10 February 2019

How to eat clean for under £50 week | How to Lose weight on a low budget

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hey gang how's it going yeah

so as my job as a youtuber helping people a 1 I get a lot like a lot in the gym and online is eating clean eating or eating healthy is expensive and this is just a quick video to show you basically how I eat throughout the week and pretty cheap less than I'd say it's less than 40 pound a week to eat this so I got Asda I think you come back today and if you can see there 33 pound 88 pence but that'll probably take me all through the week and I'll go to as there are the shop on Wednesday or Thursday and just grab a couple of extra bits so basically what I buy a little go through my receipt mince chicken 2 steaks orange juice diced beef and through tail apples and bananas so basically nice and simple you can buy pack of flying bananas and that's basically banana day same as apples I buy a pack of pack of 6 apples again so yeah basically when I want a snack I'll have an apple or I'll have a banana just depending and then the mints free for 10 pound and that is 500 grams at herb and that will do me so one tab will do me two meals so basically split so it's just under 250 grams of beef a

meal chicken breasts again good old chicken breasts I got five breasts there again that's one breast a day and then the mince I've got it's lean steak mince and it's less than five grams of fat so I try and get lean mints and also steak as well so it's no it's good and then steaks then again two four seven pound as a bag in and I'll have like one on Monday and then one on Thursday in the evenings just to break it up so yeah that's basically yet and I get off see free bags of sweet potatoes so basically how I'll break that up into meals I'll make a nice easy shepherd's pie so I'll cook that's mistake mince it's one kilogram i mins and then one kilogram of three-tails you get a kilogram of sweet potatoes for a pounded as they're again nice and cheap boil a biographer and then cook the mince and then cooking your Vern and that will do me for meals so I'll just have [Music] one Monday Tuesday Wednesday Thursday basically or Monday Tuesday Wednesday and one on Friday Thursday's my rest day so I normally have a lower a lower food intake so I trained Monday Tuesday

Wednesday Friday Saturday so I have a higher intake of food Thursdays I'll cut the food back because I'll say I'm not training so I'm not burning the calories I normally burn so I cut back the food so I don't chuck or I put on weight or on fat so that's how simple is depend on your activities that day is how you should be eating so yeah that's a shepherd's pie again mints through tails simple you can buy sometimes I'll buy a bag carrots then boil carrots and I'll chuck in one cup one cup of carrots with each meal and then with the rest of the potatoes I then dice it up so you can see here they steamy I might get them out so I'm just prepping now for Monday nice and simple I've diced them or lap chop them on a baking tray and I chucked some herbs on there as well I'm just to add some flavor onto the meals so I'll add those three tails will go with the chicken and the diced beef to break up into those meals so basically an oat sten in the morning for breakfast so I've got plenty of oats so now and again it's like next week I'll have oats on that which is like an extra you get two boxes for three pound so

that would be 36 pound that would be then so again still cheap store under 50 pound a week and shop in and it's basic clean eating nice and easy so Monday outs in the morning I'll train I have a shepherd's pie then have a snack I can pull off some think after that and then I'll have one of my diced diced beef I'll have a chicken with my details and then when I come back in the evening I have a steak then and vice versa and there's this basically I have the same every day because I know exactly why I'm eating and it's intake of calories and carbs fats and proteins I'm having throughout the day so that's the basic keep it nice and simple especially to start with and you want to overcomplicate there especially if you want to lose weight this is the best way to do it it's so hard to overeat when you eating clean so yeah highly recommend this like I said it's nice and simple I've boiled the bag Tarot's cooked mince chucked it in a pot I made shepherd's pie that simple diced up all my sugar tails chop them in the oven let them cook and again I'll cook my check my for chicken breasts and I'll just spread out for the day so I if it

had been an hour and a half and I've done my week my weekly food prep already it's just a nice simple video I thought I'd chucked out there for you guys on how you can eat clean and under a budget so hopefully lose weight well if you're looking to get lean then obviously you're going to lean up because you add in clean foods and taking away all this processed sin from your from your diet the biggest one people don't lose weight or drop fat is sugar and basically dairy or bread so since I've cut that out of my diet if I have a slice of bread or some sort of I milk I just instantly feel bloated and I feel rubbish very slow and sluggish so I just leave that out my diet completely and that's what last thought it comes with diet once you remove it and you've moved it for a good couple of weeks if you add it back into your diet you realize how rubbish your body feels having that so if you take away bread for two three weeks and then have like a loaf or two slices of bread and just feel how rubbish your body feels would be the same a milk remove milk and then two three weeks down the line just have a cup of milk and just feel how rubbish you feel then so with

my milk I don't have milk in my oats I have water in my coffee I have black coffee that's pretty much all I normally have milk with we're the only species that's still drink milk after birth so I just shows something every other species in the world once they come out of birth or childhood they stop drinking milk because I'm a collins of food then were there only people or species in the planet once you've grown up we keep drinking milk and we're drinking cow's milk we're not a size of a cow so why are we drinking milk which is designed for a calf all the hormones and anything in that milk is designed for a baby a baby calf to grow into a cow so why we drinking cow's milk well we're not size of a cow so yeah that's just something for you if you want to drink milk a lot of us we have almond milk it's just a good way a good source to still have milk in your coffee but a lot more healthier option for you so again thanks for watching hopefully this helped and there's some knowledge in there for you guys make sure you hit that like button and also subscribe to this channel I wanna hit a thousand subscribers this

year as my last child got deleted by YouTube as over I think five thousand subscribers of that channel we're growing pretty quick I want to get this child back on track and catch it up to that last one so again thanks for watching and I'll see in the next video