13 July 2018

How to Make the BEST BERRY BLAST Healthy Dairy Free Smoothie EVER!!! CHALLENGE AT END! Episode 5

We don't just make smoothies, we have FUN while making smoothies!! All of our smoothies are healthy, fruit based and dairy free! If you'd like to help us out by ...

hi River lockets Wow guys so we're on

our fourth day of being youtubers how's it feel so Isaiah had a really good idea today to make a berry blast smoothie right we have some blackberries here and then some blueberries and some raspberries and strawberries alright so first I'll of you very favorite berries [Music] [Laughter] I'm not really big one raspberries oh where has babies actually Joshua's favorites no but there's our raspberries are my second second favorite second favorite you thinking the green beans long yeah I leave the I don't want to ruin it the greenness on my strawberry you can't even taste it but I'm sure there's a health benefit to it like remember the thing that was that was pretty bad so this one voice is different cuz I've done this yeah but I don't want to you know be bitter and stuff another doctor strawberry you know what I don't know if I want to put blackberries in here because of those little seeds I'm gonna be car on it if I put I'll put like blackberries and you're just gonna put what there's so many dairy-free options

out there we just don't really care for almond milk and soy milk and we've tried them all yeah we just really like the flavor of coconut right yes yeah so but we also from time to time use water we use bottled water in our movie so it just depends on how we're feeling that day so I put a half cup of coconut milk you put a lot you know and what we can't with the crew and put it in the freezer so [Music] so we are not met we throw the group Oh what is that I see like the little smoke looking like it comes out if anyone knows what that is comment down below every time we open it um has like the little steam stuff coming out I'm really excited about this one why now we've never made a berry blast of strictly just various house [Music] I always say to bring in the subway between 30 seconds [Music] don't like crunchy piece

but then when you working with like more towards the minute to make really ask me [Music] look how thick that is Joshua don't splash my wife sir that's beautiful [Music] [Music] [Music] that Paul that's so bad wanna help me open it ready one two three but when I do it I get in trouble oh my is a little bit are you ready to try it this is a really really quick smoothie ready cheers Cheers hmm oh my goodness this is so it's that it's sour yeah like that sour really sweet or sour taste I really like that Oh this kind of tastes like our taste alone is that your blackberry see see I don't like that so if you're the type of person that doesn't like the little seeds then maybe not use blackberries I don't even chew blackberries like normally because I don't like those little seeds getting stuck in my teeth he loves blackberries these this time

tastes like I'm a lemon or like a watermelon sour patch kids like sweet and sour no been there like two hours why this is gonna be here I really like this I like it a lot mmm this is good you guys if you want to make like a popsicle you can just put this in the freezer and if you want to get rid of like the little bit of a twinge of a sour taste then you can just like add a banana or some agave or something like that um see mmm what do you think you need a banana make it sweeter do you think you need to add a banana little bit so you're gonna add a banana to make it a little more sweet for you yes okay we'll be back every back so Joshua added a banana to his berry blast smoothie because he didn't like the tart taste is it thicker so she would've been out it was actually looks smoother since he put a banana in it look doesn't it the banana almost like covered the seeds or I don't know if you guys can see that but does it taste better since you put the banana in it yes oh my god I can donate some to you to make it sit there that's inspirational this okay the berry blast with no banana

it's still absolutely delicious but it just doesn't have have a sweeter taste the berry blast with the banana taste absolutely delicious it's just a hint of sweetness but they're both actually really well so you can do either one I don't want to dress okay so um I thought maybe for the next video we can do tropical like a tropical you know pineapples mangoes he you know all that tropical fruit you know some exotic through maybe some dragon fruit wagon fruit drag your food that sounds interesting doesn't it dragon fruit does that the sticky fruit the dragon fruit that's a jackfruit jackfruit smoothie yummy Jack from smoothie that ever spun apricot apricots is actually one of my favorite and love-love-love apricots and the seed within the see comment hash tag I love this is really good this is actually really really good okay so we're going to leave you guys to make a berry blast if you're able to make this berry blast with or without banana comment down below and let us know how it tastes you guys won't have a contest okay look how much do you have left how much

you have left we're gonna close it out let's see we can finish the ends and fastest you ready yes alright what I have the most oh you're gonna get through this any in a second I'm in again but I had a little bit Oh guys before we end of the video make sure you hashtag berry blast Yun I win that was really really delicious come on guys like I'm mom like you're really supposed to beat me in these things this is the best berry blast movie I have ever tasted like that was an awesome awesome idea Zia really really cool so on that note thank you for everyone that has liked our videos that has subscribed that has shared our content this is an awesome ride this week and as we're closing out this week we just want to really say thank you we want to humbly say thank you turn on your notifications so you can see the awesomeness of the Lockett family smoothies so on that note like subscribe and comment down below on a smoothie that you may want us to try you've already gotten a couple of really cool combinations from our subscribers and if we can find the fruit we'll make the smoothie bye