21 July 2019

How To Lose Weight Faster When Intermittent Fasting!

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oh hey there how you do today so I

wanted to share with you how you can maximize fat burning whilst doing enemy and fasting because there's so many people on this channel time and time again that are doing intermittent fasting for weight loss and they want to know some ways that they can get the most rapid weight loss benefits we've been a minute of fasting so if you want to learn many different ways that you can optimize the fat loss whilst intermittent fasting make sure you watch this video from start to finish and if you want to receive more videos from me on specific ways to optimize weight loss and also increase muscle mass make sure you click that subscribe button down below and you click the notification button X is described by our boys YouTube not that boy when those new videos are uploaded and Avenue I was coming almost every single day so now to the topic of the video sorry the first thing is the longer that you fast for the longer your body is going to be in a fat burning estate so if you're someone that wants to get the most rapid and weight loss of benefits possible increase the amount of time that you are fast for with your daily enemy and fast

and to say you're doing the standard 16-8 method where you fast around 16 hours daily for an eight-hour window you could start over time increase in 17 hours 18 hours 19 hours 20 hours and you can push it as far as you feel comfortable with but don't push it too far where you're fasting for such a long period of time that you find it really hard to sustain out of time because you're not feeling good and hunger is kicking in and like any where it was a drop in where your energy they've also said energy wrong them and you just start to not feel good overall so listen to your body do some experimentation just try and fast as long as you possibly can and I mentioned in a video yesterday one of the best ways to lose weight is to do a specific type of enemy of fasting diet which is one meal a day but not everyone is going to be able to do that so you've always fast around 23 hours a day only for around 1 Windom and if you want to learn how to eat 1 min a day in the most safe and effective way I made a videos half a million views will over a half a million views that I'll link up above where I talk about

that in for a detail and there is even someone on the snake diet channel called Kol that it's actually promoting people eat one meal every 48 hours and he's finding that a lot of people getting amazing weight loss results with that I wouldn't necessary commend that to a lot people a lot people gonna find it too hard but if it drawn to that you also could look into that and if you felt comfortable doing it and you feel good while you're doing it then yeah that's gonna give you absolutely amazing weight loss benefits the second one is wash you're in the fasted State go and do some very intense exercise such as hit which stands for high-intensity interval training and a good example of what high-intensity interval training were being say that he was going to get on a spin bike safer around 45 seconds or so you would go full-out then you may rest for around 20 seconds or so and then repeat that over and over and again maybe seven eight nine times it's going to vary from person to person and how long that you go full out for because when you are exercising with the high-intensity interval training you're going at about 90 percent of your

capacity almost a hundred percent and then your rest and then European open air again so you need to make sure that you're going really intense this is why it's called high-intensity interval training because you're doing these intervals of switching from going full out and then resting and this has been shown through many different scientific studies to make your body burn through calories very very rapidly and then for about 24 hours after training your body your lights resting and recovering the rebuilding from that intense training you get this after burn effect where your body is burning through more calories after 24 hours of training and you also could do other types of into training as well you don't necessarily do high-intensity interval training but some sort of intense training because when you're in the fasted state do some very intense training combined with it your body is going to have to find a fuel source from somewhere and if you have no calories from a food source within you then your body's going to have to tap into it a body fat and burn that as fuel and what you normally find

is your body will burn through all of the calories you've eaten from your last meal about six to eight hours after you have eaten it which most people are going to be finishing their last meal in the evening time when they wake up in the morning their way further past six to eight hours of fasting and then when you go and train yes you're just going to optimize the weight loss of benefits and this is one of the absolute key things have all the things I'm going to mention in this video to give you the greatest weight loss benefits with intermittent fasting yes intermittent fasting alone and fasting for long periods of time could give you amazing weight loss benefits but doing some sort of high-intensity interval training or some other intense training is you're going to give you the greatest fat burning benefits possible in the shortest period of time number three whatever calories that you are eating now the lower your calorie intake is the more your body is going to burn fat in a shorter period of time and so many people know about this is called a calorie deficit and yes what your body is doing it's like okay we're hard to

