01 January 2019

How To Lose Weight Fast | Burns Belly Fat & Back Fat 3 Times Faster Weight Loss Shapewear

Hi family. I am so excited to share this weight loss vest that will melt belly fat, back fat, and love handles 3 times more!! This vest will have you sweating.


[Applause] [Music] [Music] welcome family this is the velvet locks with another video for you today let me tell you something I bumped into this wonderful item for weight loss now this item is gonna make you sweat and I tried it today and I oh my goodness I gotta explain some more what I'm wearing is a neoprene shapewear bloomin vest suit for weight loss and you can wear this you know if you're actively doing sports or if you're doing exercise this is gonna make you sweat I had it on since 10 o'clock this morning and right now it's 5:20 so it's over 7 hours while I tell you like this it's making me sweat I can feel the sweat and I didn't even do anything I just had it on all day while I did my everyday just running around but nothing really active but just having it on it is making me sweat I feel so moist and oh my gosh especially in my back next I'm going to show you the clip explaining this suit this shapewear increases thermal activity and stimulates sweating accelerating the belly fat burning process to shape and

reduce the waist and abdomen this vest is specially made for working out and is very comfortable and it's going to stimulate sweat during exercise which can make you sweat three times more it's made of lightweight material and is a high quality neoprene okay so what this is it's a breathable vest and it's very comfortable now when I first got it and I open a package it looks flimsy I honestly thought it was flimsy I thought it was cheap I thought it was like cheesy quality but I said you know what let me try it and see for myself and I gave it a try now I'm so glad I gave it a try because this thing it is wonderful now if you have that back fat oh my gosh you're gonna feel it if you workout in this all my goodness I'm telling you you are going to feel it it's going to make your back sweat and what that's gonna do is gonna make you sweat off the fat glands off in the back and it's gonna smooth out that back fat that back roll it is awesome it's also slimming down your stomach your core area so the band that you open in your court area that's what's gonna flatten your core your abdomen area then if you have any side fat you're gonna feel

you're gonna sweat this is for weight loss okay so if you're trying to melt the fat in your body as well as a healthy diet and a lifestyle change you're gonna see results also wearing this vest every day now it's very affordable so you can get as many as you need you know to wear every day but if you train your body wearing this vest you are going to sweat off that water weight in your body it's gonna slim you down even faster than just not wearing one and just going through a regular diet alright so I'm telling you try this vest you are going to shrink I like to do videos like this bringing also to you wonderful weight loss things that you can also use on your on your weight loss journey things that's gonna help you along your journey that's gonna also generate that extra sweat sweating off that extra water in your body for those of you who have the backpack this is wonderful for melting your back fat smoothing it out okay and I used to have back fat you guys I used to so I know what it's like but I found this thing on the internet and I'm wearing it right now just to see exactly how well it

works alright so there it is you guys thank you so much for joining me in this wonderful product fine video and I will also give you the link of where you can find this this is not a sponsored video I am NOT making a penny off of this showcasing these items to you just want to bring to you some of the wonderful things that I've been using some of the wonderful things that I've bumped into so thank you so much again for joining me on this video and don't forget like subscribe okay like subscribe hit that subscribe button and join me in the next video hey fam what are you going you didn't subscribe yet well listen first of all before you go don't forget hit that subscribe button and don't forget also to turn on that notification bell so this way you will not miss another one of my videos okay make sure that you hit that subscribe button click it and then hit that little spell and make sure that it's lit you will miss out on so much if you don't hit that subscribe button and also hit that bell next to it make sure that it's turned on so this way when I upload another video you will not miss it at all okay you will be the first to

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