23 August 2017

How To Lose Belly Fat in 1 Week (Diet) : Top 30 Quick Belly Fat Burning Foods (Proven)

Belly fat, also known as abdominal fat, stomach fat, tummy fat, or visceral fat that accumulates around the midsection of our body, is a major concern for many.

belly fat also known as abdominal fat

stomach fat tummy fat or visceral fat that accumulates around the midsection of our body is a major concern for many not only does belly fat make your figure unattractive it also increases your risk of obesity high blood pressure heart disease diabetes fatty liver disease cancer and other health conditions millions people from worldwide are trying to lose belly fat but it's not too easy to get rid of belly fat for most people there are two best ways to get rid of belly fat fast are eating proper fat burning foods 80 percent and performing the effective fat burning exercise daily 20 percent in this video we will present you about top 30 quick belly fat burning foods that help to lose belly fat fast and healthy Greek yogurt Greek yogurt is an extremely satiating breakfast or snack thanks to its thick creamy texture in a whopping 17 grams of protein nearly three times more than is in an egg in fact a study from the journal apatite found that people who ate a high-protein yogurt snack three hours after lunch felt fuller and ate dinner later than the other participants and on top of that other studies suggest that the acids

produced during yogurt fermentation might help increase feelings of fullness dark chocolate no other food on the planet contains the unique natural substances found in dark chocolate the sweet treat is a good source of monounsaturated fatty acids which could help speed up your metabolism research suggests that dark chocolate might also help curb your cravings for sweet salty and fatty foods peanut butter your favorite childhood snack is good for your grown up self too because peanut butter is a great source of protein and healthy fat it can curb hunger and keep you feeling full long after you are finished eating having small snacks during the day that include a lean protein such as peanut butter with complex carbs like an apple or banana can also help keep your metabolism running smoothly another reason to indulge research suggests that eating peanut butter as part of a healthy diet could benefit your heart and maybe even lengthen your life just be sure to carefully read the nutrition labels on the jar and choose a brand that doesn't have any added sugar and contains only peanuts and salt sweet

potatoes like potatoes sweet potatoes are a great source of slimming resistant starch which triggers feelings of satiety but they also boast nutritional benefits all of their own just one baked sweet potato contains 438 percent of your daily vitamin A versus 1% in a white potato 37% of your daily vitamin C as well as calcium potassium and iron they're also low-calorie about 105 in a medium sweet potato and contain four grams of filling dietary fiber 16 percent of the daily recommended amount almonds you don't want to go too big on the almonds because their fat content can undo any boost they have to your metabolism but research suggests that almonds and other tree nuts can help you out due to the essential fatty acids they contain the good thing is they taste great so you can use them as a snack to hold you over until your next meal or you can chop them up and use them to top a main or side dish green beans are one vegetable that lends itself well to slivered almonds and if you want to liven things up you can get similar benefits from other nuts like walnuts or cashews oatmeal oatmeal is a good start to the

day for most people compared to other breakfast options it has plenty more fiber and as your body works to break it down and pass it through it reps itself up and burns off more calories it's also been shown to lower your cholesterol so there's plenty of reason to eat it just be sure you don't have a gluten allergy or gluten sensitivity or you won't be able to get the same sort of benefits that others get from consuming it quinoa quinoa contains a hearty dose of the minerals iron and magnesium which help give your body energy and a one cup serving of the grain boasts 8 grams of protein and 5 grams of fiber increasing feelings of fullness it's also gluten free making it a safe choice for people with celiac disease beans beans are often suggested for those wanting to lose weight and get rid of belly fat because they're nutrient makeup is such that they have a very positive effect on your metabolism while they may be colloquially known as the musical fruit they are definitely worth exploring if you don't currently include them in your regular diet they make a great side dish for most lunches and dinners and they can easily be added

