23 July 2019


If the focus is to loose weight, then this is for you! whether you're just starting the #ketogenicdiet journey, or you have hit a plateau on the #ketodiet this will surely ...

hi guys welcome back to my channel I

haven't been on here in a while been working on other things in the background that I needed to put my focus on on my business and so that's kind of one of the reason or the main reason I would say that I haven't take a step back from putting out videos and because I deficit I miss sharing you know just myself with you guys I definitely think I have something to offer in the things that I do for myself in my life a journey that I think will be definitely beneficial to maybe somebody even that one person so yeah I have more energy I'm trying to drink my coffee sorry here making my coffee yes I'm an Aquarius you can tell I got this mug from whatever so yeah so we're in the office it has been slightly cleaned you can kind of see in the background what's happening there's a mirror there so what's new with me I'm gonna give you guys a life update so yeah my hair color is definitely new this was accomplished accidentally I was aiming for platinum blonde and in the process of doing it myself I got very scared and washed it out a little bit too soon so that's why we're now with this sort of blonde

orange color yeah I'm rocking it I'm loving it I really try not to sweat the small stuff but other than that I've been working on my business as you know I shared recently that I have started working in the real estate industry from the banking industry now into real estate industry but still in the finance area of it so I am a mortgage ages or a licensed mortgage agent for Ontario [Music] if you're looking for a mortgage if you know somebody in any guidance of help with their mortgage so yeah so that's been going on if you follow me on Instagram you kind of seen some of the you know what's been going on pertaining to my Kido journey and that's kind of why I wanted to sing with you guys today conversation because a lot of people have been reaching out to me you know wanting to know what I do because of the results that I've been able to share and they've seen at their on their own journey and wanting to know what you know how I am accomplishing that they can maybe make some changes to get you know the results that they're looking for now I want to be very honest in my Kido journey I don't want a baby you

guys I don't want to pretend any kind of thing because I know a lot of people follow different people and you know some some of you do follow them to the tee and you're still not getting the results that you've been you know hoping for or you see they have and stuff like that and my goal in anything that I do is to be realistic with you guys 150 percent because that whole borderline I think we're reaching that borderline issue of where what we're seeing on certain platforms are not the truth not true and so I want to make sure that I give you guys all the information possible to help you guys to succeed on your journey now let me drink this coffee maybe it's gonna wake me I was really wired earlier so the last video I did on my channel that was keto related was me sharing some of my recipes without work keto friendly from my West Indian Caribbean background wanted to maintain that but let me be honest young I am 100% not like that 24/7 and I'll tell you why so that used to be me doing all those different dishes and all of that because I had the time to when I first started my Aikido journey which was about four

years ago and I've been consistent with my Kido journey yes but I've also taken breaks on my Kido journey and I'll share that now and so this is gonna go this is where we're heading now so throughout my Kido journey I went from 192 pounds as I've said before to 145 pounds now in four years I've also gone up and down on the scale in between that weight so I've gone as high as 169 pounds in that four years after losing all that weight and I now have been able to go back down to 151 so in essence when it when you think about it I've been able to I've learned by going up and down on the scale what works for my body what doesn't work for my body how fast I can lose the weight and how fast I can gain to eat what makes me gain the weight and what doesn't make me a bleep so in the four years in addition to doing the keto diet I've also after being successful on the keto diet gone vegetarian gone vegan my brother and sister and husband can definitely speak on that and anyone that knows me very well and I've actually gained on those type of lifestyle I have not been able to lose any more weight but definitely gain or and have not been

able to maintain on any of those diet lifestyle I've only gained on those diet lifestyle so when it comes to vegan and vegetarian now if you are big enough vegetarian and your responses well you don't know how to do it well let me tell you I've followed different people on YouTube I have watched different I've watched different YouTube videos I have read up on it I literally was doing the soy everything almond documented my journey with that because then I'll be able to truly show you guys like before and after and that was another thing people ask me oh can you put up before pictures of what you look like now I'm pretty sure you have some I will definitely try and find them and if I can I'll put them in this video but I really didn't even a lot of pictures and that's because I did and I did it so whatever pictures were taken of me in the weight that I was if I didn't like it I got rid of them and that's just because I didn't like the way I look so I'm not the only one that thought that and that that's what I did so but if you know me you can attest to the fact that I've have I'm not lying

I'm not telling tales and anyone that knows me personally or have seen me before and after in videos or pictures can say that yes she has been you know a little bit bigger than is what she used to be what she is currently and that's it so yeah I'll know if this parts gonna be there it's kind of confusing but you know I have gone up and down in my weight and weight loss is a journey it's a lifestyle you will always be battling or dealing with at some point in your lives whether you are comfortable with your weight or you maybe just want to tighten or just you know feel good because you're going on vacation at some point weight loss will be a topic in someone's life and so with me I've gone through that now for Tito when it comes to the keto journey the keto journey is a journey that is ongoing it is a choice you make a mental decision to say this is what I'm going to do with my health this is how I'm gonna do it and for me the keel journey has worked very well for me my body loves it it succeeds on it it rides on it but in order to be successful on the key journey when in terms of weight loss the

