11 March 2019

How to Grill Sardines ( Sardinhas) at Home - Pure Omega 3 - Healthy Food

Hello Everyone, Today we cook sardines ( sardinhas) at home, we will show you step by step how can you do the same to get better life health. The Pro and Con ...

hi everybody

this is our first cooking lesson and cooking Tube video feel welcome to leave us alight which is very important for our progress today we are going to do a very simple cooking which is a Portuguese very mix and it's a very Portuguese unique dish it's grilled sardines by the way my name is Anna it's me Julie so this could be bought its sardines are basically an Atlantic species you could get up some results but the really good ones or North Atlantic off the coast of Portugal Spain that's why it's very famous in the Portuguese government but it's also very simple to make sometimes every year you could get a fresh you could get frozen all year long the first step if you get unfrozen the process of the frosting then is also important you should be the frost very cold water kosha horse salt I use Morton's of my preference I believe it's a very good product you know to keep the water cold especially in Florida I use the end a little bit of ice to the water so when the sardines are defrosted they stay very fun and when you put them on the grill build does integrate the South also helps the process of defrosting it

and for me these are frozen because of the season I am ready to procedure very simple sudden used to be called the poor man's meal musical now it became a very well-known dish because it's very anti content you know make it three so now it's a delicatessen rather than the poor man's fish after you defrost them it's very simple to get the grill going and you may him and the grill and the lantern grill to your liking some people like it very widely grill I prefer more than a well-done unlike like I said is a roll sardines was very poor accessible to the poor of the needy I remember my parents telling me that in certain cases they had to split one sardine for two people as you see such a small fish that mean things back then were very difficult today that's not the case it's very affordable and you could have a half a dozen as many as you want one recommendation you should not do sardines inside the house because it has a very strong fish or it will smell the house for a week but so what we have a built-in grilled in our house but if you know you can always wear you can always use the portable grill which is even

more recommendable because you'd like the blue sardines where you don't do anything else for the smell purpose it's very tasty but has a strong odor this is the olive oil that I prefer each the brand name is campeões and I usually buy extraversion first call press it's a very delicate olive oil it's not too strong has the right mixture salt as I said before I use the Mortons coefficient so we are now going to put the the sardines and the grill the only seizing as I said is a little bit of horse salt not the fine salt to the fine salt will penetrate the skin very strongly and you don't have as much control as far as the seasoning on sprinkling it with the horse salt not only seasons that will protects it from the grill it's like a coin or keep the skin together so we'll put it on the grill [Music] walks over the number looks a little bit awkward for fish but very small but it is very tasty might be might be a little strong and efficient side but the flavor itself can tell States for that usually young younger young kids and young generation don't appreciate this much

because you actually have to play with it put it in your hand and take the bone out and stop one so it's a little bit tedious job and it's eaten when you eat sardines when you eat sardines you read it on top of a histogram would a knife you don't do run away you could go and play but it's not typically the way you do [Music] traditionally the right read the the sardines is cornbread the old-fashioned cold will cold bread cornbread that's the way I was brought up eating it but you can use any type of hot bread in the French baguette or if that's also if you have our sense Portuguese bread which is made in a special way of being that this is a typically Portuguese dish if you have the Portuguese ingredients this is like I said a Portuguese style dish so if you able but if you didn't have even as a a Portuguese my cousin on a 4 GB section in a supermarket which you'll find especially the best Portuguese community somewhere nearby the ingredients are more appropriate [Music] [Applause] you should night something and time love

will meet the will more it's a it's our thing we have some Tomatoes we have some cucumber celery you gonna come back very soon show you home this time innsbruck life okay so we'll be back soon