09 December 2019

How to Log Nutrition

this video will show you how to log

nutrition begin by pressing log nutrition if you have a recommended nutrition plan that was given to you in your custom program you'll see it listed here if not check off no nutrition plan hit next and you'll see today's date along with different categories to log food my best advice is to change the title of what time you ate from breakfast lunch or dinner to the time that you ate so hit the three dots beside breakfast she was renamed meal and then maybe the time that you consumed that food underneath it says add food or drink press that and you'll see a search bar come up if you press the bar code beside the search bar you will see a barcode scanner up here just place it over the bar code and hit process barcode and you'll see that product show up this was a vinaigrette under servings it gives you a list of options here it just has two tablespoons as one serving and you can change the amount of servings that you consume if you look underneath you'll see where it says nutrients and the calories along with the macronutrients and micronutrients available go ahead and hit save and if

you hit the arrow in the top left you'll see that that food was logged based off the amount of servings you consumed now let's add another food a drink go to the search bar and type in what you ate and underneath it'll populate your goal is just to try to get as close as you can to what you actually consume servings here says one slice it also has other options underneath number of servings and underneath that you'll see the calories and macronutrients micronutrients alright hit save and hit the back over in the top left and it brings you back to the home screen here so you can go down through and simply add what you consumed at the time that you consumed it now let's say you look at 11 a.m. here this is something that you consume often hopefully not with the pizza but hit the three dots beside 11 a.m. 3 dots on the far right and you see it says save meal as a template press that and my 11 a.m. template has been saved the template was saved under the name 11:00 a.m. let's say you want to be more specific here be sure to rename the field the meal first and then hit the three dots again hit save me o as

template and you can see there that it says your morning Pizza template has been saved now you can maybe it might be easier to remember what it is scroll down through you can delete these you can add more boxes as to depending on how what time you actually ate your food underneath it says view macros here you can see the total for that day let's say that you were looking to simply add meals only from the templates that you saved previously in the top right hit the three dots and you see it says add meal or add a meal from template so add meal adds another timeslot add meal from template is where we can find the pizza that we just labeled there's the 11 a.m. here's a couple more examples and right there you see it says morning pizza go ahead and check that box hit save and down at the bottom it has logged that morning pizza again so when you're all done with a day hits a vlog and that sends over a notification