16 June 2019

How to get your dream body without a strict diet Tips for a perfect physique

How do you get your dream body without a strict diet 13 ways to get a perfect physique by Taking control of your health, Physical Fitness and Diet are the most ...

13 ways men can improve their physical

fitness and health most of us are aware of the fact bats we don't always eat what we shouldn't that exercise often takes a backseat to other seemingly more important things however the truth is it is very important to take control of your physical fitness to make your quality of life better there are many ways that you can improve your fitness and here are some tips with men in mind easy ways to improve your physical fitness number 1 change your diet eat whole real food fresh vegetables lean protein and complex carbs eliminate white starches sugar and junk food number 2 indulge in moderation even though you need to focus on eating healthier that doesn't mean you can't have the things you like when you want to eat ice cream or a burger do it treat yourself but don't go overboard giving in to your cravings and a moderate way can help you not cave in other ways when sticking to a specific diet number 3 work out with a friend or participate in a team sport chances are if you join your friends softball team or start jogging with your best friend it won't feel like you are working out number 4 when you get home

from work take 30 minutes to play with your kids outside or take the dog for a nice long walk this helps you and your family stay active if you don't have a dog or kids walk alone number 5 start going to the gym you can do it join a gym and start out slow make a plan to work out every other day for 30 minutes at a time number 6 take up yoga in addition to the benefits of helping you gain balance and flexibility yoga can also help you lose weight along with giving you a ton of other health benefits number 7 calm down and manage stress when you are too stressed out your body knows it it may also cause you to overeat try meditation or breathing exercises when you find yourself under a lot of stress number eight do some chores you may not have noticed but doing chores burns calories spend some time on the weekend cleaning out the garage washing dishes or vacuuming number nine drink more water water is essential to life make sure you are getting enough daily which will help all of your body's internal processes keep you hydrated and improve your general physical health number 10

limit your alcohol intake there is nothing wrong with having a drink sometimes but drinking alcohol in excess is adding extra calories to your diet that quickly turn to fat excessive drinking is poison to the body causing a variety of physical mental and emotional health problems evaluate how much you are drinking and cut down to enjoy better health into smaller waistline number 11 stop smoking if you want to change your lifestyle you should probably reevaluate if you want to smoke or not if you still do then perhaps you can cut back on the amount you smoke number 12 get good sleep and wake up early if you don't get enough sleep you are probably not going to be able to make healthy choices in regards to what you eat lack of sleep also interferes with daily performance diminishes focus and concentration and drains your energy get to sleep your body needs by turning off televisions tablets and phones and sleeping in a dark room and next day get up around 7 a.m. you will be gaining extra hours in the day and also have more energy number 13 take a healthy lunch to work not only will you know

exactly what you are eating but you will also save money doing just a couple things on this list can improve your physical fitness and your overall health in fact there are a couple more things to consider for best results although these tips are designed with men in mind they can be used by anyone don't be afraid to make changes because you are the only one that can make yourself healthier I hope you like our videos if so please subscribe and give us a like so you will not miss our latest videos on health and fitness have a great day