21 July 2019


I have had requests to show how I find my recipe inspirations when planning my meal plans for the week. Here is a basic follow-along tutorial of how I get the ...


hey guys I thought I would go ahead and show you how I actually come up with my meal plan for the week so some people have asked like how do I get all the recipes so I thought would kind of go through and do a little kind of demonstration on the computer how I do it but I want to show you first the first thing that I do so I basically just put like what I'm going to be having for the week so for example I know one night I'm gonna have salmon I know one night I'm gonna have chicken I know when I'm gonna have pork maybe one night I'm gonna have ground turkey or ground beef or something like that so I'm just gonna go through and write down and then if there's something special I want it like I'm not that's out of focus there we go if there's something special I want like a casserole or something I know we're gonna be doing you know a certain night like I might know that steaks were having on Saturday so then I just kind of do that and then salmon is usually always on Mondays and then I just kind of go through and see what day do I want what so then maybe on Tuesday I'm going to do something ground turkey and then Wednesday chicken Thursday pork

and then Friday is usually fish fry so and then the weekends I don't know so that's pretty much how I start it and then I will show you on the computer how I actually find recipes okay so then I just pop in here and then let's say that I want to do I want some type of air fryer chicken so I'm just gonna put an air fryer chicken and then it comes up with a bunch of different recipe but what I do next is I hit images I always go to images and this is why because I'm a very visual person so I like to see what the finished product looks like so then I'm just going to kind of go through and just look at which ones look good just kind of and I just click on them and look so here's air fryer chicken parmesan recipe and of course it's a skinny taste recipe see I I just I don't know I'm drawn to skinny taste I guess so what I would do is go ahead and visit that website now skinny taste I know I don't have to tweak but what I would do is go to the website and then I would go down to the recipe my computer's slow this morning and then I would just basically look at what the ingredients are in the recipe to see if it is a recipe that I

can tweak or if it's something that's just gonna be way too crazy and point so obviously I know with skinny taste there's no tweaking she tells how many points it is on our website so four points so but what I would do is if I'm not sure if it's you know like a right let me go but let me find a recipe that's not skinny taste see so let's try this one parmesan breaded fried chicken recipe so I'm gonna go to the website and so the websites that I go to is based on the thumbnail they use so if they don't have good thumbnails they're not going to get a click for me because that's how I look up my recipes alright so in this one I'm gonna look up the ingredients and this one seems doable what I if it's one like this I pretty much know that I can make that locally if I don't know whether I can then what I'll do is come up here to my WW page and I will create a recipe and then I'm gonna go back so this is airfryer easy air fryer Parmesan Freddie I think it was called I'm gonna say how many people it looks come on and get in my way I'm gonna say how many people at score this one serves four and then I'm

just gonna start adding the ingredients so I know that's zero so the first thing that I'll do is just add in the ones that have points just to give me a quick idea and I can always go back later and finish putting it in but I want to get a quick idea of what the points are gonna be so 1/3 a cup of grated cheese and 1/3 cup of breadcrumbs so go back to my recipe builder update that add another ingredient the next thing was I forgot already our breadcrumbs breadcrumbs and then you have to decide which breadcrumbs do you want to use you can use regular breadcrumbs from use panko breadcrumbs or you can use corn flakes so let's see cornflake crumbs I'm gonna tweak it and I'm gonna put corn flake crumbs in there so 1/3 of a cup so basically you just add it all in and then you're gonna go down here and you can see that based on what I have in so far it's only 2 points per serving so I'm just going to go ahead and create that recipe and that I can go back and finish it later and then I'm gonna go back here and I know this is a recipe that I want to keep so I'm going to add this to my copy me that app basically that's an app

that has all you can keep all your recipes in it and go to the recipe and then you can take out anything that you don't want this is where you can kind of tweak it take out things you don't want so I'm gonna just confirm it the way it is and then from there you can create your shopping list based on this based on what's in there and this is the copy me that website app whatever it is so I'm not going to showcase this but that is what I use to put my recipes in to create my shopping list basically I create a meal plan in here I do it on paper but then I also do it in here so for example I put in here one pan roasted pork tenderloin and then you can just put in the dates that you want things and then go to your shopping list and you can add your recipe stuff to your shopping list so let's say I want to do this one I'm going to add it to my shopping list and then I'm just gonna uncheck ok I know I already have flour and I already have eggs I have Italian seasoning I have something pepper I have cooking oil so just go through like that add it to your list done shopping list and then you have your shopping you have your things add

it so I'm not gonna showcase that maybe I'll do a video just on that I actually don't showcase particular apps because I do kind of use different ones I also have paprika probably me that I'm kind of playing around right now with some of these recipe things so I don't really want to promote but I just want to give you an idea of what's out there and how you can plan that so then I would just go ahead go back and then I would just continue on go back to Google the next thing so now I have my chicken recipe that I'm going to use now I want to do some type of brown turkey recipe and of course I want to keep it on images and then I'll do the same thing for that here's a stuffed shell of a turkey for my lunch preps I'd like to try and do like I like to put it in that way so let's say for this week I want to do chicken so I'm going to do chicken lunch prep and hit images and then you get all these different ideas of chicken littles up look at this one I've done this one so you get just different ideas of what people are using and you know you got your regular bento bowls and you've got your full meals and you have your little salads and so that's pretty

much how I get the inspiration for it and then for breakfast breakfast I guess I really don't I kind of do my own thing for breakfast because I really like eggs I really like overnight oats but you could do the same thing for that if you're wanting to do a breakfast prep just hidden breakfast breakfast prep and see what you get you're gonna get a lot of different images and that's how I get inspired and then I might tweak them from there so even you know something that has different things with it now you may not like something that's in there well you can always replace it with something else so that is how I pretty much do my meal planning and how I come up with the recipes and then you know I always tweak them later but I try to keep them in some type of recipe builder just so that I can have them for later because I even though I don't make them all the time so as you can see I have in here a bunch of different recipes and some of these you guys I've just thrown in here and haven't even made them like this copycat Applebee's he's a quesadilla burger I mean there's just so much um this one oh I got I mean

this one this one is from Jones pointed plate I have saved that one in there I don't know she's my girl so that is pretty much how I how I do it um so once you slowly start doing that then it just kind of becomes habit and it becomes so easy so I hope that this video helped everybody and I hope that you will give something I try just start slow start with one thing at a time and build up from them if you have other suggestions for many things that you want to see how I do let me know in the comments so that's that's pretty much it so if you're not if you're new to my channel make sure to click the subscribe button and hit the notification though so you notified any time I upload new content thank you all so much for watching I'll talk to you in my next video I'm Kristy and I'm planning us healthy [Music]