26 August 2019

How to make Italian salad ll full of nutrition salad ll green vegetables salad ll green Best salad

Italiansalad #mixgreensalad #italiansaladdrassing I'm try to make best Italian salad. All of you injoy my video. Thank you so much take care.


[Music] welcome to guys today I am going to make Italian cream seller this is Talia nice left I am going to make a dressing for tracing this basil leafes oregano leaves and garlic olive oil and white vinegar this is the my white vinegar and paper little bit black pepper and salt I'm gonna do it solve and ginger powder this is inter powder and honey I'm going to a horny little bit honey I like this dressing sweet sour and dill with spices from the paper this may salad dressing is ready mix well properly my slot racing is finished and I'm gonna to mix with salad this masala I'm going to eat lettuce carrot cucumber tomato onion and you know call this little bit Aquarius I made all my dressing later all my dressing and mix up and down properly take a spoon as well as you can use also your hand I'm using this spoon my salad is ready guys I'm going to do it the operating this my plane this missile laughs look at this case very beautiful and full of nutrition and good

for health we are some delicious sweet and sour and little spices from the papers very nice case look at this case thank you guys thank you for watching don't forget like and subscribe and if you have some comment please write down give me the solution [Music]