08 June 2019


Ingredients: Brown bread Flour or white Bread yeast Salt Water Thanks for watching love you all x https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=cpa7cAB1ui4&t=55s.

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I'm so excited with this video trust me guys so into the video I'm gonna show you guys how I make my homemade bread this is my second time making hombre this is the second time I'm going to make it I don't like to share with you guys and you know so to start with I have to let you guys know I'm not a professional of making homemade bread so guys please please please I beg if you guys want to see how to make a good professional bridge I advise you to check out our YouTube channel you know cause I'm not a good bread maker you know what I mean guys but I'm like play play I made it yesterday and I did not follow anybody recipe I did not check out how to make bread on YouTube you know I bought the flower yesterday and you know my doctor go see mommy let's just make it so I don't miss what is sugar everything and it turned out really really good well for me it's on that's really good so this is the flower I'll be using then move it close I think icing and I've put it here already let me just show you guys just to let you guys know that is the flower can you guys see yeah let me

just take some out because I don't want it so much and most of you that you know if you are more of my voice subscriber you know that I'm not very good when it comes to measurements so I'll be using this is take away plastic as you guys can see just no more take away and I have a 4 there and you guys would be wondering why did I have all this right here I just want to show you guys done this is all great I have in my house sorry my cutting window my daddy enjoys open so the the wind so I just want to show you guys like I have all this professional bread can you guys see this is a slice braid I have I have the seed bread can you see I have faced all this is in my I have this I see all this is in my fridge boats I want to make homemade bread because we made it yesterday and we enjoy it even though we add all this you know some time is really good when you eat homemade food you enjoy it better how to tell you guys it's not matter of sometimes not about when you make food and the food look very present very nice very very good-looking sometimes out happen in your food are used to no enjoy it sometimes we don't make it anyhow

anyhow trust me guys you enjoy it so let's start now let me start showing you guys what I'm gonna do so guys we're gonna start and the reason why I have all this much more cause I wanted to add the sugar and the yeast but I'm gonna show you guys you know we don't need these containers so in here I have one water and I'm going to add this is teaspoon I'm going to add one teaspoon of sugar I'm going to add one teaspoon of yeast and I'm going to miss contacts together and the water is just you know like this container this is my son plastic I use it for his cereal so I'm just using it and for those of you that I don't know measurement of me I'm very bad with measurement I tell you guys I don't know what they say one mini gram 2 ml or this ml ml gromek gromek you know what's I mean guys you guys suggested I don't like those kind of measurement this recipe is for you and as I said if you want to know how to make a good ready professional break guys do not copy this recipe I beg you know but I one of my sister here YouTube channel name is sweetie I'm going to also leave one of our bread link down

the description below so you guys can check out those of it I want to make fantastic bread because I made it yesterday and I was really good I want to make it again we finished it we finished it so I want to make an omelet okay let me share with you guys so I'm gonna pour the in the ball and I'm going to add the yeast and the water and you guys guess what that will be enough so I'll be adding more water okay guys so I'm going to miss it with my hand and if you know if if you don't feel comfortable mixing it with your hands you can use a wooden spoon so as you guys can see I will need to add more warm water hoping to miss a means of miss so as I said I did not have measurements for the water city consistently when I finish him missing it's okay so I think he needs a bit more of water yeah I'm gonna add a little bit of water and this is it was really good yesterday all my days my children really enjoyed it oh man CSUN which yesterday now soso Sun which they were eating and we finished the whole bread and now they are begging me to make more that's why I'm making it and I'm sharing with you

guys you see the consistency of this so that will give the idea you won't make it watch real I pop off can you see so what I'm doing going to make seats I'm gonna miss it properly you know what guys I'm gonna add a little bit more of water just a tiny bit okay yeah about that much so now I'm going to miss I'm going to miss it for about five minutes so guys I see this is the consistency you want to get you see so I've missed this minutes now I'm not like guys I didn't miss it for five minutes I wouldn't miss this for about three minutes and I'm tired already so if you have my bread miss miss easy miss to be easier you know but I don't have it that's why I'm using my heart I'm using with the organic way you know okay so now let's start so guys I have my baking pan and I see okay so I'm going to take my fridge and I see so pie you guys see my hand is going inside coming out nicely so I'm just going to flat it like that I think I should use my left hand because this one is like this already so I'm just going to lightly mix like this and you guys say properly let me zoom it so that okay you guys see

that you look like a fat see look like a patsy let me just quickly wash my hands doesn't need it I don't think you need okay guys so what I'm gonna do I'm gonna close this like that now you guys sit properly I want you guys to see properly please you guys to sit properly please okay should I guys can see now I have perfecto so [Music] you guys see that okay so now I'm going to put it in the baking pan I told you guys I'm not a professional trust me guys you guys see de what do you guys think I think when I was carried he needs my hand put that but it doesn't matter guys it doesn't because this is not a professional this is homemade homemade brown bread okay can you guys see okay a little bit of flour on top little beautiful that's for dressing okay now guys so now guys I'm going to this I'm going to leave it to rice I don't know how long I don't know how long is going to rise for well I'll time it and I'll let you guys know how long it'll rise photo yesterday I just did it I tell you guys I guess they didn't

really rise much you know what I mean guys so do not leave it and then we're gonna be back okay guys okay guys so this have been rising for the last 13 minutes yeah I left it for 30 minutes although I was busy doing something so I just left it for 30 minute and I can't see all my days I tell you guys yesterday I made it it didn't rise like this I would not like to you guys it did not rise like this you guys look oh my days so now I'm gonna put this in the oven I'm ready on my oven already the last five minutes ago I mean I own my oven five minutes ago so it's on the 150 okay so I'm gonna put it for 40 minutes okay guys look at that let me just fill it so guys the bread is ready oh my taste you guys look at that let me zoom it so you guys can see and what I did earlier I put knife that's why you guys can't see them so this bread I've been in the oven for the past 43 minutes you know on day 150 that is the temperature so what I'm going to do now let's fun it's over I hope this does not disgrace me or disappoint me oh my days you guys look at that oh you know I'm always happy when I do something and I

achieved it can you guys see it's like I achieved the perfect bread the perfect home bridge oh my dis look at that guy's oh my days now guys let's cottage let's put it and see what is inside oh no way oh this is good this is good guys look at that ha ha I'm so happy guys you don't know how happy I am look at that oh my days let me just cut it so it can all see let me know sue me so that's you guys can see me cutting it it's nice and hot jeez you guys you don't know how happy I am I tell you guys you don't know how happy I am that this turned out so good you know practice makes perfect ibid how did I say that word perfect Nick perfect blue practice Simek perfect like yesterday I told you guys when I made this bread yesterday wasn't as good but now look look look my days oh my days I'm so happy you guys do not understand oh my days look at that oh I'm so proud of myself I'm so so proud of myself guys what do you guys think give me thumbs up if you think it's good and I told you guys from beginning I'm not the perfect bread maker so if you think it's not good do not judge me so now you not be judge

so guys I'm going to watch our own of the bread I think I'm gonna butter the last one this one and I see and this is my boxer this is the butter use can you guys see let me open it well don't jump on him oh my days guys the red ass go down I was I was so proud of myself like you know I also have marmalade I'm gonna add I'm gonna have that mm-hmm this is so good guys mmm I'm gonna stop the video here thank you guys so much for watching if you are new to my channel you like what you see you like to see more recipe please subscribe to my channel I'm just loving I keep coming back thank you so much see you guys in my next video bye