11 October 2019

How To Make Healthy Grilled Uyghur Eggplant Salad Recipe, Aubergine Salad Recipe, Easy and Simple

As you know from the last Uyghur Goshnan recipe, making food in the Uyghur tunur is one of the most typical things we do in Uyghur food culture. In the Uyghur ...

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of all I really really want to thank you from the bottom of my heart for watching all the videos and all antics and supporting me now matt and rach matt means thank you in over today i'm going to make eggplant salad recipe i already show this recipe on my polo video but today we are going to make it again because you can combine this recipe with a lot of we world food such as polo captain man gosh non normal non a lot of a lot of food so let's begin for this recipe I'm going to use galleon my twin pepper onion fresh red tomato one fact about tomato China exports 700,000 tons tomatoes and 70 percent of that comes from Indian that's where I come from and I highly recommend to use a fresh red tomato for this recipe and garlic cucumber eggplant fresh basil and sugar rice like vinegar salt white pepper and black pepper I cut away the head of the eggplant put them in the oven at 250 degrees for 25 minutes in the meanwhile I'm going to chop up the garlic and bake the garlic with oil to prevent it from being stinky and also for adding an extra texture and flavor to the salad [Music]

watch the rest of the ingredients very carefully and dry them with the towel [Music] [Music] now I'm going to cut the cucumber very thin chop up the onion scallion and Martine pepper in small pieces and chop up the tomatoes very fine [Music] [Music] [Music] when the eggplants are ready I cut them in half I use two spoons one is for holding on the Iceland on the one side and another one is for spooning out the inside of the I plans I chop off the eggplant put all the ingredients and the rest of the herbs in the pan and mix them very gently with your hand [Music] [Music] you should mix all the ingredients very carefully and evenly [Music] [Music] the green healthy excellent salad is ready it's fresh colorful and full of nutrition I plan salad is ready thank you so much for watching this video if you liked this recipe consider

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