06 June 2019

How To Eat Healthy On A Budget: Trader Joe’s Haul + Recipes | Koach Kelly

Hi everyone! Thanks for watching my Trader Joe's haul + healthy recipes! Let me know your favorite items from Trader Joe's— I'm always looking to add more to ...

hey everybody welcome back to another

day of my weekly vlog it's Tuesday and just got to treat her Jose I need a lot of well I don't even know about a lot of things but I want to stock up on some things I want to try some new things I was watching a lot of YouTube videos on Trader Joe's hauls and I felt inspired to come I think I'm gonna pop on the screen like the actual list of the items that I bought that way you know if you guys want to get any of the ones that I bought you don't have to like write it down like I'll just pop it on the screen you can take a screenshot alright I'm gonna stop blabbering and head in so let's do it [Music] I just got out of Trader Joe's and as you guys can see I got three bags worth they're completely packed I got everything I needed and it was a hundred and seventeen dollars and that's for a family of four so obviously you can't divide it by four cuz you'd still have to buy a lot of the things if you were just buying for yourself but okay I'm not gonna vlog and drive because I'm trying to shoot that anymore but I'll catch up with you guys when I do [Music]

[Music] mushrooms or I'm gonna try to do more omelets and vegetable stir fries avocados bananas I'm gonna make this later or tomorrow but it actually does not have that much sodium there's 10% of your daily value in here and only a little bit of added sugar and some protein so I got some diced onions cuz it's so much easier than chopping up an onion this I've heard is good the sriracha flavored tofu we'll see what it tastes like but it's also not too bad with sodium it's 18% but if this is all you have for the days for a sodium that's not that bad this giant container of strawberries because I've been making chocolate-covered strawberries and then this chunky guacamole with Greek yogurt supposed to be better it says reduce to kill on it but better than regular guacamole it's really good and then I got this marinara sauce from Trader Joe's as well it doesn't have that much sugar there's three grams of added sugar and good ingredients so it was super cheap - only a few dollars fine I wanted to find the sprouted bread from Trader Joe's but I found this whole

wheat bread I've been liking the regular one but I also got instant oatmeal but this is unsweetened so you can add like your own sugar to it but some of their prepackaged oatmeal has a ton of structure so I normally make it myself but if I'm in a rush or something I got some turkey I don't eat turkey but my family does I also got some chicken from really good so I'm excited to use this on my River Falls or smoothie bowls or on top of oatmeal from Trader Joe's which is super easy to make it turns out pretty good so I was gonna do a verbal version but I decided to just I got this brown rice and quinoa pasta I heard that this is good and then I got frozen edamame that you can put in the microwave because it's just so much easier mister that's hot from the office every time we keep hot like these meatless breakfast patties I know that sounds weird but I apparently they're really good so I got two packages cuz there's only two left so I guess they're popular but they're just meatless versions of like a sausage I guess so not too bad as far as nutrition facts go no sugar and pretty good amount of protein so I also got for dessert I

got these chocolate covered banana slices I figured they'd be pretty good and you can have four of them for 16 carbs 12 grams of sugar and a hundred calories so I probably wouldn't have four but maybe I would and then I've heard these ice cream bonbons are really good they're the vanilla but they're covered in chocolate with a chocolate chip in the crust so and then I got these hash browns again the hash brown patties cuz they were really good last time I got them so I've been having that with an egg and fruit in the mornings and I also got this 21 seasonings salute from Trader Joe's this is supposed to be good so I wanted to add more seasonings right now I've been overusing the chili lime seasoning so I wanted to come add something different and I got some eggs I've heard this is a good brand the Chino Valley pasture-raised eggs they look like this on the outside they're like Navy packaging but I've heard that they're good quality eggs corn tortilla chips were really good and so I figured I could have them with I have some salsa and guacamole at least I got some wine I've heard this

moon ax brand is really good so I found this is just a red blend but Trader Joe's has really good wines and they're really inexpensive and then this one I've heard this is the one that I heard was really good but it's the Cabernet and it is the same brand the moon axe but I've heard it's good and I think both of them around six or seven dollars so not too bad and that's everything that I got so I think I said this before but I've been trying to add a little bit of spice into my lunches kind of like I don't know have an actual meal for lunch because I normally just have snack foods or I'll just have like a second breakfast food almost like a second breakfast um so I've been trying to get better with it but this sriracha flavored baked tofu looks really good and the nutrition facts are pretty good I'm just gonna have half of this so it's gonna end up being 3.5 grams of fat 3 carbs 1 gram of sugar and around 8 grams of protein so it's not that bad it's actually pretty good for you considering its flavor sometimes I'm weary of like flavored things just cuz it adds oxonium but yeah

