21 July 2019

HOW TO LOSE WEIGHT FAST WITH WATER Water Challenge Halima Kasumu

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hi guys welcome back to my channel so

today's be a little bit different from the usual cooking with Henny Mouse down with Henry so I don't put single loads of what I even 14 days which is actually won't go in a 180 and one gallon of water is about 4.5 meters so this is the what's all I used and this is actually 1.5 liters so I tried out stream 3 of this every day for what some days so this bottle is also a phony Cullen or whatever I feel it is the absurd rink this no you have to drink just three of this I'm drinking this massive before I stay at this challenge I'm not joking I used to drink about 700 milliliters of water India like half of this an hour weeks ago which is so bad and so today I'll be telling you guys the pros the cons or of annuities any major differences before and after pictures so yeah everyone wants to lose weight everyone wants to be fit everyone wants to you know somehow body and everything happy actually so I need you to know what time I'm not joking that's like just such a good question because yeah you'll be going to became working outs the only diet flat I would see this that that's we actually what a lot about that he has major differences I'm going to

say first of all yeah I know I've got clear skin like naturally for my skin it's always suit right you're not gonna of course see dry skinny and that's kind of skin I have first as I said that is one color look what I agree I'm not checking a Vanessa's major difference in my body and it's so much better than if this is what I asked to avoid that Christine looking skin here I'm down to do that another thing I've noticed there is a major difference in my energy level I'm not gonna pursue me and I could sleep for like six hours at night six seven hours at night and then still sintering in class yes I'm not joking like hey I was always tired like me Josaphat see just very sluggish and down forever since I said this one governor would say they trust me my boost in energy has been next major difference I've noticed is obviously a change in the size of my belly like usually I'm always blue today I could just smell food I imagine just know hopefully my belly's looking like this but ever since I started drinking water you know what's also talking - it has difference [Music]

[Music] so if I add new change in diet and English the gym I do eat fruits or veggies like thinking about that's it I can't but less than add in fruits or wedge and stomach and that's another thing I really like about you what is it keeps you full like you're not hungry - it's possible sometimes you might think you are hungry yeah but no or you actually need is water I can't drink that and you feel so full Plus these guys yes the color the only thing I don't like about this yes the amount of times I pee yeah I could pee at least 10 times I'm not like it's so bad especially when I'm at work I'm always like wow he's actually so clear that sometimes I'm like what's the point of the question I got to get at first if you guys would like me to like blow my experience drinking one gonna know what I like just to show you guys how I'm doing kids when I drink it and all of that yeah it just puts in the comment section I really encourage do you drink more what occurs what I not be so this is a brand-new but look what's here let's do this you like anything say mom should I time myself

you let's make this fun so that's it all right guys so thank you for watching today's video I really hope you enjoyed it so me it's like subscribe and leave a comment bye guys