to soups and chili to make them more robust and flavorful whole grains going gluten-free may be a popular trend but unless you're actually gluten intolerant or have celiac disease plenty of reasons exist to continue eating whole grains they're a tasty way to fill up on both soluble and insoluble fiber which help you feel full for longer and keep bowel movements regular oats barley and bulgur are especially high sources whole grains can also help prevent weight gain bananas although they're best known for containing potassium bananas are also a great source of resistant starch a type of starch that's important for weight loss your body digests resistant starch slowly helping you feel full for longer while simultaneously encouraging your liver to switch to fat-burning mode and no need to wait for them to become completely ripe bananas actually contain more of this calorie torching ingredient when there's still a little green even more reasons to add a bunch to your shopping cart bananas can help regulate blood pressure ease digestive problems replenish nutrients after a workout and may even help prevent strokes in older

women apples apples contain pectin an ingredient that naturally slows digestion and encourages feelings of fullness studies show that eating a whole apple with your meal as opposed to apple juice or applesauce is a natural appetite suppressant helping you consume fewer overall calories without feeling deprived apples are also a good source of antioxidants vitamin C and fiber just be sure not to skip the skin which contains much of the fruits nutritional benefits blueberries 1 cup of antioxidant rich blueberries contains just 80 calories and 4 grams of fiber which helps your body feel full for longer they're also a good source of manganese which can speed up metabolism and make you feel energized more reasons to love them blueberries contain a compound that attacks cancer causing free radicals keep skin bright and reduce age-related memory loss raspberries add a handful of these bright berries to your cereal or salad whenever you can just half a cup delivers four grams of fiber as well as 25% of your daily recommended amounts of vitamin C and manganese raspberries are also a great

source of powerful antioxidants and are high in polyphenols which can help reduce your risk of heart disease avocados this creamy superfood loaded with monounsaturated fats potassium magnesium folate and vitamin C and E has been linked to improved vision good heart health and a reduced risk of certain cancers and avocados can also help widdle your middle according to one study people who regularly consume them weigh less and have smaller waists than those who do not another study found that women who eat half an avocado at lunch time might experience reduced food cravings later in the day there are countless ways to enjoy the fruit yes technically it is one but you can't beat the classic combination of whole-wheat toast with mashed avocado lemon juice and sunflower seeds we're recommended whiffing avocado into a smoothie pureeing it with herbs and citrus juice to make a creamy salad dressing or adding it to a veggie omelet melon popular melons like honeydew and cantaloupe not only taste great but are also low in calories and have been featured in countless diet books and programs the cantaloupe especially has

been thought to be a good that contains fewer calories than it takes to eat it meaning that you're actually losing weight by consuming it it's never been proven but these are still great foods to add to your diet and they can be found year-round in the produce department watermelon watermelon has a low number of calories despite being so naturally sweet this has to be the sweetest food on our list while still ranking considerably low in calories the great news is that in addition to being a crowd-pleaser watermelon has antioxidants that help your body in many ways it's also been shown to be able to boost your metabolism just don't go overboard on portion sizes oranges like lemons oranges are low in calories but contain plenty of fiber helping you to feel full throughout the day and consume less overall in fact in a list of the most filling foods compiled by Australian researchers oranges ranked the highest among fruits grapefruit grapefruit contains a compound that can lower the fat storage hormone insulin which in turn can lead to weight loss in fact

eating half a grapefruit before each meal could help you lose up to a pound a week even if you don't change anything else about your diet because grapefruits are 90% water which fills you up they also act as a natural appetite suppressant research suggests that this super fruit can also help protect your heart and maintain firm healthy skin salmon delicious and nutritious salmon is loaded with high quality protein healthy fats and other important nutrients that help build muscle burn fat and benefit weight loss at first glance you might think salmon is too fatty to be a weight loss superfood but it's the type of fat that matters salmon is rich in omega-3 fatty acids which fight inflammation fuel fat burning and block fat storage eggs you may not think of them as a weight-loss food but eggs are packed with protein which helps curb your appetite one study found that overweight women who ate eggs for breakfast were able to lose twice as much weight as women who started their days with bagels and egg whites in particular are a good source of branched chain amino acids which help keep your metabolism running

