09 June 2019



hey guys welcome back my name is Daniele

and today we're going to talk all things Kido kind of update you on my week how things went and you know is meal prep really the biggest key to success what my thoughts on it or just let's just shoot the breeze and then let's just talk all the things ok alright let's jump into it hey friends welcome back happy Sunday I hope you guys are having a fabulous weekend your girl is being attacked by allergies initially I thought it was a cold this week and I was struggling and then now I just think it's legit allergies cuz sometimes I feel relief and then sometimes I don't so allergies are so real right now pollen is attacking us in Chicagoland area but anyways other than that I've been great um yeah so let's just talk the things okay what's the things I did not make it to the gym at all this week I'm gonna be honest with you I just couldn't find the time I was so busy with all the things Bria finally graduated on Thursdays so my girl is off to high school now and it was just kind of the week preparing for that and the other kids doing stuff and it was just chaos so I just did not have

the time to do it and then my cycle came I mean all the things happened like this week so um when my cycle came and I was an emotional basket case and I did not make the best decisions on eating one day one day I joined Anna's Friday because she graduated I had seven like her ceremony was at 7 so we ended up going out you know Friday to celebrate and I didn't make the best decisions I emotionally ate you know we celebrated I ate and drink some of the things oh yeah so I mean it could have made better decisions but I didn't but that's okay because I woke up on Saturday and I just jumped right back on it I did feel like I'm not gonna lie to you I don't feel good when I over indulge in any type of carbs it's just not the best I really didn't do like really really poorly I like shared a piece of like slice of cake with kids and then I had some like potato soup just because I was on like dumpling soup I guess just cuz my told you in my throat and everything was hurting so I just did not like feel good you know but yeah that's what I did so I did tell

you last week we did a huge meal prep last Sunday so I cooked two different breakfast casseroles we cooked a bunch of like Maine meats I had some sides and I was like alright let's see if this makes it easier um yes and no it was good for a busy week because I knew I was gonna have a busy week but honestly by the end of the week by the end of the week we were all like not even and probably by Wednesday we were all tired of the different types of meats we had and yeah so we did finish most of the bright like 1:00 and like we left like a little piece left of the second breakfast casserole then we just like tossed it cuz we were like could eat it again I guess we're not like that kind of repetitive people you know well we could eat the same thing day in and day out cuz I was like if I eat another breakfast casserole I'm gonna throw up like I was just done okay and yeah we were done with like barbeque chicken we were done with like everything at this point like today I was like what do you want to make and it was like a barbecue chicken like I don't want that at all so yeah I definitely think that having the sides helped so I am gonna go ahead and

make some sides today just to have on hand for during the week now all my kids are off of school for summers so every reason to be home and I just think it's kind of easy that way to have some meals but we did you know kind of snuck up and stuff for the kids so I'm definitely gonna make a three different size just to have in the fridge and then that way it's easy for us to kind of like get all together meat so I'm Leo is out cooking right now he's making some flank steak some hog they call it Charbroil steak and some of the Emmylou sausages which I absolutely love so we're gonna have those maybe for like one or two days and then I'll cook again on Wednesday I think that works best for us to maybe have just one or two days worth of food in the fridge and then cook a gallon because it's just like even I was sick of it we were just done I know some people can like bash cook for like a whole week and it's like all good but you could only I don't know I get tired of reheated food not to be like a boozy princess it's just we were done done so um yeah so probably we'll just cook enough for like one or two days and then I'll cook again on

Wednesday cook enough for one or two days and just kind of do it that way what else did I want to tell you okay I went to the store right now and I wanted to tell you guys this is my favorite coffee if you guys have a Marshalls HomeGoods t.j.maxx go look because this is legit deliciousness this is the cinnamons O'Shay coffee from Starbucks is so freaking good and when you add in when I add these two together honey it is so damn good like I so I used to buy this all the time and then I couldn't find it and then I tried to buy it from Starbucks and they were smoking links and stuff because it was too damn expensive but these two together and if you wanted it iced so damn good so yeah um it's $5.99 we bought four just to have on hand and then if anything I can only just go back and pick out more they had a ton but it says cinnamon and brown sugar notes are complemented by the lightest roast mashed made without artificial flavors and mellow cop with a wonderful softness to years to sweeten your day so yeah and it gives you a spicy cinnamon mocha oh yeah that's a lot of cards we into the neck well yeah so if you guys were ever around the

market you like trying out new coffees this one is the best and again with this also I did tell you I was on my cycle and I loved all the sweet things I like sweet foods okay and we have one whole foods around our area but it's kind of far out it's probably like it's not really that far out but it's like congested it's maybe like 20 minutes away spend my job I don't want to go with if I don't have to go with my job I don't want to go with my job so you know saying and I think it's ridiculously expensive okay so I was at Walgreens the other day and I was walking past like the candy aisle and I seen this this is I love you guys Russell Stover's this is the caramel one and it's sugar-free but it's made with stevia so for this whole bar they're saying it has 50 carbs 2 grams of fiber but 45 sugar alcohol and I've already like I leave it in the fridge so um yeah this is pretty big crime and it's for three squares is one carb so you can't and it's like really really good you see if I can show you a piece and honey you know lilies is like any kind of but you could like see like this is

