21 July 2019

How To Lose Weight Fast & How To Lose Belly Fat

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hi guys today I'm going to be talking

you through how I lost weight overnight it's super safe I'm really effective and I hope you enjoy this video the first ingredient you're going to need is two teaspoons of epsom salts after that we're just going to put in at least four teaspoons of ground cinnamon I recommend four to five but you can put a bit more if you'd like to I just don't like it smelling too cinnamony because it makes me feel sick after that we're just gonna put in two tablespoons of olive oil and we're just gonna mix that into the mixture really really lightly just so it doesn't sit on the top and doesn't just get absorbed by one part of the mixture we want it to be done with all of them so we're just gonna stir in and we're just going to do this so there isn't any lumps and we're also going to do it until it kind of tells that motion then we're going to boil them for 350 milliliters of water into a measuring jug I like to use one with all the signs on it instead of measuring those cups out but yeah it's completely up to you what you do then we're just gonna mix it in and stir it into the original mix that we made earlier I do do is part by part so I don't get any lumps in my

mixture and it's all mixed in really well so none of it sits on the top then I let it infuse for 5 to 10 minutes just so everything reacts together before we put the bandage in when we do put the bandage in we're gonna soak it for five to ten minutes and it's really important to unroll it every bit of it gets it all over up and we're just gonna stir it in just so every single part is covered after soaking the bandage 5 to 10 minutes we're just gonna give it one final stir before we take out and start wrapping it around our body I like to do this just so every part of its covered and then when I put it on my body I put one strap down and then just start going tighter the more straps around I do and I make sure that no skin is left out in between otherwise some parts will be slimmer than others and it will look really weird then we're just gonna grab some cling film and wrap it around ourselves then it's gonna make us sweat out some water so it will make us appear to lose weight and also it stops it from going everywhere on your furniture after wearing it for an hour we're just gonna take off the cling film and then slowly

take off other bandage and your tummy will be a bit red but cause of the magic can weight loss things that are happening but it's absolutely fine and normal for it to be like this then just to clear off the other bits I'm just gonna get a wet towel and just wipe it all around my body this part of my body will also be very dehydrated so I just used some deep moisture lotion all over my front and all over my back really really well and we're left with a much thinner tummy than we were before thank you so much for watching this video bye [Music] are you I guys welcome back to another QA question weight loss series um today's question is about intermittent fasting so people ask me a lot about this I have you know expressed that I think Interfax commit and fasting is beneficial in the past and I just wanted to talk about it a little bit today so there's different diets that like promote intermittent fasting like I think the warrior diet is one where you pretty much don't eat all day and you have one meal at night there

is also the 5:2 diet I think it's called where you eat like as many calories as you can for five days and then two days you eat 500 or something like that um so intimate fasting isn't like something new it's something that we have done our whole lives it's something that you know the body naturally does and it's not really like a diet it's more of listening to your body and it kind of comes into play with like intuitive eating and things like that so if you know I don't think that you should force your body to intermittently fast but what I do think is that when you listen to your body you'll realize that you know most people most thin people will listen to their bodies and fast when they're not hungry so um like if you've ever had friend and it's like 10 o'clock or new and or something like that and they've just been so busy and they're just like you know I'm I haven't eaten anything all day because their body wasn't telling them to eat they weren't hungry and they were just busy and they're focused on other things that's kind of an explanation to intermittent fasting so if you go to bed or you stay stop eating you eat dinner at 5:00 p.m.

you wake up and you don't eat something until 8:00 p.m. you technically be intermittent fasting for 15 hours so from 5 p.m. to 8 and 15 hours which I think 15 hours is like generally how much people will intermittent fast the biggest thing with this though is people are very brainwashed from diets from the media from having the eat 10 mini meals every single day or else your metabolism is going to slow down and you're gonna die right like we've all heard that that you eat ten times a day and you need to eat consistently or your body's gonna go into starvation mode so the only thing I really have to say about this is just listen to your body so if you wake up in the morning and you know some diet or some person or whatever is telling you that you need to eat at five o'clock in the morning or else you're gonna go in a starvation mode and die but you're not hungry like just eat when you're hungry so wake up in the morning drink a bunch of water get your body hydrated and then wait until you are hungry to eat your first meal your next meal wait until you're hungry to eat your next meal so like a

long time ago we were roaming the planet you know when we were not living by the standards of society and all their bring and washing and diets we didn't have three meals a day like these were put into place by the marketing of America to make us form our eating habits around certain times of the day which helps you know the restaurant helps the fast-food industry as it helps sell more food in grocery stores because people are like what am I gonna have for breakfast what am I gonna have for lunch women for dinner and it's all these different types of food so like you have your breakfast foods you have your lunch food you have your dinner foods and generally those are what people at least in you know America on a standard American diet will eat for those specific meals they'll wake up the hunger Girt because it's a breakfast food you know we're the hub oatmeal or fruit or eggs bacon or something like that they'll go out to eat and they'll get a huge bacon and egg platter or whatever for lunch to have like a sandwich or something like that they'll bring to work with like chips or they'll have like a hotdog or something that's more of like a lunchtime meal and

then for dinner they'll you know make something at home that's like a stew or pizza or whatever so it's really just American marketing tactics that have placed meal times around everything and the dieting industry took advantage of that and they said well we're gonna like make this into you have to eat 10 times a day or this is gonna happen to you or you know now there's intermittent fasting diets and things like that but nothing is really new I mean generally if you just listen to your body and you go intuitive eating and how your body feels and you eat as much as you want everything will work out a hundred percent so I wouldn't say like force your body to intermittently fast I mean it is good to not eat right before bedtime or anything like that but just make sure that you're eating enough at dinner that you're full and satisfied and that you can go to bed and not be like starving and then when you wake up drink a quart of water do a couple things and then once you feel hungry eat and then once you feel hungry again eat so don't force your body to intermittent fast it's just something that we

naturally do day to day and I think that that's the healthiest way to go about it so thank you guys for watching this video leave your comments and questions about intermittent fasting below and I will see you guys tomorrow [Music] [Music]