get any calories so what you're going to find it's an intimate fasting when you're eating less calories you're going to go into a fat-burning state way sooner so then you're going to be burning fat for a longer period of time throughout your fasting window and so many people wear this even if you're not into intermittent fasting I follow a lot of high-level pro bodybuilders and I talk about time time again a calorie deficit is what they need to do to cut weight which means they're shredding now body fat percentage so you can get really lean and ripped and have hardly any body fat on them whatsoever so their muscles can really pop out and they can have really good visible defined abs and other muscles so if you someone is trying to lose weight so you around 2,000 calories a day for drop it down to 1900 calories then over a period of time you try and drop it less and less and less but don't drop it too much too quickly because then it can make you feel awful and then it can give you insane food cravings you can binge and it's just gonna have an effect on your energy levels and your mood for out the day as well and it's not necessary

going to make it easy sustainable so don't go to extreme with calories chips and this is what a lot of people do a yo-yo dieting they go from eating loads of calories that eating hardly any calories and then the cravings kick in and then they bend out and beat themselves up and a lot on then I've gained more weight than I had before and there's even scientific research to prove this is well this happens to assign people that yo-yo diet so that's just something to be mindful of and one thing I want to mention alongside that is when you're eating multiple meals throughout they're not doing intermittent fasting and calorie restrict in for most people it's going to be really really hard to sustain it to be very disciplined and yeah it is something that most people cannot sustain over a long period of time but the great thing is within amount fasting once your body becomes fat adapted over a two-week period when you first get into any meal fasting what is gonna happen is you're gonna have hormonal changes happen within the body that actually suppress appetite so it's actually way easier to eat less calories

when you're intermittent fasting and I'm sure a lot of people that are going to be watching these videos that have experience of intermittent fasting that hunger pretty much almost never exists unlike when I've done that can restriction diets are eaten with multiple meals a day my hunger just gets out of control I might screw these I can't do this this is just too hard my mind think about food all the time at hungry all the time and it's just not good at all number four make sure that you do as much research as you can in to hormones and how they affect your body fat percentage so if you're someone has an excess of estrogen within the body which is called estrogen dominant your body fat percentage is naturally going to go up you're gonna retain more water and you're gonna lose muscle mass as well which is a huge issue for a lot of people and then with people that have that issue going on they are going to have a low testosterone which when testosterone level go down you're going to start to get very similar effects that I've mentioned but your body composition changing when you

have an excess of estrogen and one of the ways you can help with eastern going down tests or fingernail any in fasting yes that works but you also want to be making sure that you're supplying your body with all the different micronutrients that are key to increase testosterone actually in the body and lower excess ichigen within the body amid the Eastridge and you want to be doing some things to block ichigen production from going excessively high and so you're also doing things are removing excess damaging metabolites within the body which so many people have unless advanced some specific things to get rid of excess ichigen and I'm going to quit early source of supplements that can help with this one that I've been taking of the years and years of years is zinc and you want to make sure that you're taking a very high bioavailable form of zinc otherwise you're not going to get the benefits from it and it's either science in research to show again sort of excitation increases testosterone females I recommend taking around 15 milligrams a day mouths around 30 milligrams a day and what going to do is

put links down below for the highest quality zinc supplements to come under the criteria that I've just mentioned that the UK US and worldwide supplies and for all the other supplements I'm going to recommend in a minute but that is one of the best things that I have done personally for years to maximize testosterone production which also increases dopamine production at the same time which is neurotransmitter that gives you an abundance of energy and it optimizes your mood and your cognitive functions and improves your mental health as well alongside a whole host of other amazing benefits and make sure when you're taking that you do take it food otherwise it will induce nausea within you that's something that you need to be very very aware of because I've done that before when I first became aware this in moment of really sick and yeah it's not a nice experience whatsoever so don't want that to happen to you and with that you can actually take it once to twice a day and this is an energizing supplement so do not take it later within the day because you're more than likely gonna find that you can't fall

