13 June 2017

How to make MASALA OATS CHILLA ??? - Healthy Snacks to Lose Weight

Let's prepare another Healthy Snack, i.e., MASALA OATS CHILLA. MACRO DETAILS : 1 Plate - 2 pcs as per size I prepared - 75 grams Proteins - 2.6 grams ...

what's a friend physical yes and I was

going to all to geometers they lost close to a Christmas Carol one thing that you all might have noticed that I emphasize more on healthy snacks next are the week when we take and that mixes more time so today again I have a pending natural equality that masala would Chula Auto sand it and you all night quality and before we start you one more importantly promise invest with a lot secret we're not because well help you be like letter while and you get this more help friends if you are new to the Senate and do not want to miss out on any of the updates on Jordana I would suggest you subscribe to the test and you can also follow me on my social media handle [Music] step 1 dry nose the hood and give its light brownish and then we make up fine powder [Music] I'm teaching this gyro struggles into the mix at random we make to a client solvent [Music] so I have the ingredients ready for

chisel or frantic chopped onions tomatoes salt chopped ginger chopped chilies and powdered right roasted Bulls first I will make the horse in a bowl [Music] salt as per taste [Music] now we'll gradually add it the masala for us chopped onions [Music] [Music] dumbass [Music] my batter is ready you can see that consistently not too flowing and not too thick okay now let's head to us directly Dixon device swallow this is the brain just and I will be you mr. brush the oil lightly throw of the pan [Music] this even see dispute so now time to distribute the batter [Music] you small panic into the studio and now we cover this with the zip and keep this power [Music] my thing going [Music]

[Music] [Music] yes and the first one is ready or tilde not already you can have it with ketchup or any type of chutney of your base it's healthy with one crystal 1/2 teaspoon of olive oil [Music]