honest-to-god truth is you need to one try your best to be as clean as possible on the ketogenic diet - you need fast whether that be intimate fasting whether that be Oh mad whether that be fasting and then when you aren't eating or just eating keto chemically so Keith success so weight loss in the ketogenic diet is fast no matter what form of fasting that you do now if you do fast on keto the more you fast on keto meaning the longer you fast the better or the faster weight loss results you're going to receive and I have been able to I can speak from experience because I have done 16 hour fast 18 hour fast Oh mad which is like one meal a day so you're fasting for literally about 24 hours or 23 hours and I've done like fasting where you're fasting for two three days or five days or six days and you eat one meal a week maybe that's a new diet Oh Matt so one meal a day so would it be oh I don't know how do you pronounce it the weakness should be a diet let's see I'm gonna use to that topic plate search is Sean Simmons one meal a week so his video is one meal a week for 60 days lifestyle but anyways so one meal a week

and I do that literally for I would say about five days a week so what that means is Monday I don't eat anything to say anything Wednesday Thursday Friday I don't eat anything Saturday and Sunday now because it's summer the likelihood of me eating something would be on either of those days so if there's an event on Saturday and I'll eat on Saturday and then I won't eat on Sunday if there's an event on Sunday then I'll eat on Sunday and not eat on Saturday you know what I'm saying if there's an event two days in a row Saturday and Sunday I would eat equivalent to what I should be eating Neal hope to so if there's an event Saturday and Sunday so I have two events on that particular weekend then I'll have two meals a week you get what I'm saying but at the end of it I'm still technically doing one meal a week with the odd chance that maybe two meals a week because it's summer and there's more activities and events that's happening so that's what happened realistically with me now what am i doing throughout the week what am I taking in other than vitamins other than

my vitamins I'm drinking lots of water I drink coffee now that could be black coffee or I will have creamer with my coffee in Cydia like if I go to Tim Hortons I'll get a double double with sweetener so that would be my intake in terms of what I am taking in on a daily basis there might be a chance where I might have coconut water or I'll have maybe some juice yes I'll have juice I won't drink pop but I'll have juice but sometimes you just want to be reckless and you know the temptation gets the best of you so I do cheat I am NOT a robot I'm a human and so they are days when you know or if I go certain places and obviously there's not really that much of a keto option I'll give in to the bad food so I'll have the print I will have that fun yes I will have the button so I had hot dog a hot dog bun with hot dogs on Friday and I had wine and then yesterday we fought but she hangs up so yeah so I've had and then yesterday we were at Wonderland and we bought these funds from Costco maybe I'll get a clip and I'll put it in here it's a bunch of buns for like $5.99 it's amazing and we made bacon and cheese

sandwiches to take with us and I had quite a few of those yesterday I think I had like six or seven and then I had ice cream so I went up like maybe two pounds over the week but I know how to lose that two pounds in the next few days by just getting back on track with my one meal a week easy peasy so I don't know if you guys want me to track on the scale in order to be successful on a keto diet you need to do fasting it is the key component to you succeeding you can eat keto friendly all throat yes you will still get the same results but it will just take you longer so if you want fast quick results when it comes to weight loss on the ketogenic diet it is mandatory for you to do fasting and the different forms of fasting depending on how extreme you go with it will give you the faster results now do you need to work out yes you should work out I recommend with working out for your mental state you need it for the skin elasticity you need it it tightens your skin because when you lose weight your skin gets looser like you're losing weight so you need to do certain things to help you with that and also

build muscle and all of that like it all works together but remember your nutrition is 80% of weight loss and the 20% is really the workout it worked for me I my body is constantly moving I basically do cardio every single day one because it's a type of job that I do when I work four to five days a week and then on the weekends it's really when I tried to do an actual like gym workout and that consists of hit so I do do hit 40 minutes of hit on the treadmill and then I do light weight lifting which which is which includes anything from squats to to core workouts to lunges the whole nine yards and you can find different workouts on YouTube there are so many people out there that are well more qualified when it comes to the fitness aspect so I'm not gonna pretend to be a fitness guru or any kind of fitness whatever whatever but this and neither am I gonna try and be some sort of expert with the ketogenic diet I'm telling you I'm an expert on my own body and my personal journey and it may work for you and it may not I have even spoken to different people giving them some of the advice and tips and tricks to be successful on a

ketogenic diet and it doesn't always work for everybody one because they maybe can't do it to the extreme that I do it and to maybe their body doesn't agree with the diet itself just like how my body doesn't agree with the vegan or vegetarian lifestyle I can't lose weight on that I always gain why because my body loves to hold on to the carbs it hugs it it holds on to it for dear life and so I can't live that lifestyle so that's why the ketogenic diet works for me I don't know okay so the next thing is I'm guessing you want to know what my body looks like so I will stand up what my body looks like be nice because I've had pregnancy so my body and my skin elasticity is not the same it used to be I have carried soft big babies up to about nine pounds so be nice to me so this is my body remember I gained two pounds so and most of it is right here in my stomach area from eating a bunch of bread this is my body [Music] there we go [Music] [Music]

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