19 September 2018

How to Eating Healthy on a Budget Detoxing Green Juice Recipe

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hi guys I'm Troy Stirling welcome back

to my channel so today it's no makeup hair natural lounge around a in my house it's a Thursday which is normally what I do on Thursdays so I thought 5:45 a.m. spin today and I have another class tonight and I'm actually cooking up breakfast right now it's kind of late in the day it's like 11:45 and it's very late in the day for breakfast but I just wasn't hungry until now so I haven't been eating until now I posted a video yesterday all about how to start a healthy lifestyle and a bunch of you guys loved the video but a lot of you guys also said that you don't know where to start this is like what to buy sort of like what I buy what I look for and how to use your groceries had a meal prep your groceries appropriately so I know a lot of people say eating healthy can be expensive which I totally agree with it can be and I think that the prices are disgusting for how much a healthy meal is when you eat out first is like an unhealthy meal eating healthy can be expensive and I totally get that so I'm going to show you guys how to kind of budget your money and get a lot of healthy foods for a cheaper price my biggest tip is to have a grocery list

and to stick to it and I go grocery shopping in two places so I go to the farmers market because everything is super cheap for produce there there are a few other farmers markets around me that are pretty expensive like I was at one yesterday and a pound of bananas with 89 cents which is really expensive because my grocery store a pound of organic bananas it's 59 cents and the farmers market I'm about to go to I can get 5 pounds of bananas for $2 so I always have a running list of produce that I want to get now today I'm gonna be doing a lot of a green shopping cuz I watched this documentary last night and I want to try switching it up a little bit it was called hungry for change it was really good you only buy what you need I would buy a lot more like Brussels sprouts and stuff but I already have some Brussels sprouts left over and this should last me a pretty good bit I'm running low on carrot so I'm gonna get some baby carrots okay blueberries I like that on oatmeal and in water it's good and stuff pineapple I kind of wanted for juicing but I'm not sure spinach I have spinach what is it it's a question spinach looks fine I

don't need my spinach so no months I'm done looking at the produce in my fridge then I go over to my fruit bowl which is over here but I just look what's in here what do I need anything so all I have in here is a line and two apples because I ate all my fruit but all I'm gonna put in here is apples and alive I used to get like peaches and like all this stuff but I never would eat them so I'm not gonna get them anymore as garlic here those are dates I love dates and my smoothies I think they're really good okay I think I'm good on produce once my produce is done I'll look at my fridge for anything else that is not produce that I do need to go stock up on and rebuy all right so I need to get some hummus so I want to do Keaney I have one um I have bread and eat bread rounds I have three off any left fridge and freezer it's good to go now I'm gonna move on to my pantry that's where I keep like all other foods so peanut butter and I just got this baby peanut butter oh I'm good on because I've steel cut oats then I open this up rinoa I could get another thing a corn Ola I always use granola okay I am good

to go so this is my list that's about sixty dollars fifty five sixty dollars for a week worth of food so like I said I just sort of calculated it all it should cost no more than $60 and since my farmers market is cash only what I'm gonna do is only take out $60 and I'm gonna go to Wegmans first and that way that I only have cash I'm only using the cash and I'm not using like a debit card or credit card or anything cuz that you know it can kind of feel like not real money so it's easier to spend more when you're using like a car that's Twista cash I came to Wegmans and look who I find Maddie and she's wearing my shirts I was like nice shirt and then she was like nice shirt cuz I'm wearing her shirt right now I need to get out of the produce section buying my produce at the farmers market if you want to attend oh my god I look I am a creature there is bananas over here for fifty nine cents and then bananas over there for forty nine cents those are the organic ones those aren't and like I said at the farmers market you can get five pounds bananas for two dollars so I'm skipping

out on those she just see it since it's like a really raw food and because I don't know it's like good for you and there's a lot of it there's stuffing him it was expensive this was five forty nine and then the Browns I don't think I'm gonna get these because now that I think about it I have two loaves of bread in my his old so I'm not gonna get those because I'm going to use up the bread and the chia seeds are so expensive you gotta put your money towards something else yeah realize that I ended up not eating like a few of the things that I said like the bread browns I know I'm not eating cuz I have two loaves of bread in my freezer peanut butter I have like that small jar of and I have a little bit left in the other one called make those work and the yogurts I mean I have two left over so it's not like I really need anymore so this is all that I'm walking out of how much you think it's gonna be twenty dollars all the stuff box I want to get mango good here will they get ready mom I got all of this at the farmers market there's so much marshal you guys when I

