these were both super affordable as you can see then over here we have the few things that we got at Aldi strawberries these were $1.99 today very affordable bananas are always a really good price at audio so we went ahead and got bunch with a bag he's really too many nine salsa Cabasa we're gonna do this in a sheet pan dinner with the shrimp we needed feta for some recipes too so we got the car nets in Brian I just like the flavor better than the dry feta find a new bottle of light agave that's organic we got lean ground beef 93 percent seven percent and pick this up to go with our brown rice bowls so we can mix it in and get a little extra nutrition in there

from the quinoa some cilantro really simple you got three packs of the 94 cent wipes I love Aldi wipes I like Lidl too but these happen to be cheaper today let's see this cucumber and unsweetened almond milk vanilla and that is it [Music] you [Music]