06 May 2013

How To Extreme Coupon at Walmart

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hi its Joanie and Heather from the crazy

coupon lady calm today we are taking you extreme couponing with us at Walmart exciting I love it okay so the first thing we want to talk to you about is printing the Walmart coupon policy which they have published on their website and keep it with you all the time while you're shopping at Walmart it will help you tremendously this is important at every single store that you shop at none more than Walmart well said my friend said because I mean we say over and over again nobody wants to feel like they're getting in a fight with the checker or and certainly you don't want to do anything wrong you don't want to accidentally you know commit coupon fraud or anything like that so the policy is gonna answer all of those questions if you have a disagreement with a checker you simply refer to the policy and you're not gonna make any mistakes you're gonna get the most bang for your buck without you know taking it too far or anything like that absolutely so a few points with the Walmart coupon policy they accept internet printable coupons and newspaper coupon so manufacturer coupons they have to have like they have to say

manufacturer coupon on them they have them a valid expiration date a few things like that but for the most part pretty straightforward they also accept Catalina coupons so let's say you're shopping at your grocery store and a coupon for pasta for like a dollar off and a specific chronic product and brand then they'll accept those and then the last thing they'll accept is competitor coupons so let's say in the Walgreens ad there's a coupon and it lists a price then they'll accept those as well again specific price specific protocol fired yep so now let's talk about some of the ways we get crazy yeah Walmart the first way is something we do at all stores but most it's just a general Extreme Couponing tip yes but it works the best I think it Walmart cuz they're everyday low prices so we're gonna use Kikkoman as an example we have a dollar off coupon so if you come to keep them on and you see these two sizes ones for 174 and ones for 228 the price per ounce is actually cheaper on biggest one when you don't factor in the coupons right you can see it like as they mark it on the shelves the larger one people just grab they're thinking

it's gonna be cheaper per ounce but when you factor in that dollar off coupon this becomes only seventy four cents which is actually cheaper per ounce so that's one of the things is look for smaller bottles and then buy a few of them to get stuffed up and remember the most important thing is that you always read the verbage on the coupon the reason we can do this is because the Kikkoman is off any any size there's no size restriction on our coupon good tip there now all right we're getting really comfortable at Walmart so this is one of the most basic ways to save at Walmart simply combining an everyday low price or a rollback price if you can find one with a coupon now these ice cream cones are not on rollback this week unfortunately but just when I was shopping at the grocery store I noticed these were over two dollars and they're only a dollar 38 here everyday low price so when I print my 55 cent off coupon and combine it we're only paying 83 cents for the ice cream cones we're saving more than half the price off the local grocery store simply by combining coupons with the low price of low prices

so and that's the thing I think if you were to do all of your shopping at Walmart you wouldn't be saving like 90% like you can sometimes save at drugstores and that sort of thing but if you kind of pick and choose what you buy according to what you have coupons for and they're low prices it's a great way to save okay so one of our favorite ways to save at Walmart is with produce coupons so they happen to carry lots of brands that we see coupons for and one so organic girl they carry and then earthbound farm and so right now we have a 75 cent off earthbound farm coupon combined with their everyday low price of 74 cents be that math actually make a penny makes us really happy so don't discount Walmart I mean they have cheap produce and with coupons you can get free or make some money on them okay so the last tip that we wanted to talk about was like how it is same at Walmart is to look for trail signs and travel size items and so we have these they actually were in the checkout aisles not in the travel size section and they are a dollar 84 for 10 tablets and we have a $3 off to coupon also I would be able to get those

for pretty cheap I love these sites I like them better now than the big bottles yes so great stage of the card and verses and all of that all right so here we were just purchasing these different products and using coupons nothing fancy huh really it's easy people it's easy we just went online printed our coupons can you have all multiple coupons sounds great prices the end how to be a crazy coupon lady eight dollars even eight dollars even so my goal whenever we're seeking or whenever we're shopping at Walmart is to save at least 50% and I actually haven't calculated this so I'm kind of curious to see if we make that oh for sure I think yes I go 75 75 % I wasn't really paying attention was hoping so 75% would be $2 it's like 270 nice so more than 50 less than 75 all right I'm satisfied I'm very happy go get eat my carrots so I think that that's a really important principles but sometimes people watch the TLC show Extreme Couponing and they think I have to pay pennies or I I didn't succeed in my grocery trip and it's important to

realize that when you save 50 or 60 percent on food that your family's gonna use yep that's huge thank you have a good day