09 February 2017

How To Lose Weight Faster - Lose 5 Kg in just 5 Days Diet Plan 4K Video

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hi guys this is the neutral and now I'm

going to give you a diet plan for ultra fast weight loss in just 5 days for your special day [Music] [Music] so let's quickly start the plan in the morning bedtime you can have a lukewarm lemon honey water this refreshing drink is clinically proven to boost up your metabolism and fat oxidation percentage lemon water also keep you hydrated boost up your immunity make you feel full for longer period of time and it cut away the deposited abdominal fat now the most important meal of your day the break fast 20 minutes before enjoying your breakfast you have to eat half serving of grapefruit grapefruit will faster in your weight loss effect as it contain fat-burning enzyme that is activated protein kinase which work in two methods firstly it will make your body to utilize all the glucose by raising up your metabolism secondly it will burn away and eliminate your stored body fat and cellulite for the perfect weight loss you can have oatmeal cooked in the skim milk with blueberries and flicks it on the top of it it is scientifically

proven that with the regular intake of oatmeal one can reduce their cholesterol abnormal fat and waste sites due to the height and tend of dietary fiber that is found in oatmeal which soak up all your fat and water it means with weight loss it also prevents water retention on the other hand the blueberries are loaded with antioxidants vitamin C vitamin E that fight up the free radical cells abnormally fat and reduce your belly size flex seeds are rich in omega-3 fatty acids Lytle fiber and vitamin b-complex that also reduces your belly size and eliminate all the bad cholesterol from your body in the mid meal you should have a fresh cup of white pea with a powerful antioxidant and medicinal property widely help you to lose belly fat very faster as this widely helped you to block the formation of new fat cell and it made the body to break down the deposited fat for the perfect weight loss lunch you should have Selman rice that is this element cooked in the coconut oil with brown rice Selma's are a source of omega-3 fatty

acid vitamin E and lean protein that help you to lose weight if make you lose weight feel full for longer period of time stop your food craving and doesn't allow your blood sugar to drop down it is an excellent weight-loss food that you should always include in your diet plan on the other hand the coconut oil is loaded with M cities that help you to metabolize the body fat easily it is also clinically proven that the coconut oil boost of your energy expenditure by 120 calories per day as the brown rice are low in glycemic index and calories they will boost your weight loss effect in the evening time you can enjoy this cinnamon honey water as the cinnamon water will prevent your water retention lower down your blood glucose and eliminate the fat from your belly now let's talk about your weight-loss dinner 20 minutes before the dinner you have to consume the half grapefruit again for the same reason for the dinner you have to consume the green avocado smoothie for the best weight loss effect to prepare the green avocado smoothie you have to take peach fat-free yogurt avocados strawberries pomegranate juice

and vanilla extract avocados are rich source of morpha that is mono unsaturated fatty acids and they contain very low amount of calories avocados are also known as the belt shrinker as they are clinically proven to reduce the belly fat avocados make you feel for longer period of time they also stop your excessive sugar cravings on the other hand the pomegranate juice help you to prevent the overeating it makes you feel full and boost your immunity in the night times you have to consume a cup of fresh white tea for the same reason so start with this night plan to have a guaranteed weight loss please like subscribe and share you