12 February 2018

HOW TO MAKE THE ULTIMATE FRENCH TOAST | A Healthy French Toast Breakfast Recipe!

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hi guys I'm Davina from the healthy maven and we are making french toast today and not just any french toast the best French toast so let's kick things off with the most important piece which is the bread so when it comes to bread you don't want to mess around use the good stuff I personally like sourdough I know some people like challah which is also really delicious just make sure you're using some really good bread we got to get at least eight slices out of that which should not be a problem if you are doubling the recipe that is totally fine I highly encourage you to spread the French toast love alright we're good we got our eight slices of bread here it's time to make the wet mix so I like to use almond milk for this recipe but feel free to use whatever milk you prefer so pour that into the bowl we're doing about one and a quarter cups again if you want to double the recipe that works too triple it I don't know if you do your thing so next up we got to put our orange juice in get that in there then I like to use a mixture of almond extract and vanilla extract and then for sweetness a little bit of maple syrup let's crack

some eggs I'm notoriously bad at cracking my eggshells so if some extra limes up in there you're not alone so I'm just stirring this all together use a whisk you got to break those eggs down and you just keep on stirring till it's all mixed together I always use cinnamon because what's French toast without cinnamon and then I like to use a little bit of nutmeg I add just a little pinch about a quarter teaspoon and that's it and then again just a mix that all in make sure it's all incorporated you're gonna want to grab a shallow dish and you're gonna pour your liquid in there so I'm gonna start with four slices and we just place them down in our shallow dish and now we're gonna let them sit for about two minutes on each side so after two minutes I'm gonna give them the flip perfect now it's really important that you don't leave them for too long because there's nothing worse than a soggy french toast but you got to make sure that the liquid gets absorbed in there otherwise you're basically just eating bread okay so now it's time to cook the French toast so I like to use a little bit of coconut oil sometimes I

use ghee but today I'm feeling like using some coconut oil so add about a teaspoon you can ballpark this not a big deal if you use a little bit more or a little bit less and just add that to our pan all right so now we're gonna turn the stovetop on to about medium heat and we're gonna let the coconut oil melt before we add our french toast you hear that sizzle I'm so excited perfect so now we're gonna let those cook for about two to three minutes and then we're gonna flip them over and do the same thing well some of them are good you know we might need to do a little bit longer of a flip but that's the deal with cooking you can't always be perfect so let those cook for another two to three minutes on this side and then we might flip them over for one more minute on each side check out that steam this is seriously the best french toast ever but we're not done we gotta put the toppings on because let's me realize the best part of french toast is the toppings so I like to top my french toast with maple syrup a little bit of powdered sugar and some fresh berries I'm going with

blackberries because those are my favorite if you guys love this recipe and make sure you check out the blog for the full recipe so you can make it at home it's just the healthy maven calm if you enjoy these recipes and make sure you subscribe to my channel and give this video a thumbs up [Music]