22 July 2019

How To Lose Belly Fat - Weight Loss Journey - Weight Loss Before and After

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here I was three months ago it's time to

take some progress pictures I told myself I took the pictures and I didn't like what I saw what happened well for one I had gotten too relaxed I had spent the winter eating and working out like crazy and I was feeling great but afterwards I quit keeping tabs on my daily calories and some days I'd eat way too much and others way too little my workouts were sporadic and I had no clear direction of what my goals were it's actually scary how fast you can fall out of shape after a shitload of heart work it can also be really depressing so what was I to do take my ass into shape and quit feeling sorry for myself for 1-3 months later I was looking and feeling like a finely-tuned buff dude machine and I wanted to share a simple guide for those of you looking to do the same ready let's get started okay first a disclaimer this is what worked for me will it work for you chances are yes but we're all slightly different so don't expect the exact same results also remember to be honest with yourself don't skip two or three things on this list and then complain you can't seem to see results it's going to take me all

these things to find success number one find a tdee calculator online using Google search what's a tdee calculator it stands for total daily energy expenditure calculator and it's the amount of calories you burn throughout the day using this calculator won't give you a perfect view of your required calories but it will come pretty damn close number two pick a goal is your goal to build muscle then plan on adding about 500 additional calories on top of your tdee is your goal to lose weight then plan on reducing those calories by about 500 a day to give you an idea of what I'm talking about my personal TV e is about two thousand eight hundred and fifty calories a day this is the amount I need to maintain my current body weight I reduce my calories to about two thousand three hundred and fifty calories a day for twelve weeks to get from this picture to that picture number three find your macros so you picked a goal either going into a calorie surplus to gain weight or a calorie deficit to lose weight awesome now you need to find a macro split that works for you what are macros they're

what make up calories for instance a gram of fat is nine calories a gram of carbohydrates is four calories and a gram of protein is also four calories try and find a good ratio so you're getting a decent amount of all three as you need protein carbs and fats to survive don't treat any of them like they're evil or bad personally about 35% of my calories come from protein 45% from carbs and 20% from fat so if I'm having two thousand three hundred and fifty calories a day then about two hundred grams of that will be protein two hundred and forty grams will be carbs and sixty five grams will be fact number four find a calorie and mac road track um so you might be thinking god this is all getting kind of confusing and you're right in the beginning it does seem that way this is where a calorie and mac wrote in handy I suggest picking up my Fitness Pal you can use it on either your phone or computer and you tell your daily calories and macros and then you just scan the barcode of each food you eat throughout the day from there on you just check the app to see where you're at and if you need to keep eating or if

you've reached your limit this app for me at least is a lifesaver but it's meaningless without number five number five stay consistent let me repeat that stay consistent this is probably where 90% of people fail none of this is gonna work unless you one more time now stay consistent some days you're gonna be a little bit more unmotivated than others and some days may even wonder if you're making any progress at all believe me if you followed the prior steps you are just stay consistent and keep going strong you'll never know how great you can truly be if you give up before the adventure has even begun number six find a good workout routine notice how I've saved working out until number six because for most people working out comes first and nutrition is an afterthought don't let this happen to you having said that you do want to find a good workout routine and like nutrition stay consistent if you're just getting back into working out or if you're doing it for the first time I'd suggest doing a 5x5 program you'll be performing the best exercises available in the gym and more importantly it's a

kick-ass program that works we have a 5x5 program and a lot of other people do as well find one that you think you'll enjoy number seven take progress pictures progress pictures can be a great source of motivation especially as once one or two months have passed by you can really begin to see the changes in your body and it's gonna give you a huge dose of motivation to keep going strong keep in mind it doesn't happen overnight and I've found I need to give myself at least two months to really notice big differences but when you do notice these differences through looking at progress pictures it's gonna inspire you and others big time okay that wraps up the guy is it simple definitely did I cover everything absolutely not I could easily make a two-hour video on calories alone and I still wouldn't even be scratching the surface but I wanted to create a simple guide which wasn't overwhelming why because the goal is getting on to the road transforming yourself not holding your hand the entire way will it be tough yes will you probably want to give up a time or two yes but remember if it was easy

everyone would be doing it ask yourself how bad you really want this do you want to transform yourself or do you just want to tell yourself you're transforming yourself someday hell no get up start kicking ass and make it a reality if I did it I sure as hell know you can to the buff dudes believe in you [Music] [Music] you