01 January 2019

How to Get Fit & Lose Weight FAST in 30 Days - No Excuse Workout Day 1

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so hi my name's Heath my name is al and

together we're gonna help you lose 14 pounds over the next 30 days is to try to test a program called the a double 180 program [Music] both Alex and I are x-force's yeah I'm 48 years old I've got a family myself say time is precious to me I'm also a firefighter and I'm an area manager for a bank as he said Dominic's forces as well I'm 35 years old I'm a family man as well and I'm a car salesman over the years we've both been reasonably fit into sports with both had problems with our weight and carrying a few extra pounds he has about right you're probably aware there's loads of gimmicky ideas out there and they blow so Thomas knew yo cool dudes of shredded mouth sores and big six patterns and all that sort of thing yeah and they're always promising you these amazing things that gonna make you look like God the thing is though they're all the same they're the best they've that programs are the best all this sort of thing but to be honest it normally these do you have to pay that money either for that program yeah are there supplements or something

special or some special secret it's really going to work but it doesn't does it just cost your money the beauty of this program though is you can eat what you want really cap the thing is is as long as you follow some basic rules okay and you've burn off more calories and you can actually take in as long as it's not all rubbish food yeah just do exactly what you want and follow these basic rules you're going to go through in a minute they and also it's not even long-winded the exercise programs themselves take between 30 minutes an hour each day and you'll see because we're showing everybody how to do them is you can do them anywhere you can do him in this Gary's like this you do them at the gym you can do that apart you can do them in the street doesn't matter where okay so each day we will release a short video 5 or 10 minutes long showing you the program for that day so will you have to do is for that program aside for now we'll be doing it as well and you'll watch our progress as we go along and what we'll be interested in doing is seeing how you're progressing so don't forget to leave us any comments

the thing is that you've got to be 100 percent for the fa how you got do it i go do it and save you guys the other side of it is well like I said earlier on yeah there's no magic pill there's no magic drink out there there's no quick fix to getting this done if you put the effort in you will lose 30 pounds in the next 30 days and the other thing as well we said earlier about the number of calories really simple maps yeah you've got to burn off more than what you write but in moderation eat what you like yeah enjoy your food because it will make it more enjoyable if at the end of day yeah you find you've eaten more than you should've yeah what you gotta do is get out and do something like quit walk with a dog or something like that or run up and down stairs a few times make sure you burn it off near anything always find hard with that is I can't keep track of the calories I used to make notes and notepads or when we have fire to faxes is on that old yeah used to make most of them on their own yeah but now there's apps there's hundreds of apps out there I personally I find my

fitness path the better I use yeah have you tried that yeah I've used that off and on really I started using it probably now yeah that's a difference yeah that Lea where you're at yeah exactly and the great thing in with it is that if you put in weight yeah it will then work out really the optimum amount of calories you should be taking and being male or female it's okay number one yeah you need to be 100% committed to this okay if you ain't it ain't gonna work so I promise about losing 14 pounds in 30 days will not work okay I'll call that on your son yeah good so number two I said the earlier on download My Fitness Pal calm it's the app it's free we don't get paid anything for this we're not sponsored by them in any way shape or form I think they do even do a paid one but I don't personally have that you got that one downloaded aren't you are I have yeah I've got the free one as well yeah definitely worth it and one of the other things guys is we'd love to help you so make sure you leave some comments down below but also we've set up a little Facebook page called the eighth one more

on a program and if you want to join that feel free to and show us your progress as you're going along you will need some methods of cardiovascular CV work now that can be anything that can be your trainers running up and down the air outside your house yeah it can be using a step box in your garage I might do that sometimes personally I use this cross trainer yeah or a time now and then there's bikes you got turbo trainers you got all these gym equipment you've got row machines got treadmills or stuff like that the other thing I do when I'm on the old cross trainer it's got TV up there yeah and I tend to watch a box set on the lips yeah takes time away number five a lot of people think alcon I need loads of space for this you can see from here yeah which we're going to show you how to do the exercises in a minute you only need enough space to be able to lie down yeah and that's it you don't need some great big massive personal gym or you don't need to pay out those monthly fees to go to the gym and on that side everybody make sure you subscribe to the channel because we're going to be

