23 July 2019

How To Include Evion 400 (Vitamin E Capsules) In Your Daily Skincare And Healthcare Routine

This video explains the top 10 uses of Evion 400 in your daily routine. Evion 400 is a vitamin capsule which is affordable and easy to use. It is also easily ...


hi everyone this is magma today I have got my top ten users of vitamin E capsules and those who are new to my channel I make videos on Beauty cooking and demi hat so I have given myself introduction and channel introduction video link in my description box so please make sure you check that video later on and now let's get started with the video you can use your vitamin E capsule as a moisturizer so I made a separate video on a DIY moisturizer so if you haven't watched yet and if you're interested to make your own DIY moisturizer using vitamin E capsule then I have given the link in the description box below so to check that out vitamin E helps in reducing the dark circles what we need to do we just need to take a capsule and then just spoke the capsule and take out the liquid and apply it all over your dark circle area and then go to sleep so if you're someone who suffers from chapped lips no matter in which season you are in then this vitamin E capsule is your Savior we to do is just poke the vitamin E capsule and then apply the liquid all over your lips and then go to sleep also you can use it while you're traveling while

you're going to office or anywhere outside or just your being at home you can use it as your lip balm forever trust me beta meanie capsule does go under to your eyelash and eyebrows I have feasted personally when I had literally no on my eyebrows and then I started applying this potami each capsule and you could see the growth rate has become sooo high though it takes time I mean a month or two but you would definitely see the result again it's the same procedure apply the liquid all over your eyebrows and then go to sleep so it acts wonder to your face as a face mask what you need to do is you need to use any kind of oil it can be a coconut oil or an extra virgin olive oil or it can be a padam wine so my skin type is too much orale my skin tends to get so much oily but since I started applying this Tammany capsule it stopped you know creating oil it does create oil but the frequency of oil creation has become very less so create a mask all you need to do is mix the vitamin E capsule with your with the oil of your choice and then apply it all over your face and neck and then leave it for some 2025

minutes and then wash it off with normal water and then do it regularly to see a benefit difference now if you're someone who has flicked ends creepy hairs and hair fall a lot then you would definitely need to try this on what you need to do is you need to mix the vitamin E capsule along with the hair oil but you use so basically my hair type is very much small so one capsule is enough for me I just mix it well with my hair oil and then apply it all over and leave it overnight and the next day I do my hair wash if your hair is too wait too long then what you you know use a capsule like two or three depending on your head length and then mix it well with your oil and then apply it and then wash it you will not see the difference very soon but definitely just keep doing it on a regular basis and then you will see the cheapest y'all know makeup setting spray comes so costly but it is a very important step in our makeup it doesn't matter how much of a makeup you are putting on your face but it if it is not gonna stay on your face for a longer time then it's of no use so makeup setting spray what it does it

actually set all the products all over your face and stops melting and you know avoid looking your makeup cakey so what you need to do is you Lutie take one spoon of aloe vera gel and some water and then one capsule of easy on mix it well transfer it into a container or spray bottle and then once you are done with your makeup you can spray it all over your face it helps in you know making the product stay on your face for longer I'm going to make a DIY makeup setting spray on the same so stay tuned for this so we have seen like we have frizzy hair like on the scat itself they don't have much craziness but when it comes to the lower part we have lots of frizziness all over here so what you can do is you can apply it as a freedom as well when you're going out all you need to do is take out some liquid all the applied all over your farm and then drop it nicely and then just kind of you know touch it all across your hair wherever you creates more frizzy so it will not make your hair look very oily also you need to make sure that you are not putting too much of atomic e oil on your hair because it might turn your hair from you know very frizzy - very

oily if it looks bad so make sure you just use half capsule and then just kind of you know rub it all over your palm and then just you will do a tap all across your hair where you find it's very much raising if you're someone who has grabbed heels and very much shy or more than shy I think it's very much pain for the to have sagged meanings especially when it's winter or once so when your muse gets to turn very painful so for that all you need to do is take out a capsule and then fold that capsule and apply the oil all over your craft area and in a very you know small time you can really see the difference in your crotch area you can also remove your tanned from your face and body using becoming a capsule you need one spoon of curd 1/2 a spoon of turmeric powder and then once captured off vitamin E and then mix it well apply it all over your face and neck or wherever you have returned area and then leave it for half an hour and then wash it with normal water so those were my 10 uses of vitamin E capsules it is the all-rounder product very much affordable from head to toe you can do your skincare body care hair care whatnot from this product

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