10 October 2019

HOW TO MANIFEST WEIGHT LOSS Part 3 - Scripting and Journaling

WELCOME TO PART 3 OF MY HOW TO MANIFEST WEIGHT LOSS SERIES. Scripting is my favorite manifestation method. It works like a charm and it is ...


[Applause] hey guys welcome to my channel I'm so grateful you're here and welcome to part three of my how to manifest weight loss series and today it's gonna be all about scripting and scripting is such a great way to manifest weight loss and also to manifest every other desire that you have and me personally I do scripting at least once a month every new moon and what I do is that I just write down in present tense all of my wishes and I pretend that it has already happened and that it is just a journal entry or like a diary entry at that time and the worst important thing is to have the feeling and to feel like it already has happened and when it comes to weight loss you can actually do exactly the same thing and you don't need to wait until the new moon and all you need to do is just get a pan some paper or journal be personally I use this journal which says happy mine happy life and this one is just nice peaches on it and it just kind of gets me into this great mood and all you need to do is take a piece of paper and write down what you want in as much detail as possible and act as if it has already happened and you're just writing

down in your journal or your diary so when it comes to weight loss write down how grateful you are that you have lost so many pounds and how grateful you are that you are not feeling lighter how happy you are that's you know house mere how great it feels to fit into this dress or this pair of jeans and write down exactly what it is write down how the jeans are feeling on your body write down how you feel in your new skin write down how vibrant you are on how much fitter you feel so that's the most important part to feel away and feel it with every letter that you're writing feel it and just be grateful feels so great for full of the things that have happened to you and to get into this vibe and into this mood what you can do before you start scripting is to write just down all of the things you are grateful for that actually have already happened in your life this will get you into this mood I also listen to some music that will make you happy or that improves your mood and kind of raises your vibration so when you write it down and when you're scripting it's really important to be in this place of good mood and feeling good and high

vibration and you can write as much or as little as you want the goal here is the feeling so it doesn't really matter nobody's gonna read it so it does not really matter exactly what you write down but it's important to feel like it has already happened and then it's my scripting is so powerful because when you write down as it would have already happened you kind of trick your brain and your body into believing that it has already happened so just act as if it is really your diary and it has happened and now you're just giving thanks to the universe and you're feeling so grateful and be creative and have fun with it in such a fun process I love doing it so much because you can't really create this reality out of nothing and you can't really pretend that it has already happened and it was and it will lift your mood and it will lift your spirit for sure so be creative and go into as much detail as you want and the more detail the better you will feel and usually the battery else who works Oh as much detail as possible write down exactly what jeans what dress you want to fit in

write down exactly how you want your skin to feel write down exactly how you want people to look at you and just be creative and have fun and usually when I'm done scripting what I do is that I'll read it out loud and usually three times and when I read it out three times just for me it already gets me into this really great mood and I feel just really happy and what I also do afterwards instead I just sit down I closed my eyes and I visualized two things it's kind of like a film happening in front of my eyes or in my mind and I just visualize all of those things happening that I just wrote down something I really like to do is it's a way of visualizing things separately happening I kind of try to incorporate them all in one picture if that makes sense so kind of like I have become already that person and now I'm just living that life and I really recommend you to get this kind of a journal because afterwards when your wishes come true and you can read through it it is just such a great feeling when you read again what you wrote down a few months ago with a year ago and now you're living

that and now you're living that way you know it's just it's such a great feeling to just realize how your dreams have come true and to read it again and it's great so get yourself a journal and a pen and write down what you're exactly want and it will come true for sure so that's it for me for now thank you so much for watching the next video I'm going to be doing is about letting go and it's gonna be probably the last one in this series so stay tuned and if you like this video please give it a thumbs up and subscribe and see you soon bye bye oh yeah and before I forget I also not opened an application phone for my one-on-one health coaching so if you're interested come on fill out the application it is linked down in my bio it's linked down into this link down in the description box and yeah so thank you so much whoopsie