09 June 2019

How to lose weight fast and easy with nutribullet magic bullet smoothie blender

How to lose weight fast and easy with nutribullet magic bullet smoothie blender. best smoothie blender to lose weight fast. In this video I show you how to use the ...


hey guys I know this is not a saltwater tank channel video but I wanted to share this with you it's a little different and I really dig this so if you guys want to like lose weight or eat healthier but you don't like vegetables and you don't like you know eating that kind of stuff you can do this it's awesome so I like shakes and I love smoothies and what you do is basically just throw in whatever you want so I got the nutribullet 900 this thing is killer so look check it out this is easy to do and it's a lot of fun so like in the bottom of this I've got like spinach I put some Quaker Oats in there I got some yogurt no fat then I've got protein powder and never thought I'd buy protein powder ever it's from Allah burrata it's killer and it's chocolate no sugar but it's sweet then I put a whole banana in there you know you could put a hamburger you could put pizza you know whatever you want and I'm just kidding that's going against what you should put in there if you want to make it sweeter what you don't need sweeter you could put some honey in there I put apple

cider vinegar in apple cider vinegar is excellent if you're trying to lose weight it burns the fat what is really a good drink and if you if you put like half a shot of apple cider vinegar with a whole squeezed lemon with about two tablespoons of honey and ice water mix it up it's killer it's the best lemonade you'll ever ever have so what else oh yeah we need to put milk you gotta put liquid in here usually I'll use soy milk or almond milk but you got to have some form of liquid in there they say only fill it up to here but once the milk goes down it'll be fine but check out and want I want you guys to see how easy it is to make this so I always thought like okay so how do you blend this well look here's the the blade all you do is simply screw this on right okay and then here's the motor the actual unit there's no buttons on it just by pressing down and that's it you can make salsa in this when you twist when you press down and twist it locks it in place or you can just press down and it's done there are no bits and pieces of anything in fact I put an orange in there peel and all all

right and it really adds to the sweetness and all you do just unscrew this this is what it looks like yeah it looks green but then you take your lid and screw it down take a drink oh it's possible really good I taste banana a little bit of chocolate I don't taste the spinach at all it's a blended smooth smoothie this is a 900 watt motor you can get the nutribullet standard which is small I got two 900 this is a 32 ounce cup and it is at the max line so what I usually do is like I'll peel bananas I'll put a few of them in the freezer so they're frozen people use ice I don't like to do that cuz it waters it down so I'll freeze the fruit beforehand and I just thrown it I have one of these a day you're getting your vegetables you don't taste the vegetables and all you could do kale I've done kale you can do spinach berries anything really it's just it's just great and the big thing is sugars bad for you and I've been doing a lot of reading on this and there is sugar and fruit but it's natural sugar so your body's gonna break it down naturally not like you know table sugar it's gonna

break it down instantly into glucose it's gonna be stored as fat almost instantly the only time you should really have that kind of sugar white table sugar is if you're gonna work out like right away so it gets burned off right away because it gets converted to fat like instantly within the hour and once it's fat it's harder to burn off so I'm not a health diet noob or pro I mean in between noob and pro I'm a pro but whatever but I'm doing a lot of reading and this gives you energy because there's a protein powder there's 25 grams of protein powder the the average person should have 80 grams of protein a day no fat in here natural sugars and that's it that's how you work it that's what I've been doing to supplement my meals and a taste killer and it's really good for you too and because it's pulverized that's a smoothie it gets absorbed into your system like almost instantly so I'll put a link if you guys want to check out the nutribullet stuff I'm not getting paid to say this I just wanted to share it with you and show you what I'm doing I don't eat beef much pretty much just chicken and

don't really eat fat stuff but I I stopped drinking pop or soda like two years ago and you can stop that you'll instantly lose like five pounds within a week and a half it's amazing so that's it I'm gonna throw this in the freezer for 20 minutes so it gets colder and I'll see you guys in the next video which will be saltwater aquarium stuff take care