27 August 2019

How to make smoothie bowl / Herbalife Nutrition Shake

my name's multi-ball smokey ball yeah

how to do it Jake my jam [Music] [Music] at nine has an epidural it's a video sanding smartphone trap we are indeed nothing more dance multi-ball priests re-enacted the Hmong frozen fruits berries and I think in and done so and I'm very snap in rows and nothing agave marineo banana blueberry raspberry and strawberry and alum nuba kids Oh guys now and banana Paula in a Bible answer very family didn't attend and of course Kayla a 19 dr. Gazzola extra protein and 21 vitamins minerals Kagame tapana Herbalife nutrition products legate and Athena at Inman a frozen berries D Toma maraquita Jana inna allaha and Coppola hottie in Amana soggy I see my ad in my Robin Antin blender support the plan [Music] yeah Allegiant kornek wanting milk and eat OMA in his sliced natin na mano mano king at lungs are ting blender he bled at my kita and texture an imaginary rap and sha oh yeah in a lavender they can eat or not want even milk or liquid [Music] Asian subpoena annotated Makita anumana RTing smoothie - laguna perfectly me the

paradise screen blend l'm not Ithaca samehada they determine consistency Megan AE rapid pan adding smoothies about the blenders LM not in a meal Shelton Amanda Marc Maron Pasha calcium and protein powder I'm not in a to scoop now Herbalife nutrition formula 1 nutritional Shake Mix Blin homina homina homina spatula pero el agua reading spatula hiya you spoon cinnamon roll in fact la savate Jericho [Music] but Nevada natin and diamond texture pitenin a teeny lipids arting smutty ball I get an A then ha ha ha creamy and Napa pasty multi-platinum not enough surface porosity mama topics but opposite that is not in the Ottoman campaign so Eric I am banana right Racing's [Music] lights of grapes right coconut chips and [Music] curious nagawa oats and of course a little bit of chia seed and a tuna the Posner Latin boo Tebow [Music] selphie Munna especially not a static

YouTube it's about Angela turn now appreciate the monument Estonia healthy path delicious and nutritious [Music] video like comment and subscribe thank you company [Music] being on your honor i watch multiple it's multiple how to do it check that into videos on YouTube keep my boy three two one go multi-ball yeah how to do it turn