11 October 2019


Hello everyone....this is the food we eat for the whole week. Since we are trying to be healthy. Charr...in the morning we take fresh juices from diff kind of ...

good morning and happy Monday so as we

pant today I'm making some healthy meals so here I'm steaming some broccoli and Tonga Louise the sweet potato and here I'm waiting some chicken [Music] sweet potatoes right [Music] I'm done really my chicken breasts no we're gonna put it in Lance box s so guys I am ready to put the foot in this lunch boxes all right watch and see so each of these lunch boxes well here [Music] this is our meal club for the whole week so we're just gonna have a chicken breast and nice sweet potato bar chicken breast so it's 12 pieces of chicken breasts and I'm gonna put my sweet potato with it to go with so you guys here's the mush I mean here here's the UM sweet potato that I steamed and then wash it with some butter only so each of these lunch boxes will get one scoop of sweet potato actually I don't need to you know to weigh it I just control [Music]

so we're planning to eat healthy so good luck to us actually guys may have money snap the fat I shouldn't see this but me I did put like three additional kilos so hopefully it works I mean if this much potato want is that mashed potato will always say this is much sweeter it isn't enough instead of sweet potato our meal for the whole week truly guys my sweet potato isn't enough for the 12 brands boxes so I'm gonna replace that with steamed broccoli broccoli and then the recipes broccoli I'm gonna make it and stir-fried it with and here comes Bray annoy me yes guys so these are called to lose weight especially what happened you know I read your buddy [Music] so there you go look up that isn't it looking so healthy and yummy [Music] so guys if you want it to be like you know try to lose weight and plan your meals just message me HR chocolate [Music] for the sauce that I used the marinated stuff from the chicken put some lemon in it a little

funny and of course I just won't of course start just mechanism guys we gonna put the sauce on top the chicken so it sugar chicken will get to full spoon of the sauce [Music] diet diet Trish are you Kevin Harlan Dalai Lama go on eat over here if you wanted to go on try yet I mean you can base it on someone who is very light I mean we who knows about how to die oh good all right so guys I'm time putting the sauce the last step is to make this stuff cool down and then cover it and put it in the we learn yeah we have a spare Weiser in de yeah yeah which if you're hungry you can just go and get your food get it up in ready to eat and once again thank you for watching and this is Rachel's all in black yes guys if you haven't subscribed to my channel please do so and hit that notification down for more updates of my upcoming videos thank you so much once again and this is me signing off sure bye bye go and have a great day [Music]

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