asleep or stay asleep the second one I'm going to talk about what you talked about this channel before is a 3 C which is known as in denial 3 carbonyl this will help increase his sore throat but it's also a natural issues in blocker and it gets rid of excess ichigen and the amount you need to get the full benefits it's anywhere from a hundred to three hundred milligrams once to twice a day and I would recommend with this supplement you take away food you don't necessarily need to but it maximizes the absorption of it and there be links down below for these supplements well and the last one I'm going to talk about is this one by clean machine which is called cell block 80 with DM 33 and it has been proven for the scientific research that they have done on this supplement that it massively increases the production of free testosterone level within the body it blocks estrogen DHT and cortisol which is just going to help you and massively with optimizing your weight loss benefits and with this one I would recommend taking one to two capsules a day preferably with food and with that one there will be links down below but

it's also going to be anywhere from a 25 cent discount that is just for my viewers only so that can help you save a lot of money when buying this supplement or any other fitness nutritional supplements that this amazing company sells number five which I've never talked about this on the channel but I will talk about just very briefly because it's not much to go into in this one if you can get yourself a standing this if you're someone that works at a computer most hours of the day like me I have a standing dis and by standing rather than sitting you're actually going to be burning more calories whilst you're standing and working throughout the day and then these other simple things as well if you use elevators in a workplace or if you live in an apartment building instead just walk up the stairs and just think of any other ways that you could just move around more in the day def do additional exercise but just try to make sure that you're not sitting down for hours and hours and hours because if you're someone that's just sitting down for very very long period of time I hardly moving you're not going to burn and

calories and I know not everyone has that option to do what I've just mentioned but destroyed these mindful as you can and every hour so if you're sitting down for quite a while just get up after every hour if you possibly can move around a little bit do some breathing exercise and just do some things for a very short while that could burn some excess calories I'm almost thinking I didn't think to add but I just thought about it right now is using apple cider vinegar actually in the fasted state because the scientific research shows it gives you a whole host of amazing weight loss benefits and working in the fastest date it will actually lower insulin even further which incident is a fat storage hormone and I talked about all the scientific reasons as to why apple cider vinegar provides you with an abundance of weight-loss benefits and how it can speed up your weight loss with anemia and fasting in a video that made recently that I will link up above so if you haven't seen that make sure that you do go and check that out and you watch it from start to finish and last but not least just be patient weight loss is not

gonna happen overnight in gaining the weight over a short period of time so you just have to be consistent with doing things that are actually effective over a long period of time to give you the weight loss benefits you're looking for so if there are any questions on anything that I have mentioned in this video today you can down below if you'd like me to make any other types of videos I'm it fasting let me know down below and make them for you soon as possible if you like down below gives a thumbs up if you don't give us a thumbs down and please share with anyone else do you think would like to hear about all the different ways they could speed up weight loss was doing daily anemia fasting and if I already click that subscribe button down below to receive a lot more videos or me on topics such as enemy and fasting Drive fasting weight loss calisthenics and also videos to showing you what I'm getting up to in a day what I mean and just various other videos that can inspire you and motivate you to push yourself in a direction to do things that actually work over a period of time to give you the body that you

dream of and the energy levels and fitness there was like I've managed to people that are followed my information consistently over time to get those results and many other different amazing benefits as well so make sure as I mentioned earlier on it starts video if you want to be notified with new videos uploaded you click the subscribe button down below and take the bail notification by and now around once to twice a week doing a live stream Q&A sessions so if you are interested being that folk with Nick coming up you have to be subscribed and have that Bell click otherwise YouTube's not like why of when those live streams are coming up and always make sure that I schedule them in advance so people know days and days in advance so as always stay fit stay energetic and go and get those gains peace