smoothly chicken breast while this isn't an option if you follow a vegetarian or vegan diet lean chicken breast is often used by dieters and bodybuilders alike because of its high protein value and low amount of fat the dark meat of chicken just doesn't measure up when it comes to quality protein just remember that if you are looking to lose weight then you should eat chicken breast skinless try using different spices like the ones mentioned in the beginning of this article to make it more flavorful and nutritious when you combine strength training with a diet filled with lean chicken it can help tone your muscles leading to a faster metabolism lean beef lean beef is another go-to food if you are looking to cut carbs because it doesn't have any the great part about beef being on the list is that it provides plenty of minerals and nutrients like iron and magnesium so you will be giving the body things it needs while limiting the number of carbs taken in beef is also off the charts when it comes to protein and this can be a big help when it comes to building lean muscle mass serve up some steamed veggies with your choice of beef and

you're well on your way to having a great meal that is low in carbohydrates lean pork lean pork contains only a trace amount of carbohydrates not enough to disqualify it from being on our zero carb food list it is often found on the approved foods list for many of the most popular low carb diet plans out there pork comes in many varieties so it is a very versatile food for you to enjoy that won't set you back in the carbs department you will want to check with your specific diet plan to see if pork is something you should be eating or not it tends to be very fatty and many varieties undergo a curing process which introduces extra sodium and nitrates to the meat mushrooms no matter which mushroom you choose to go with the chances are it's going to be low in calories these fungi just don't know how to be high in calories so you don't have to worry when using them in a recipe for sauteing them as a side dish even the big popular portobello mushroom is low in calories having only twenty-two of them in a 100 gram serving perhaps that's why it makes such a great replacement to high calorie beef in

mushroom burgers asparagus some claim that asparagus is a negative calorie food requiring more calories to chew and digest it than it contains while this may or may not be the case it's clear that its caloric load is low while at nutrient load is high it makes a great food for dieting because of its unique and delicious taste it's a great size sitting next to a lean meat get the organic kind if available as this will help keep it a very healthy vegetable to assist you in your efforts broccoli broccoli is a wonderfu there's no other way to describe it it's a cancer-fighting food that is also very low in calories it's packed with phytonutrients as well as fibers so it helps keep your digestive system humming along which is key to maintaining a proper weight it even contains plant-based protein which can help you if your resistance training to build lean muscle spinach spinach puts up some respectable numbers in the B vitamin Department which leads to a more productive metabolism and aside from the direct relation it's also good for muscle function if your strength training spinach will help your

muscles recover and this will lead to a faster metabolism because you will end up with better muscle mass which directly leads to burning up more calories even when you're asleep cucumbers you might not look at cucumbers the same way the next time you see them in a year salad there are plenty of reasons why they play nicely into your metabolism boosting strategy they're packed with water so they help to hydrate your body plus they have plenty of vitamins nutrients and fiber all with very low caloric levels you can try adding them to more than just salad cucumber slices or sticks can make a nice side dish to a sandwich or wrap and can be combined with other vegetables in a healthy mix tomatoes tomatoes are one of the healthiest foods you can eat and it's only fitting that they come in low on the calorie radar the lycopene they contain helps prevent cancer and stave off heart disease so you're doing yourself a favor each time you eat it it also makes a great weight loss food because it has such few calories that you burn it off just getting it prepped for cooking combine it with other foods on this list and you'll get a delicious

low calorie meal bell peppers not only do these colorful veggies offer plenty of vitamin C 132 milligrams in a large green one 209 milligrams in a large red one and 341 milligrams in a large yellow one they also make the perfect vehicle for other healthy foods when they're stuffed as such try filling them with lean meat for a plant-based protein source and other vegetables or using them to make a salad live up to its colorful potential good news today you can lose weight up to 16 pounds and get rid up to 4 inches of your belly fat within only 2 weeks faster than anything you have tried before this method achieves in only 2 weeks including lose 8 to 16 pounds or 4 to 8 kilograms of unwanted body fat lose 2 to 4 inches of belly fat in your waistline drop 2 to 3 dress sizes and get rid of cellulite fast boost your metabolism and improve many health benefits 100% guaranteed results by over 100,000 women and men from worldwide see real proof read their success stories and learn more about this method at below of this video