tofu I just don't mess around tofu I'm so bad at making it it just absorbs flavors so it's cool because if you have good flavors and spices to add to it it works really well together but if you don't then you're kind of out of luck so I try to get like flavored tofu instead of just plain I'm gonna make this rice from Trader Joe's this is my favorite rice I just follow the instructions on the back so on the front I guess but yeah I just end up boiling it and then I cover it and let it simmer for 15 to 20 minutes and then I actually take it off the heat completely keep it covered and even if the bottom of the pan has some rice that's more dry and gets like too overcooked if you set it aside and keep it covered that steam will just completely lighten up the rice and there will be nothing stuck to the bottom of the pan anymore so if you're ever nervous about making rice it's really not that hard just make sure after it's fully cooked - just leave it completely off the heat still covered and that steam will kind of work its magic and if you take a fork and fluff it after it's normally super fluffy so that's what I'm gonna do and I think I'm just going to

do some edamame and some mushrooms just to kind of do like a DIY stir-fry kind of Bowl so we'll see how it works together and I'll keep you guys updated but I'm literally just following the instructions on the back of each package and just kind of winging it but I'll show you I also have coconut aminos from Trader Joe's that I've gotten before so I think I'm gonna add that as well so let's do it figured I would actually show you guys how I make the rice just in case you have any questions um it's pretty simple but I have a tiny bit of rice left from the last time I went to Trader Joe's same brands and I do mister rinse it to get I think it's to get some of the starch out so I just rinse it in one of these little strainers if you don't have it it's okay it's not you could just do with your hands or whatever just rinse some water over the rice and a bowl or something but kind of rinse it over right and so that's one cup of rice all rinsed and then I do 2 cups of water so this is just what's on the package but it works really well then I'm gonna boil this now that this has been boiling for just about 30 seconds I'm going to turn

it to medium heat and then I'm just gonna cover it and it's just gonna start simmering just keep an eye on it so doesn't overflow but it should be good and then over here I just have my tofu I just cut it up into little tiny squares and then I just put my mushrooms look at just a little bit of olive oil on the pan and then I'm just gonna going to do my edamame last because it only takes 3 or 4 minutes to cook so that's it okay so here's the update I just have this on low it's just the mushrooms I took out the edamame out of the shells or the pods and I also have the tofu I added a tiny bit of this coconut aminos from Trader Joe's super super good tastes like soy sauce but a little bit more flavorful in my opinion and less sodium so that's always good now I have the rice so I cooked the rice for about I think it was a little bit more than 15 minutes like 17 minutes and then now all of the water is completely evaporated and I just shut off the heat and it's just been chilling here for the last five minutes so in another probably five minutes I'm just gonna take it off fork through the rice and then add this to the top so I'm just

gonna take the top off this has been steaming here for a while off the heat and then just take a fork and fork through it so as you can see it's super fluffy and there's nothing stuck to the bottom here but there used to be some rice stuck to the bottom when I initially cooked it so nothing left to stop here and that's how you know that it's completely way [Music] today for my dinner I'm using this vegetable in soba noodle stir-fry kit from Trader Joe's super easy to make you just follow the instructions on the back does not take long at all and I really like this stir-fry kit it's so good so I'll show you guys after I make it I'm just adding some avocado oil to the pan putting it on medium heat now that that's heated up I'm just adding the vegetables and that will sit in there for about three to four minutes so I turned up the heat a tiny bit now it's on medium-high and I've been stirring all the vegetables frequently and I've also been keeping it covered in between when I stir just to keep all the moisture inside and to make sure that the vegetables cook all the way through

now that it's been a few minutes I'm gonna add my soba noodles that I soaked in some water and microwaved for 30 seconds stir that together and I'm gonna let this cook together for a couple minutes before adding in the sauce the sauces [Music] [Applause] and start around then we smell like that all marinate together for just a minute or two and then we'll take it off the heat here it is all done super yummy and amazing leftovers as well this is my little dessert I just have been loving these Trader Joe's ice cream bonbons they're super tasty and then just some strawberries [Music] good morning everyone it's Wednesday I feel like I'm kind of getting sick so that's why I had this ginger tumeric tea also I just have my breakfast here so I made scrambled eggs with shredded cheese and pepper this is the Trader Joe's meatless breakfast Patty and I've actually tried one of these before and it's so good and the

ingredients probably aren't the best so I'm not gonna have these all the time but considering I don't eat meat this is a really great alternative if I'm kind of craving like something savory with my breakfast and then this is a cinnamon raisin Ezekiel bride posted I also tried this last night and it's so good I really like it a lot and then I made a little yogurt Bowl I just did the yogurt I showed you the other day the two good from lighten fit two grams of sugar I like it because there's no fruit on the bottom it's all blended together so this is the berries one and I did the peanut butter protein granola from Trader Joe's which is right here it's so good I tried a piece it's amazing and not that much sugar so that's good and then these are just the chia seeds from Trader Joe's I also popped on there and the almond butter from Trader Joe's so everything in this breakfast is from Trader Joe's YUM let's eat so that is everything for my Trader Joe's haul slash healthy recipes comment down below your favorite Trader Joe's item I am so excited to add even more items to my Trader Joe's list I think they're so fun also be sure to give this video a thumbs

up if you liked it and also subscribe to my channel for more health and fitness related content but also just my everyday life my friends what I eat in a day follow me around restaurants coffee shops all that kind of stuff and also hit the bell notification to be notified every time I post a new video so that is everything I have for you guys I hope you enjoyed it and see you in my next video bye [Music]