get back to my kitchen blow this was $24 and this was 20 to 25 so that's awesome all right this is all of the goodies that I got I am very happy about all of this very excited and best news it was all under $50 for all of this so this is what I got from Wegmans and my Wegmans order was $24 and 74 cents and that's all I got and then from here all the way over that was twenty two dollars and twenty five cents so it's much cheaper to buy produce at a farmers market and now I'm probably gonna get questions like I don't have a farmers market farmers market near me where do I find one how do you get them you have to dig and you kind of do have to look for them go on Yelp go on Google ask your friends ask around ask people that have lived there for a long time farmers markets are pretty much wherever you go so you just have to look for them okay so let's start with what I got it Wegman so I got two things a vegetable broth I was running low and I just need it to more granola because it's my favorite this is hummus I always get the big size because I go through it like a madwoman chia seeds these are just great for detoxifying your body proteins fats

everything chia seeds are like life and then veggie burgers cuz I enjoy bison burgers and that was it okay now moving on to all of the goods so here we have some blueberries I got some broccoli Golden Delicious apples five pounds for two dollars we I should try and remember how much everything was this was $1.00 these were I think I think it was like two pounds for a dollar the broccoli was two pounds for 250 these are avocados each of them it was two for two so a dollar each the limes were seven dollars for one or seven limes for one dollar but I only got three so it's 50 cents um the lines for four limes for a dollar this is kale I think it was two for 250 but I only got one celery it was also true for 250 I got so much celery and I don't really like celery but I'm gonna make a juice in a second I'll show you guys what to do with all this food in a second too and it just smells so good so I think this is a new leaf for me cucumbers I think it was three for $1 pineapple this was I want to say two or three dollars for one pineapple bag of carrots was one dollar and then sweet potatoes it was I think it was five pounds for 350 and I only got I got two

pounds okay so that was my food so now that you have all this food I know it that a lot of times a question that becomes okay I have it all now what do I do with that so I'm going to show you guys how to maximize your food and how to food prep and meal prep in advance this isn't like a meal prep because I'm not making meals and then storing them in my fridge what I'm doing is I'm gonna cut the fruit cut up the stuff and show you how to effectively have it ready and then I'm gonna show you guys a juice to detox your body so that when you buy all this food you're ready to start fresh start clean and you know where to start because I know sometimes it's so intimidating to have all this food and be like okay well my body still feels really slow and really sluggish I'll show you guys a great juice you guys can make to detoxify your body get all the toxins out one thing I love doing is transferring granola into little containers like this this way you can mix Colonel if you want [Applause] [Music] [Music] it is 608 in the PM and I actually am

about to go teach a spin class number now I haven't like gotten dressed or gotten ready for it yet but I haven't made the smoothie yet or the juice yet because I have not been hungry at all so I'm gonna make it when I get back from spinach so that's why I'm gonna look like really sweaty and weird after spin-spin is over I'm back in my clothes I just had a little bit of dinner and now I'm gonna show you guys how to make like the green juice to kind of reset your body so what we're gonna be juicing today I have kale three stalks of celery baby spinach we're gonna do half of cucumber because this is mostly water so we'll make a lot of juice one lime and one apple [Music] so I would like to pour my stuff in web jars I don't know why I just makes the experience so much better to detoxify the body and reset it chia seeds are like the best thing you can do for your body I'm serious they are the best so just sprinkle some chia seeds in your green juice what's so good oh it's so good it is good it's like the perfect sweetener huh pineapple would have been too sweet yeah

the Apple is a good touch so this is great to drink um every day to reset your body it's really good to drink to flush out all the toxins cuz like what I was saying earlier a lot of times people will buy all this food and they don't know where to start I feel like you need a fresh start and that's why you a lot of people's are Mondays or at the beginning of a new month anybody know here this is your fresh start all you have to do is drink this and your body is gonna be cleaned out but I really do recommend to watch hungry for a change was really good it explains pretty much a lot of what I was talking about in this vlog I hope you guys all enjoyed this video if you did be sure to give it a thumbs up and let me know the comments down below if you guys like budget of videos like this I'm no more I can give you guys more recipe ideas or anything like that so yeah I hope you guys all enjoyed it and I'll talk to my next video bye