just a chunk so you could see like it has the caramel it's a piece of steak on there oh no it's caramel um you can see like the caramel in it and it's really really really good and yeah so I really liked it and it was only a dollar ninety-nine you know that a Lily's bar like this is like it's a $5.99 when I buy them so I'm here for it honey because that is just too much money and I actually think this tastes better but the Russell Stover's they also had like they like a variety bag Hershey's came out I mean people are really catering to the low-carb community so I can find these like a link below I'll they come you guys can check them out but they were so good guys I highly highly recommend you checking them out they really hit the spot for me so love them this would even be really good if you wanted to like dip it in a little Cool Whip I'm recording in my kitchen because it's like raining and it's really dark in my bedroom so this has a better light so if you see my kids or any back and forth so what else I went to the gym today I actually just got back right now I feel

really good now that like kind of the cast has undid I'm gonna go ahead and just go to the gym every morning now when my kids are still asleep ray is home she's enough to watch them so I just run to the gym why they're still asleep and get my day started that way so I can just carry on with my weight loss goals a lot of people ask me about my pre-workout and I'm going to show you I just picked up a new one pre-workout this is the on amino energy I love it it doesn't really give you a crash or anything like that but guys it does have two so one car one scoop is equivalent to one hard so be mindful of that okay um I always there's some things I don't count carbs for as you guys know I don't count the carbs for my pre-workout and I don't count the cards for my leafy vegetables I just don't if you want to you can I do count the carbs for my CBD gummies just because um they have like that that gelatin in it and stuff like that and that's kind of hard to digest but for these things I don't also I want to thank you guys for the support on the CBD gummy stuff I'm still enjoying them I still take them every night and yeah

and also thanks for the input with Benny he's getting better someone told me like not to yell because he thinks I'm working with him so I've been trying to like catch him before it starts and I talked him out of it so no one told me having a job was like having another child it is intense but that's that so plans for this week I said we're gonna go ahead I don't know I'm I'm I I wanted love strict keto but I just can't I can't do it because I just don't have the mental energy to go ahead and put everything in the phone and do all that stuff so we're gonna stick with lazy keto we're not with any body shots this week Benny's claim with the toy that's what anybody shots it's good just because I told you my cycles at start and it's just a masthead but next week we're go ahead we're gonna keep doing that I'm gonna go ahead I got a couple more things that I want to try to implement into my like eating regimen I got a couple different types of videos coming your way this week guys I did go ahead and I put on a post on my Instagram please don't follow me on Instagram I would love to have you guys over there

I'm super active and that's just like when we just all hang out we chill is to kick it place so come on over we all friends there but I did ask what kind of videos you guys would see wanna see I do know that I am mostly known for like my weight loss videos which surprisingly enough for my biggest viewed videos have nothing to do I think one of them is like a kind of a weight loss hack but I don't know it just works that way it's crazy the internet is a wild place but um I want to I never want to fall into like a hole you know and just be like oh that's sing out she's only does weight loss she's wish I'm not gonna watch her for anything else you know what I mean so I would love to do different types of videos and I had asked you guys on Instagram what you want to see and I'm aware that a lot of you guys do not follow me on Instagram so if you guys have any video ideas you guys want to see more vlogs more Beauty more get ready with nice cleaning videos fashion hauls dressing room Tryon you know all that what am i doing this summer come along with me you know

all those crazy things I would love to do more of those I just didn't know if you guys would be interested in like you know see more of that stuff I don't want to put out something you guys don't want to see you know I mean and also I'm thinking in June I'm gonna finish off this month with my regular Tuesday Thursday Sunday schedule with added some days some weeks I add in extra videos because I'm working with other people and I kind of work around their schedule but I'm thinking in July I might start uploading during the week to Monday and Wednesday afternoon so if you guys dig that so right now I'm doing Tuesday Thursdays around 3 p.m. Central Standard Time if you guys like that better or Monday Wednesday 3:00 p.m. Central Standard Time let me know I don't know this is this is just crazy but all right so make sure if you go to the go to Walgreens I think they'd probably have it at Walmart to watch and see but try this hello guys if you go to home goods or anything else check this out and I'm telling you with this stuff it is so freaking good yeah and then my aminos you know sharing all the goodies with you guys alright I'm gonna go eat

I'm gonna go wrap this up but I think you guys let me know how your week went what's your plans summer is so hard to stay on a strict eating regimen it's like killing me because there's always some going on I just it blows my mind and I'm this piece of chocolate I just showed you guys alright love you guys you