09 January 2019

How to make a meal plan for real and effective weight loss

With all the diets out there, do you get lost in the nutrition terms floating around - macros, carbs, protein, fat, calories and wonder how to build a meal plan for real ...

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Body Boot Camp Arizona and today we want to go over you know the basics of nutrition you know and I think this is a common thing that so many people struggle with there's so many diets and fads out there but how do you know what is the right thing to do to be able to lose weight to be able to build muscle and feel better so today I want to give you just some of the breakdowns of how to put together a meal plan and really how to be able to burn fat all right so one of the first things is you got to look at your fundamentals here all right pretty much all your food that's gonna be made up of three main categories your carbs protein and fat and the meal plan we have on the board here we have it broken down so that way you're hitting the following macronutrients which your macros are your carbs protein and fat 40% carbs 30% protein 30% fat in this example one other thing to keep in mind is that for every one gram of carbohydrates there's four calories protein same thing for every one gram there's four calories and four fat for every one gram there are nine calories ok so just note that there's twice the court density in fat

compared to protein and carbs alright so in this example let's say that you are supposed to be consuming 2,000 calories a day how you want to figure this out to determine alright what does this break down to as far as how many carbs you should be consuming in a day you would take 2,000 multiply that by 0.4 the number that that gives you then divide that by 4 that's gonna give you a total of 200 grams or 800 calories again with protein you would do the same thing take 2,000 multiply that by 0.3 gives you 600 divide that by 4 gives you 150 grams for protein per day and the same thing we'll do this with fat take 2,000 multiply that by 0.3 that's gonna give you 600 calories divide that by 9 it gives you 66 cramps okay so that's first that's how you would figure out how many calories your macronutrients based around these percentages now there's a lot of different percentages that you can use depending what your goals are but this is kind of a good general go-to for general health nutrition fat loss building muscle lots of different things you can do with this alright so let's take this a step further how do you build this out into an actual meal

plan alright so what we have on the board here this is actually 2,000 calories here and so that you give an example of what you want to do meal number one is that you have three whole eggs a cup of oatmeal and then a tablespoon of cinnamon or one of the things on the list on there also get some liquid stevia drops mix that together in your cinnamon taste great have some scrambled eggs and an example of meal one meal number two you're gonna have your six ounces of grilled chicken 1 cup of asparagus and 1/4 or 1/2 a cup of quinoa make that up maybe a grilled chicken breast throw it in with some sort of a stir-fry there's a lot of different ways you can cook that up meal number three you're pretty much gonna do the same thing meal number four six ounces of celery and then three tablespoons of some butter all right you're gonna note that as we're going through this meal plan that the first three meals one two three you're having your carbs protein and fat your goals fat loss at the end of the day you want to start tapering off your your carbs at the end of the day so that's why I'm meal for is this protein and fat and

then meal 5 which is your 5 ounces of grilled chicken with a couple of asparagus it's a pretty much this protein and veggies okay but guys this right here is a general way of how you want to structure your meal plans for fat loss alright that key thing here is again consume your carbs in the beginning of the day and then at the end of the day when you're consuming the least amount of energy is when you want to start tapering them off now here's the thing even if you're doing this long term and you're putting your body into a caloric deficit eventually it's gonna stop responding you're gonna stop seeing you know fat loss this is the importance of having your cheat meal all right and that cheat meal is one meal a week you can go out and eat whatever you want if you want to have a big bowl of pasta you want to have a few pieces of pizza or something like that save that for that one meal because what's going to happen is your body's gonna recognize that huge influx of calories and it's going to take you out of any potential or prevent you from going into a starvation mode but secondly it's also gonna make it so that

way you are not you know you're not going insane from not eating them through some of your favorite foods and here's the best part just wait guys you could even still have a beer right if that was running things to have a couple drinks save it for your cheat meal okay so that's how you put together a meal plan for fat loss and you can still drink beer and drink some wine just again it's not every night saved for your cheat meal each week and that's how you can transform your body alright guys see you soon and if you wanted to try to get in shape to change your life just click the link at the bottom this video come in and check out our 28 day rapid fat loss program alright guys we'll see you soon