02 August 2018

How To Eat Super Healthy For $60 A Month

A bit of a follow-up to "You Can Eat for $100 a Year if you are Resourceful". Yes, you can. However, it's not the healthiest diet, obviously. The key to a low cost ...

hey folks prepper princess so this is a

requested video from one of my subscribers asking me how I eat for approximately fifty to sixty dollars per month I'm gonna go ahead and go over that let me just put my hair back but before I do I wanted to give a really big shout out to a youtuber that I have been binge watching for the last two days and her name is homestead Tessy that's tes si II she is like the sweetest lady ever and I want everyone who watches this video to go over to homestead Tessy and subscribe like her videos tell her I sent you and just you know she's just a real go-getter her husband had some health issues and she's trying to make it big on YouTube so she can help get his dream truck back as far as I can tell just the nicest lady ever you guys and she has a lot of the same tips as I do some of them are slightly more extreme not like super crazy extreme but she's into money-saving and prepping just like me so if you guys get a chance please please please go over to her channel I really really want this lady just to succeed and I want her to all of her dreams to come true she is just the sweetest nicest lady ever again tell her

I sent you subscribe watch her videos you'll it'll be a great learning experience and she's a go-getter you know she's out there to teach and she's learning at the same time so with that being said here is approximately how I spend about sixty dollars per month but one other thing was the subscriber requested that I get a copy of my by prices so my Brent buy prices for meat okay so I've got steak at $2.99 a pound chicken a dollar 29 a pound pork and I don't I don't eat pork I just don't like it ribs the dollar 59 a pound I use those only for barbecues when I have friends and family over over and it's the same with ground beef $2.99 a pound and I also extend my ground beef by using eggs and oats or breadcrumbs or whatever I can to extend the meat it'll get you an extra burger or two out of a pound so those are my buy prices some people can get them better some people can't but when I see steak for $2.99 and chicken for $1 29 I stock my whole freezer full and it lasts me about four months I spend about 50 or $60 and it just stacks my whole freezer full and I use most of my meat for

Rocky's homemade dog food I don't really eat a lot of meat anymore it just isn't appetizing to me the way it used to be so it's just something that I don't do so here's what I do I order online I have to make myself shorter because the thing will only go so high I order online from a place called imperfect produce what they do is they sell seasonal items or things that are in the season and it's always fruits and vegetables so I spend between 20 and 25 dollars every two weeks they deliver it to my house so I don't have to go to the store because we all know when you go to the store you spend more because you're walking around you know the fruits and vegetables and then you see the prepackaged salads and you're like I want a prepackaged salad or you go over to the other aisle to get some milk and you're like oh I totally forgot I need orange juice fruit punch coffee creamer I need all this other stuff and I try and stay out of the store as much as humanly possible because it really keeps my spending down as many of you know I'm an extreme cheapskate I am a huge money saver but I'm also a spender so if the money is

there I will spend it so I make sure as soon as I get paid all my money goes away away from me so I can't get to it and I can't spend it all right so here's what I got this week and also in addition I apologize I'll go through this and just one one second I forgot to mention this I also garden okay so today I went out and I've picked tonight my tomatoes this tomato I didn't even plant this this just showed up so there I have a random like rogue tomato plant but it's got really pretty stripes on it and they taste really good these ones are celebrity Tomatoes so I do garden I got a zucchini today I also did potatoes but I wasn't as successful as I'd hoped I'd been they're little potatoes but they're still edible and I'm going to make them into like mashed potatoes and I might even save some and replant them but that wasn't super successful as you guys know I also made my own missus - back here you guys saw that video where I took like this stuff from my garden onions celery carrots all that stuff made missus - I also have chickens

so we always have eggs on hand at all times no matter what I also trade or give to my neighbors and in exchange they'll bring me lemons I love lemons I love making lemonade and I think it's like one of the best drinks especially in the summertime and I'll give them a dozen eggs they'll just bring over some lemons or tomatoes or whatever it is that they grow and they're you know we kind of share it's kind of like a bartering system we just share all right so what I got this week I spent I think it was $23 and this is what I got from imperfect produce again they deliver and they just delivered today I got some strawberries ooh my favorite Bing cherries I got some cherries and all of these are in season products I got some organic mushrooms these are royal trumpet mushrooms I'll show you guys what they look like real quick come on oh wow so I don't know if you guys can see that organic trumpet mushrooms they look like they got came right out of a forest it looks like something from the forest I'll be growing my own mushrooms this winter they don't need light they don't need heat so I'll be growing that I got

organic celery this is just this is what the difference between organic and home store-bought store-bought you've got these big giant things imperfect produce does give you imperfect potus it's stuff that has been deemed not suitable for sale in the store because of aesthetic qualities there's nothing wrong with it I got asparagus all right and as you can see these are smaller than the typical experice which is probably why it's considered to be imperfect I got some corn I don't know how these could be imperfect but I mean I got a pretty good sized box so let me make a little bit of room here and again this is every two weeks and it's just for me and a lot of times I have extra like for instance back here this is from a couple weeks ago got potatoes and yams and some of the potatoes never even older than that maybe a month old but I always use them then we've got carrots sometimes you get like a really weird-looking carrot last time I got one I had like two heads and it looked like it had an eyeball but I've got some carrots those are great for the chickens and rocky likes them as a snack he also gets

apples or all eat the apples I love apples but I do have an apple tree that's producing some small apples right now so they're about this big so far but they're falling off the tree because it's a baby tree so it's they're not all the way all the way down I got some oranges all right I got some potatoes they do the potatoes by a pound they're like 79 cents a pound and I think I got two two pounds so it's like a dollar 40 right there and sometimes they're more expensive than what you can get in the store but again I spend much more money when I go to the store so I try and just do all this stuff and they do have a preset one that you can do but I like to pick my own got some red potatoes and then last but not least I got some garlic organic garlic so this is how I eat for approximately fifty to sixty dollars per month i buy imperfect produce i trade with my neighbors I have chickens I have a garden I also buy in bulk as you can see over in the corner I've got my rice and beans and bulk over there those come from Winco and those last for four to six months they last forever and I try and incorporate all the cheapest

possible products into the base line of my food potatoes I don't really like pasta but potatoes rice beans lentils just the cheapest stuff that you can get also onion carrots they're very very cheap they're very good for you they're high in carbs high in calories but they're also very low in fat and all that all that stuff you guys you guys know the whole routine all right so that's how I do it that's how I do it that's a lot of food all right and again guys go check out homestead Tessie tell her I sent you let's get this lady 10,000 subscribers I want 6,000 of you to go 12,000 this hour death I can't I can't count I want all of you everyone who watches this video to go subscribe to homestead Tesla this lady is the sweetest thing on earth let's get her going let's make her dreams come true do what you can with what you've got prepper princess out