21 July 2019

HOW TO LOSE WEIGHT IN A WEEK Get Rid of Belly Fat FAST Lolly Isabel

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guys first of all whatever you

motivation Panama to study guide a new regimen and go in your envy Nutella Keshava accomplished customer independent Gail how little is lolly welcome back to my channel so for today's video it's share cosine your combined or hoping my add in just a week if you want to know my secret please keep on watching so first think of something that would motivate use mayanna motivated gonna it so mark I love anyone go in first you check your foot in thing in the morning when I wake up Mina microRNA it's a glass of water means I'm in a wall glasses of water that was make sure he Nisha Minami ok disclaimer long high in equal to strictly nagawa pero as much as possible say Lord 90 someone but slamming basis Kishan no to top and alright so for breakfast oatmeal and a king heenok is better kappa minik ahand ina gustavo kinna fan Corinne Shapero well and rice so um long jump in epic obama su trabajo so at nine o clock kumarahoe or initial in a kind a in a you know go you boo so glissade number brand so interview so brand on mekong sachet I love them cabinet goes over my nomination ko Hong Kong lunchtime and

for lunch will Arco actually restrictions except that left tricycle so always remember now young rice the onion I'm gonna talk about Papa balsa for dinner without an a-hole restrictions except yes rice so that's how I eat Perry in being a monk assail enough nom at the diet guy Casa Laguna so bucatini pinecone again exercise ago almost every doing some best time for you to exercise it's early in the morning they abuzz over to match up so work like exercise Napo butter after work debuff acoustic guitar tambourine canary mark exercise so Morgan then arena so much ago at least to Posner in India thousand thirty day challenge the app Benito Mussolini indeed side Nepal Boogedy the Sapna tonic downloadable recently non cardio app Kazakh Pokemon I was at Ava's caboose episode Bravo been about week which is a cardio before I got a guys may be jogging Abbas a la Botsford Alma Alana charging Moschino got McCune allow him cardio app now I'm gonna x-ray scanner in make the die scanner I'm gonna do a little to your mom stubborn father so bro so from here up some gallons that's why I'm very

happy in the neck details a pin tumbler aesthetics it's it's been a plane in Lusaka no Cannella my light pole am i light for a laser cop amelioration liposuction laser shot nagging over short the bottom Vinny Burton yeah you fats patented a new epic yeah in busines opponent explained either the intuition anything behind I'll be searching a clip now acting experience during my I like [Music] [Music] tonight a few minutes and if anything we don't add stuff and I'll shoot [Music] [Music] [Music] so guys so Blum happy over say in just 30 minutes 20 minutes or 30 minutes nah session I own about once and I got no 1 centimeter you acting silly after the treatment me a fight a coma a nun 2 to 3 hours cuz I am nominal effect on it'll come like in a car get up a guy in Chattanooga so after that continue on an exercise or do you scenario Sonya Vanina guarantee nyalam Shah that's why in a week now my values opponent 2.2 pounds or a kilo I'm very happy to announce

sound or aesthetics Caesarea aside from there I like o Muhammad and Salam mama services on offer and they're giving away two one thousand pesos a GCSE in your not even our subscribers so how can you win this prize first of all subscribe to my channel at diamond beaten arena manga yo it clicked you now you subscribe button down below follow me on Instagram and also follow loris that picks Instagram I'll be leaving our links description box below Panama's Pendolino samba hana and then a comment in yours a comment box below why you want to lose weight and also your ID username if you don't have ID account you can still join this giveaway by sharing this video so what you're going to do is you click the share button Saba back and then share it's a facebook with the hashtag la Lisa Bell ex Lord Baram Osmond le cochon Mahina share frame a comment button to use a comment box below with your answers a question why do you want to lose weight and also write your FB account name coisa share initials our Facebook the Hat ie Lila geekery the description box below but I must maintain behind shot so this giveaway

will run until August 5 so join the fire button betraying your and among services then Laura aesthetics so that's it for this video I hope you like it if you have any suggestions on what you want to see next please leave it also in the comment box below and I'll see you next time don't forget smile there's always a reason to be happy by [Music] [Laughter] [Music]