releasing one of these every day and what it does help you do that goal in losing weight the other thing as well as we're going to be giving better top tips and things like that we're gonna hey you're helping out with dietary programs nutrition or relax it's all gonna be free you have a bonus you're gonna have is throughout these next 30 days we're actually going to be giving away some free stuff aren't we up here they could be protein bars and protein drinks anything like that might it be some exercise equipment just depends what we got to have all right it's always the best exercise oh that's a good idea okay but they want them we're gonna read everybody into this all right out there very nice and easy for you so nothing to do that worried about here and the first one I'm gonna eat you all into it it is squats so no cheating make sure you DS correctly and to do so you need to stand with your feet hip width apart hold your arms out in front of you now start to squat pushing your knees out over your toes and keep bending your knees and till your thighs

are parallel to the floor and then stand back up then get ready to repeat it again to do this ten times let's watch our in action [Applause] [Music] okay now you see now do those the subtle one out is lunges so do these correctly you need to stand with your feet directly under your hips step forward with your left foot and then bend both knees until your back knee nearly touches the floor then stand back up and repeat it with your right foot again repeat this ten times and it's over two out [Music] I'm sure you'll agree they're those quite well we're on to push-ups now now some people find these hard so you can do them in the traditional way or on your knees start with your arms straight directly under your shoulders keep the neck and back straight brace your abs and squeeze those glutes lower yourself to the floor keeping your elbows tucked in as tight as possible to chest touches the floor then push back up and ready to repeat do this 10 times as before and then you're ready for the next set

it's over to out and to finish off this set we've got pay old sit-ups or you can do crunches if you prefer last but not least for this first set is your sit-ups or crunches so lie on your back or on a gym ball which we'll see in a minute place your hands across your chest or by the side of your head whichever is more comfortable exhale and squeeze your belly in at the same time as raising your body by bending your hips then you inhale and lower and again repeat this 10 top here's how shown you how he does his and here's me having a go now I use a gym ball because I've wrote the back and neck can I find it a bit easier on those so now I'll finish this first set he's going to get on with the other two so you guys need to crack on and get three sets than this the thing is as well putting as much effort as you can a highly raise your heart rate yeah the more calories you're gonna burn now we finished the circuit training what you want to leave on to is the CV work so we're going to do today is watch out on the cross trainer also link down below you will find the program itself we say to annoyance

between 30 or 40 minutes you can choose yeah depends that long the program is on Netflix actually but in the middle of that you're going to be do some really hard sprint training and we'll be telling you a bit about that as we go along so now it's over to the CVD work so choice of equipment you use is up to you I personally use a cross trainer because I get to watch Netflix I can see some of the programs and box sets and binge on those it also passes a time however doesn't matter what you use as long as it is something that's really gonna push that heart rate up so you get a treadmill cycling running whatever you like let's watch out on the cross trainer bit bit of a laugh so to start with you need to warm up for 10 minutes you get your heart rate to up to approximately 40% and maximum next you need the 12 minutes of sprinting and that'll involved one minute at 75% max rates that's really going for it and then rest about half pace and 50% of your maximum heart rate for another minute you repeat that total six times see they've done that for 12 minutes and total we follow this up with another ten

minute warm damn had properly 40% the amount of our brain so if you're not sure how to work out the maximum heart rate it's really simple and the equation is down below in description but basically you subtract your age from 220 and that works out your maximum heart rate here's our wave hours at being 12 and I'm at 17 step 3 right I said I was gonna be easier in this which is done today so today was an easy session if you follow this you'll be sweating like out yeah yeah yeah definitely this one yeah it's good guys but you got to put the effort in yourself now if you want to do this subscribe down below yeah you'll see that and what we'll be doing through the publishing one of these every day for a little routine that I took me 30 to 40 minutes for the CB work yeah and then if you really really push it out you'll be sweating like our like I said just now I really didn't like the fatty part is was gonna be easy where the exercise that you did the front they should take between 5 and 10 minutes you really need to go for those yeah push them out as quick as you can

alright and then don't rest in between and complete the presets in it and get strange TV work I don't see you tomorrow and have a good session and enjoy this one Cheers [Music]